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When We Call

As He was going into a village, ten men who had leprosy met Him. They stood at a distance and called out in a loud voice, “Jesus, Master, have pity on us!” When He saw them, He said, “Go, show yourselves to the priests.” And as they went, they were cleansed. – (Luke 17:12-14)


Ten men who were desperate for healing called out to the Healer. Jesus, who heals, recognized their need, but did not heal them in the moment. Instead, He instructed them in what they were to do, and they obeyed. As the men did as Jesus had asked of them, they received their healing. It was not until they were actively moving forward in obedience, that they began to see the purpose in their path to present themselves before the priests.


Often the solutions to our struggles require steps on our part as well. It is easy to stay stagnant in the sorrow, when our expectation is that Jesus will come and lift us out of our space of suffering. Often, He instructs us to move. As we take small steps forward in faith, He meets us and moves mountains that seem to stand in our way, providing the miracle necessary to move on. If we seek Him and listen to hear His instruction, He will lead us and guide us in the way through it, over it, or out of it. Regardless of what the “it” is, His presence will remain with us. He is good, and His love endures forever. May we call out to Him for help, and do all that He asks as He replies.


When we call on Christ,When We Call

we need to give ear;

ready to listen,

to faithfully hear.

At times the answer,

will require of us;

steps forward in faith,

all trust in Jesus.

As we start to move,

and faith rises up;

His provision comes,

and fills up our cup.

May we be willing,

to trust and obey;

to seek and persist,

to praise and to pray.


Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for loving us and hearing our every prayer. Thank You that Your ways are higher than our ways and Your thoughts higher than our thoughts. Though we do not always understand Your timing, thank You that You move on our behalf, even when we do not see the evidence in the moment. Forgive us for our lack of faith that keeps us stuck and stagnant, and help us to seek You and heed Your every word. Grant us courage to move when You say move. Lead us to love others as You so completely love each of us, Your created. May many come to know Your perfect love that casts out fear, personally, and trust in You alone. Be glorified O God, as we seek You and move in obedience to all that You ask. Amen.

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present.

Let love and faithfulness never leave you; …write them on the tablet of your heart. – Proverbs 3:3

Alganoor Church

Kerry Mauldin
Thank you all for standing with us and help bless 96 villages with churches this year and 15 water wells and many goats, buffalo or chickens to widows or handicapped, but the greatest joy is the many many villages where the churches are growing, learning to tithe and many are coming to Christ and following in baptism and being filled with Holy Ghost!!
Jaya just sent this note this AM about Alaganoor Village and we see Gods miraculous power at work and fruit coming!!
We go back Feb 10, by Gods grace and have so much anticipation!!
Please pray for Dr. Bill Mast–he travelled 11 years with me to India and we walked a multitude of villages and miles….He could not travel the past 2 years and is just diagnosed with ALS, Lou Gehrig disease, muscular dystrophy–please pray!!
With Thanks and much prayers,
Kerry and Melody
PO BOX 140402
Broken Arrow, Ok 74014    918-346-1656
Dear Brother Kerry
I did not get any message from you after 16th.
The beleivers in Alganoor are very very happy that they will be laying thier church’s  roof  tomarrow the 25th Monday. If you get this message before sunday you can share with beleivers of The Chrch w ho had supported Alganoor village beleivers for the roof,  for their prayers.
These beleivers who are presently 35 in number ( 15 baptised and 20 new ) with Mark as their Pastor are sending their greetings and request for prayers. They are experiencing God’s hand on them. They reported with joy that a person who had severe stomuch pain was healed in response to theor fparyers and petition to God , during their worship service. Yet in another incident a typhoid patient got healed. They are thanking and praising God for these healings.
This is  an independent penticostal church . beleivers offer to God about 250 Rupees every . week.
The church is about 30ft  X 20ft.   The land is owend by the beleivers.
with lots of our love and prayers
Jaya Prabhaker
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What Good can come from simple Shed?

 From Pastor Kerry Mauldin
We came to Ganugubanda (wine press ) Village, and pulled up to loud speaker blaring from under a long heap of banana leaf thatch hut.  It was an old hut used some 4 years with a simple dirt floor and set of drums at the front.  70 people could squeeze under the pile of leaves with people out front.  These are spirit filled people who love the Lord!!  We got rice tarps in front and people came.
We taught on giving…
They have a piece of land bought on main road and want to build a church to seat 200, with a slab, concrete roof.  We taught and together all of us committed almost 7000 $ for the church.  We gave offering from Mt. Sherman AG who sold knives to build a church in India…  This will be a great church!!
All the people walked from the hut to new land and stood in circle holding hands and we gave shouts of praise and prayer for what God is going to do!!
We gave dedication for small, but nice concrete church given by Miami Apostolic Church.  The 20 people truly love the Lord and have very humble good pastors who husband and wife literally built the church after coming here with nothing 6 years ago after God healed pastor from death and he committed to serve the Lord. Had to speak into their lives and encourage them…
Ykuntapuram (heaven) village, we came to dedicate a simple $500 shed.
Only church in the village of these Banjara gypsy people!
When we saw it, I was so disappointed.  It looked like a cattle stall.  Had a good roof and metal, concrete poles and one side was old, stone plastered fence as back wall.  It had dirt floor  and a rice tarp over the dirt.
Pastor Prasanth was beaming.  “7 years I have prayed for a meeting place for these Banjaras and now you have helped us and 35 come Sunday at 11 for prayers!”  He and his wife and others sang with all their heart and as we split in teams to go to houses, hindu people listened so intently and committed lives while pledging to come to the “church”.  Sincerity was strong in their faces and hearts as they stepped forward.
Prasanth said, “in 2-3 months we will put a stone floor down as new people come and we will fix this nice.”  He asked nothing except for a bicycle to go the 7 km (4.2 miles) to the other village he is the only pastor in.  Joy we gave…
When you see such thanks and joy, it is huge blessing to step beside…
We spoke straight into the heart of Ganugubanda village pastor and strongly, clearly warned and encouraged him to keep his heart and hands pure as they begin to build and go from banana leaf church to a nice church.
He seemed to hear with his heart!!
Thinking of Jesus who came from a “shed” and many would be ashamed by His simple beginnings.  But He changed a world!!!
Lord help us not to look down on the simple beginnings, but see things the way You would see them!!
Thank you all so so much for standing with us and praying!!
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House of the Stone Breakers

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

Stained glass at St John the Baptist’s Anglican Church, Ashfield, New South Wales. Illustrates Jesus’ description of himself “I am the Good Shepherd” (from the Gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 11). This version of the image shows the detail of his face. The memorial window is also captioned: “To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of William Wright. Died 6th November, 1932. Aged 70 Yrs.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kerry Mauldin

First day in the villages!!
We went to Ramnagar to see construction on church by Fairlland
Assembly of God.  Church is coming up well, and plaque looks nice, but
in Oct. when we shared and gave for church, a villager gave double the
land and so instead of a small church, this is coming up much
bigger–seat 150-200.  Pray they have enough to complete it.  A joy
was the woman, Elishamma that came to Christ and we were there when
she held hands with her husband and he also accepted Christ.
Both are in church and growing stronger!

Cherlagoraram Village- We sit in front of simple home of people who
break stones for 4 rs each and the whole village is stone breakers.
The first believer in the village is Inkula, now 60 and has 6
children.  They have all come to Christ and are now about 30 believers
of 1000 in village, but growing and good spirit!!
They spoke up quickly that 1 of 10 stones broken belong to God.  All
children have come and “Naga Raju”, “snake King, now called Daniel, 25
was the last to come 2 years ago.
It was blessing to hear and see a large family sitting on the mat in
front of the house sharing how God has changed their life since coming
to know Him.  The debts and misery are gone since they have learned to
tithe and give…  Daily, the whole family sits and reads the Word of
God together.  The younger ones whoa can read, read to all.
We look where they have been building a stone church the past 5 years,
but have no more money.  Publicly we stood and committed among
themselves, one by one to give 24,000Rupees, then we matched it and a
nice church will be complete.

The joy is this pastor, Paul, who came 9 years ago was only 20, but
has led them and 3 other villages to Christ.  These are the only
churches in the villages.
Paul, we helped with his first village church in RA Nagar in 2011.
Dr. Mast and I pulled up early AM in Feb 2011 and no one met us and
small concrete stone church.  Today, we visit and the church regularly
has 80 members that totally overflow the church and is growing so so

6 took baptism today.  One woman who was Laxmmama and is now “Saramma”
stepped in for baptism.  She is about 26 and the power of God hit her
and she shook and cried as she went under.  Then she shared how 1
month ago, she worshipped hannamun, the monkey.  She got a tumor and
had no hope, but a brilliant light filled the room she was in and a
man stood there that she came to know was Jesus.  She said “all I
could do was shout HALLALEUJAH and shake”.  Jesus healed her last
month and now she follows in baptism.
She stood with her 2 small 2 year old boys, tears streaming down her
face and thanking the Lord for all He is doing in her life!!  We named
her Sarramma.

Christ is revealing himself to many in this way.  Miracles are
happening and so many are coming to Christ!
Another man, Ramalu, 28, rode motorcycle, wanted baptism.  After he
took baptism, his name is now Phillip.  He shared this one year since
accepting Christ, everything he does is prospering, even as Phillip
kept being blessed and prospering everywhere he went…

We had an easier day today.  JUst 4 villages after the drive from
Hyderabad.!!  Our team of Jeff Oaks, Melody, “superwoman” Mauldin and
myself!!  We are blessed and so so thankful for your prayers!!

With so much thanks, prayers and joy to serve the Lord,

Kerry, Melody and Jeff

“Hairy King Village and “Bald Woman Village” by Pastor Kerry Mauldin

This is the last full day in the villages!  We have been blessed to stay in Ishkababavagudem the last 2 weeks.  It is very simple with bucket baths and intermitent electricity at best, but has been a joy!  16 years ago this was an empty field that I stood with a group of villagers around a mud hut that was caved in, taht they used to pray in.  Now is a church with 2 rooms behind that we stay in.  The village has a dirt road and a little kiosk shop to get eggs and milk.  The church is by far the biggest

building and nicest with the well water…

Today we went to Bommakel and visited Siadamma, 28, who has cerebral palsy and is challenged to walk.  She lives alone, but has a neat small house and nice yard.
Five years ago we gave her chickens (10) as a talent.  They were 750rs.  She raised chickens and gave the church a gift of 500rs from the income.  Now she has a buffalo worth 7000rs and several chickens that give 12 eggs which she sells.  What a joy and blessing to see the talents multiply and God bless them!!  She was truly thankful and I was so blessed to see her stand in the doorway of her clean small house and in a challenged way to most, call the chickens… and they responded!!
At Kesharajupalli Village, Vani, a Happy Home girl, and her husband pastor a church.  The Happy Home is the orphanage Jaya and Phoebe have that we have worked with these 17 years.  Vani was here till 2000.  Now she is married and we sat on the porch of their rented house where they have church service.  Nearby are the steel rods for pillars rising from the ground , for a church!  We gave for a roof and more…  What a blessing to hear Vani share the memories of the 5 yuears she was at Happy Home.  The goal these many years is preparation of these girls to serve the Lord!  Sometimes you wonder how it will happen, but to see them mature and in leadership…what a joy!!    It is a joy to give a church in “Hairy King” Village.
At Ramnagar Colony,  Pastor Samuel has 50 plus people and we met under the simple shed attached to his house.  They want a nice church-prayer shed.
The people were all idol worshippers till 3 years ago.  All were sharing how much better life is now that they serve only Christ!!  “We are abundantly blessed”!!
We shared salvation bracelets and one woman came up for an extra bracelet.
“Three years ago, I was having problems many years with my womb.  Pastors came and prayed and this Jesus healed me.” 55 year old Elishamma said.
Now I was my husband Malliah (local god name) to also know this Jesus. ”  She shared the meaning of bracelet back to us in rehearsal.  We asked if she wanted us to go to her home and share?  “No, he is in the fields.”
We were about to leave when a monsoon hit. We could not leave, but next thing, Malliah comes.  I sit on floor with him as his wife with her long pink saree sits beside with prayers flowing in her heart.
He listens quietly after first saying, “This eternal life, I leave to fate.  I don’t know what I will get.”
By the time we finished the heart to heart time, he was much wanting Christ!!  Elishamma held his hand and together prayed the prayer of salvation!
What blessed me was she had a plan and God saw the heart and brought Malliah to place to find Christ.  We encouraged him to take a new name at baptism.  ELIJAH, as his wife is ELISHA  momma.  Ha!!  How those rains came–out of cloud the size of a mans hand…. (not really).
Last village was Bodangirarthi Village–“Bald Woman Village”:.  We dedicated a great church given by Poteau First AG.
A woman gave land and since 2008 they had the foundation and 2′ high wall around.  We gave to finish columns and roof.
Only 30 attend, but will seat over 200.  We did teaching on reaching your village and being givers…  The people serveda great lunch and were so encouraged!!
It is a joy to dedicate thsi great church in “Bald Headed Woman Village”.
The literal meanings so help me keep a picture in my mind!!
We have baptised 68, given 6 wells and right at 40 churches this trip. We put right at 3000 salvation bracelets in the hand of people that so many said, “We never heard this story before and don’t know this Jesus, but will listen.”
   We finalize tomorrow and make sure we miss nothing!!
Thank you all so much for praying and standing with us!!
Kerry and Melody

Quiet Day in the Village by Pastor Kerry Mauldin

Christ the Saviour (Pantokrator), a 6th-centur...

Christ the Saviour (Pantokrator), a 6th-century encaustic icon from Saint Catherine’s Monastery, Mount Sinai. NB – slightly cut down – for full size see here (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I enjoy the peace that comes to have a day that is not so pressed…
We only went to two villages today and wrapped up decisions on wells and churches from previous villages!!  All wells given for are now committed to a village and we have many good churches committed to build!!
Kathapalli Village–“Banjara Fields”– a village that we had to translate English to Telegu, then to Banjara…  Pastor Rajuratnam has been here b15 years and has done a good work.  Fifty adult believers in this remote hill village and many are seeking!  Today most all adults are in cotton fields and all children 10 and up are in fields also.
Children get 70 rs and adults 100rs for all day work.
We share Christ as many children, older adults and the wife of hindu priest set between the well and new church site.  One woman, 25, Kruppamma (Grace) comes with her tiny baby.  She has already picked her 25kg bag of cotton–you can tell she would be a good worker–and with her baby sits to listen.  A few women gather and in humble, hard working country way share how they need a church and all will help build it.
Krupamma has not named her baby and she gives to Melody and says, “Will you give a name to my baby girl?”
Melody named her Elizebeth.  (John Baptists Mom).  The twinkle and smile of joy from that Mom….
We share Christ and all accept, except the Hindu priests wife.  She is dressed as Lombadie woman and refuses to pray.  I call out to her and she accepts the challenge in front of all: To ask God to speak to her heart…  She shook hands in agreement that she would pray!  She wants this eternal life, just is not sure about this Jesus.
God will reveal Himself and give peace!!
  Just yards away is the temple to the monkey god–hanamun, that her husband is village priest.
Pastor shared, the priest comes and sits at the church and is now seeking!!   He and his wife will come!!  His name in Nari (human).
Dindi Village–We dedicate well from Eureka Springs AG in honor of My good friend, Bro and Sis Gilmore, who are now with the Lord!!
We helped this church with first tiny prayer shed 2 years ago.  Now has moved into larger nice church and used roofing from prayer shed. It has grown to 80 adults and needs flooring and plaster.  Only 2 of 80 pay tithes, so instead of giving for that, we gave for chickens to “test” God like in Malachi 3:8-10.  The people heard and many said they do not want to be under financial curse, but walk in blessing.  “We will pay the tithe”
we gave chickens to those who wanted to pay tithe and learn.  We ask who wanted to learn, and when hands of the sincere went up, we put a tithe chicken in the hand.  Then others wanted to learn… tooo late…. for this test…
Pastor shared he normally gets 300rs tithe per month.  ($6).  Today his salary multiplied and he was with such joy!!
Even as I write, we came to Ishka Village where we have stayed these past 2 weeks.  It is nice breeze and a blessing in the simplicity of the village life.
Melody and Debbie have gone for prayer teaching in a town.  200-300 are expected…  I know they will be physically drained…
Always pouring out and touching lives.  People stand inque and wait so long for prayer!  People are spiritually desperate and willing to do all they can to find answers and peace!!
with so much thanks and prayers!!
Kerry and Melody

Wild Goose Chase ends on “Sea of Gallilee” by Pastor Kerry Mauldin

We had a long drive this AM in a packed car with anticipation of great things…8 in a 7 passenger jeep…
Went to Devarakonda (god of the hills) town and surrounding…
Our vision is to go to villages that have no church and need a boost after a few years of a pastor working hard and needs a roof or walls on a church.
Ananiya is a young man that has been helped with a bore well and a church in 2 villages he works.  He was going to guide us as our faithful Emmanuel, had a wedding to perform in his village.
Ananiya began by taking us to the town, and despite clear instruction and 4 places listed where we were supposed to visit…he guided!!  Lord help us!!
He guided us to 3 places that were all established and good churches, wells, compound walls but had a need…
For instance, one place has 80 families, a big nice church built in 2004, bore well and a nice wall around the place with many cocionut and trees and looks so good!
The pastor and his son were there.  We began to get to know them and find their need.  The pastors house roof was metal, but a big house and it was needing replaced.  They had no money saved to do it.
Out of 80 families, only 2 pay tithe.  I’m not sure where they got money for the nice place, but these requestss trouble me deeply.  He wants money from me and for 12 years he has not taught his people to give, or saved and wants someone else to provide!
God blesses us when we are faithful learning to begin with small things.
We went to hindu home nearby and shared Christ and several accept and 2 want baptism.  We gave!!
I offered pastor money for 120 chickens and shred teaching on Malachi 3 and for him to teach the tithing…
He turned his back on me.  “Why should I put chickens in their hands?  If they don’t take care of them, I will be to blame.”  He would not take the 2000rs from my hand.  We went away  If he pass the test and send a good report, we may help him….
That was the  way the morning went!!  So challenging being taken to places that don’t meet our purpose or vision…
We went late afternoon to area near Nagar Juna Sager.  This is large lake and looks like a sea.  we drove on roads along lake and it is so so beautiful with huge fields along shore and big hills with rocky outcrops surrounding the whole area.
After a long long drive, we could see in the distance on the hillside a large nice beige church–looked great!!  Green Forrest AG gave for this and it is so impressive at the head of that Sea village on the sid e of the big hill!
These people have round fishing boats by most every house and are people totally dependant on fishing. We had to climb up the big hill, like all the goats that were feeding the hill around the church.  Fresh dirst and stones from construction and that steep climb was a challenge on my 4 legs…Ha!!
At first no one came but 3 women and a few kids  But they put the big loud speaker at the door of the church which is over the village.  As the drums pounded and tamborines rang and people wailed–sang,,  Here they came!!  About half the village is now Christian and excited with about 100 families!!
We celebrated with them and gave for a well as there is none in whole village and used lake water!
When we come again, we will try to go early, spend the day in the homes of villagers and maybe learn fishing with a net!  It so makes me think of exactly what it would be like for the disciples and kind of like Capernaum–reminds me…
They promise us a fish dinner and then they waved as long as we could see them as we drove away….
We gave 2 prayer sheds, one big church roof in Kimballapalli–“Felt Cloth” village–which is so remote but 1200 families and first church in village will be awesome!!!
So many frustrations led to a blessing.  We had long drive, flat tire and our guide was very questionable.  We were to be at a meeting in MiryalaGudem at 7pm for service where Debbie Dewan was going to speak.  With all the challenge, flat etc.  we got there at 1030pm.  The church was still packed WAITING with 200-300 people sitting since before 7pm.  INCREDIBLE hunger for the Word and Gods presence!!
Lord help us stir that hunger!!
Love and so appreciate each!  We are so thankful that so many read these and pray…
Kerry, Melody and Debbie

Dancing for Joy by Pastor Kerry Mauldin

Jesus in Pray

Jesus in Pray (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    If anyone wants to be removed from getting these notes, please just let me know!!  We appreciate everyones prayers!!
One of my favorite pictures in scripture is Jesus on the shore of the sea of Galillee with the disciples coming back after going 2 by 2 into every village and sharing with the people in preparation for Jesus coming that way.  As the disciples told all that happened in those villages: demons cast out, healings, peoples lives touched for His glory, Jesus REJOICED IN SPIRIT–I can see Him dancing for joy!!
Yesterday we went to 6 villages, gave 5 Prayer Sheds and churches, Dedicated a nice church given by Fern AG in Mountainburg, AR, gave several baptisms  and was a full day!!
A joy is going to Sithya Thanda to house of Kishen, 19, the boy with polio that when he was 14, we met on the dark roadside along with many villagers.  We were going to help him, but all said he could do nothing because he had a polio leg.  We finally gave him a pair of goats.  Now his goats have multiplied, he got his degree to teach school, he is local Sunday School teacher and he starts Bible School in 2 weeks.  We went to his parents home–thatch small house, but right next door they are building nice brick house and when we come up, his Momma comes and grabs my legs as a sign of thanks….  Of course you grab her hands to get her to stand, but you can see their heart of thanks!!!  In the tank in front of the house others take baptism!!
When God works, it is a joy to look back and see how Gods blessing so flows and so many lives changed!!
At Tunga Thurthi we dedicate well from Dubai City Church and dedicate a prayer shed beside it.
Many miracles since 2 years since we first came to thius village:
One couple had come for prayer after 10 years of marriage and no children.  They have a beautiful baby boy in thier arms, 1 year old!!
A 35 year old man had a brain tumor and in 2002 had brain surgery.  10 years later, he is alive and sits on front row playing cymbals to add to beat of the drums in Prayer Shed worship.  He is blind since, and has cotton on his forehead as he still has puss from the surgery wound on his head these 10 years later.  We pray for him…
The most joy for me in villages is to go in the night to the last village…  Often it is tempting to miss this village as we are tired, long drive and worn out…
But we came to Nagaram and sit on a packed front porch with 40 people… they have worked all day in the cotton fields and it is a little after 7, they are tired, but bright eyed and excitement.  You sit and look in those huge brown eyes of incredibly hospitable people who have eached worked to filla 25kg bag with cotton bowls -for a days work.  The cotton cuts the skin so all wear long sleeve shirts and toil for 100 rupee.
Men and women make up 10 member teams that the land owners pick for their fields…
We begin to share and these are such hungry hearts!!   The first believer came to Christ 2 years ago and now about 40 and have church walls up and need a roof.
Do the teaching on salvation and ask how many want to be blessed.  OIf course every hand shoots up as they want to follow Christ in every detail.  I ask if I can ask one really hard question first?  They say yes!!
Are there any thieves here?  I ask.  There is smiles and eyes glancing one to another…”No sir, we are not thieves.”  After reading Malachi 3:8, they began to say, “No sir, We did not know that we were thieves we will all begin to give.”
We sat at length in that heart to heart time with them sharing about work.  I shared about Ruth and Naomi and how Ruth went to the field to work and how land owner would leave Handfuls of grain on purpose to bless the widows…
“No sir, land owners let us leave nothing”.  They share what it is like to work with some land owners, kind, giving water etc… how some land owners areso tough,
how after working all day in the fields, they face the 2 km walk home…
When hearts are open and you see the challenges and life of work and struggle, but share how we can have victory!!  I am so so so thankful for Gods hand of blessing to sit with such people who I know one day will spend eternity with!!
These people gave 10,200 rs and we matched 20,400rs to build a beautiful little church as the first church in this village with incredible hearts!!
Joy !!!
Thank you so so much for praying and notes of encouragement!!  We have few more days in villages…
With so much thanks and appreciation,
Kerry, Melody and Debbie Dewan,

Update from Pastor Kerry Mauldin

Well of Blessing and Fleece of Faith

by Kerry Mauldin

Today was a bit more tedious.  This is the last of 9 days of Bakkamma Festival in hinduism.  They worship the female goddess with dancing, flowers, and all walk in parade with the flowers by candlelight and throw all into village water supply for fertility and blessing!  That was last night, then today so many drink and especially men laying all over in the roads…  We have to be careful which homes to go!
Went to Ilapuram Village to dedicate the only village well, drilled by Homestyle Asst. Living Home in Springdale, AR.
When drilled, villagers related the drilling company came about midnight to drill and dust was a cloud everywhere.  The hindu priest and village leaders came and said not to drill as there was no water here.  The 30 believers were in the small Prayer Shed fervently praying.  It went to 100′ deep and no water.  “We were all crying out to the Lord and village saying to stop drilling.”  When hit 120′, it hit a water that gushed 40 yards and all were in amazement and all villagers shared it was the power of their God!!
The closest neighbor who is hindu and never gone to church, but had accident 10 days ago and got steel rod in his foot, related all thgis to me as his heart was now open to hear the Gospel.  He has buffalo and oxen and wants Eternal Life, now has heard how to recieve—because a well gushed water on his land when he thought it impossible!!!
The first believer in the village is Lalithamma, 22 years.  She has led 50 families to Christ now.  She led us to her nephew, Bicksham-“Beggar”-laying on a cot in front of tiny hut at noon after drinking the night in festival to the demons.  He was alert and sat and listened to the Gospel.  He was finally persuaded and prayed the prayer of salvation!!!
Dedicated athe church in BB Gudem given by New River AG in AZ.
Dedicated Raynegudem given By San Jacinto in Amarillo-also a nice strong church…
Went to Snake Village–Pamalapadu–where pastor Emmanuel and wife and 3 sons do a good work.  They need a well as they only get water every 4 days for 15 minutes as there is a severe shortage at the small tank for the village and no wells.
She shared of the challenges and shared they were praying for faith that God would prompt my heart to help and drill a well.
We were sitting under a covering in the rain and dark as electric was off from the rain.  They shared when Dr. Mast and I last visited their home 6 years ago it also rained.  “Visit more often and water won’t be a problem , they shared”.
I thought to have some lighter fun, and shared that as Gideon wanted something from God, he put a fleece before God to build his faith.  I shared, “Let’s put a fleece before God about drilling this well since you are praying for faith…. If electric comes on in next 10 minutes, by 730 we will know…”
I appeared serious, but already knew we would drill.
At 728 the electric came on and they all jumped up shouting with joy and laughing and praising God!!
I was careful to make clear setting a fleece is not normally Gods way and He prefers we trust him and not try to force him with our way…
But it was a night of joy and fun!!
Berryville Christian Fellowship “Wellie” is now given!!
With so much love thanks and prayers,
Kerry and Melody

Update from Pastor Kerry Mauldin

Sounds of a village

by Kerry Mauldin

Its early morning here in the village of Ishkababavgudem.  Roiosters are sounding the morning call and village is beginning to stir.  It is cool and had good night rest!!!!
Yesterday we had 5 villages, 5 Prayer sheds given for and 5 baptisms!!  A really enjoyable day!!
Early, we sat in village of Bottlapaleru and over 100 people sitting under big canopy of trees in front of us!  No church in this village, but beside us was a ruined heap of an old house that is given for a church.  Pastor is blind, but here 3 years and working hard and teaching!!  People’s hearts are open and all eagerly want a salvation bracelet and run to get other friends to come!!
We share and all listen and almost all sincerely pray the Salvation prayer!  All are in agreement to begin to give to God‘s house and this week all will begin work on the ruined heap–to build a Prayer Shed.  We gave to help!
As we are sharing, at the back of the large group, 2 houses down, 2 neighbors begin to shout and scream about their field.  Several people got involved as this man and next door neighbor woman fought…  Finally, we began to sing and clap and the shouts of praise drowned out the fight and people got focused on the Lord!  It was joy!!  5 people stepped up for baptism and the church has grown much here today!!  They took baptism in a concrete water trough that they could sit in and bend over forward for submersion…  PTL powerful witness to many!!
Went to Pallekedu to dedicate a small church by pastor Samuel.  When we arrived, the small church is built, but has a garden around it, cook fire in front and clothes on the line.  The pastorsfamily had moved in the church to live.  This hurt so much and is one of most disappointing encounters in many years!!  Pastor was not there and his wife was in confusion…
Next to the church was a mission field.  At least 20 families living in cardboard, plastic huts live for over a year.  We crutched over and sat in front of a smasll hut where Laxmi let me sit on her cot.  Children and chickens around, sun shining down, many people gatherted around this hut where Laxmi makes a living selling plastic containers–all in a mesh bag.
We share Christ and many people with joy and so in need of hope, respond!!
It was such a joy and relief to find something so good even in the disappointment …  I’m trying to imagine Samuels challenge.   Forced out of hindu rented house and moves into the church and now is not a church…what would I do?  Lord give wisdom!!
At Ellapuram Village, we go to dedicate a simple prayer shed that has turned out awesome.  The people are being taught and are giving.  All 30 members carried
blocks and built the church.  As we got there, they were plastering the outside and inside was done!!  ALL PAY TITHE AND GIVE!!  It was joy to give more for steps and paint.  Rare to give more after they are already in the church, but these are givers and suych a blessing to step up beside them!
As we are preparing for dedication, the drums and musical instruments begin to sound all in the village.  This is festival to Mysamma, “My Mother” goddess.  hindus all bring huge flowers and women all wearing best saree get in big circle and dance and sing love songs to “My Mother” goddess.  Men all stand back and watch…
As Melody and I start across village road, the dance is going on a hundred yards up the road.  Suddenly,sound of pounding hooves fill the air.  Some buffalo have broken loose near the dance, frightened by something–demon spirit…  They are pounding right toward us.  People lung toward us and Melody runs one way and I crutch the other and those wide eyed buffalo’s go tearing by!!!
To see so many villages and all the parades after dark as people walk by candle light–many many people–with huge mounds of flowers on the head….to throw in village water supply as a gift for fertility and blessing….
Today, many will be drunk as we go to the villages…God guide us!!
The sounds of a village…but the greatest is the praise that goes to the Living God as they know they have Eternal Life and have joy in the heart!!
Thanks so much for praying and the encouragement!  Sorry we have so limited reception and email is tough…
Kerry and Melody


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