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States Rights

Portrait of John C. Calhoun

Portrait of John C. Calhoun (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a lot of discussion about State’s Rights and whether so many of the policies and regulations that are being proposed on the Federal Scale are in violation of the States Rights. Personally I think that many of them are, but one of the worst cases is the Federal Involvement in our schools. I think that a large portion of our educators, legislators, and laypeople are unaware that legally the federal government has no right to force any standards upon the schools. They may suggest, offer money for the policies that they want implemented, but they have no legal authority to force states to follow these standards.

How much influence do we want a federal government to have? When do we stop letting them force by bullying and threatening the schools in order to get policies in place that go totally against our moral values and common sense? We have in power an administration that uses bullying, threats, and even suing states in order to force their will upon the people of this country. How far do they go before it becomes treasonous? When you are in the process of destroying the very thing that you took an oath to protect, when does it become a violation? I am not saying that this leadership should be tried for treason, I am saying when are the people of this country and leaders in the separate states going to wake up and realize that what is being done to them is in violation of the Constitution and that they do have other options that to just answer the lawsuits in court and depend upon a Federal Court that may be just a guilty of violating their own oath of office.

Our founders intent was for the States to trump the Federal, for the Federal to be an arm of the State to promote the welfare of the States and the people. We have let it be turned around where the States are an aterthought and only seem to enjoy rights granted to them by the Federal Government and those are constantly being ignored or whittled away if they don’t fit the desires of whomever is in power at the time.

Excerpt from:


 John C. CalhounUnion and Liberty: The Political Philosophy of John C. Calhoun [1811]

If it be possible still to doubt that the several States retained their sovereignty and independence unimpaired, strong additional arguments might be drawn from various other portions of the instrument—especially from the third article, section third, which declares, that— “treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.” It might be easily shown that— “the United States” —mean here—as they do everywhere in the constitution—the several States in their confederated character—that treason against them, is treason against their joint sovereignty—and, of course, as much treason against each State, as the act would be against any one of them, in its individual and separate character. But I forbear. Enough has already been said to place the question beyond controversy. Read the entire discourse at Online Library of Liberty!

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THREE OBAMA OFFICIALS IMPLICATED IN SEDITIOUS PLOT TO DISMANTLE US CONSTITUTION Via CMBlake We have been plugging all along on this treasonous administration and the erosion of our freedoms. The DC politicians absolutely have disdain for our US Constitution as it is limiting their power. They have been working even pre Obama to destroy it and Obama's administration is going full speed ahead. URGENT UPDATE: NEW EVIDENCE COMES OUT OF OBAMA ADMINISTRATION OFFICIALS' INVOLVEMENT IN PLAN TO EFFECTUALLY REWRITE THE U.S. CONSTITUTI … Read More

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NWO News Alert – America: (via Boudica BPI Weblog)

This is a must read and watch from Bob A. at Boudica BPI. Please, please read this and share it as much as possible. People need to be educated and know what our government has done to our children. Please go to his site and watch all the videos. This is the most important thing you can do for the future of our country and our children!

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Obama, Holder strike again! WTF... …does it take to wake Congress up, to wake you fuckin apathetic voters up? Just asking. BREAKING! ANOTHER SCANDAL THAT COULD TAKE OBAMA DOWN … Read More

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