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Obama The Tyrant Gun Grabber Uses ATF To Secretly Order Retailers To Spy On Their Customers!–Law Was Not Passed–Videos (via Pronk Palisades)

Obama The Tyrant Gun Grabber Uses ATF To Secretly Order Retailers To Spy On Their Customers!--Law Was Not Passed--Videos   Obama Launches Gun Grab   ATF Attempts to Make Firearms Retailers Spy on Their Customers   Exclusive: ATF Intimidates Gun Owners With Home Visits   Federal agency attempts to make firearms retailers spy on their customers under new illegal directive Paul Joseph Watson & Aaron Dykes Friday, July 29, 2011 "…As the Justice D … Read More

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Obama’s War Against Americans is Relentless. His Primary Attack Force is the EPA. (via Conservatives on Fire)

President Obama may be the most focused President we have had in my life time. With the real unemployment at 16+% and real inflation over 9% and with time running out on debt ceiling you would assume that Obama has little time to think about anything else. But none of these critical issues can distract our President from his main goal of forcing America's energy cost, using Obama's own words, to skyrocket. He and his storm troopers at the EPA are … Read More

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Obama: Failure of Leadership

the 44th President of the United States...Bara...

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What is wrong with this man that we have elected President of the United States? When he was running for office he told us that he was the only one who could solve the massive problems that this country has. Instead of trying to solve problems, he has caused even more.

Instead of trying to fix the economy, he has enacted new programs that are costing us even more money. Instead of helping to get us off foreign oil, he has shut down so many oil producing wells, that we will be importing even more foreign oil. We are losing more and more jobs with the policies that they are putting into place. Instead of saving our economy, it seems that he is determined to make the cost of running a business more expensive. The rules and regulations that are being applied to every aspect of our lives are costly, dangerous, and  extremely destructive to the future of the country itself.

A leader leads, he doesn’t push it on down the road for someone else. Mr. Obama is no leader. He does not seem to feel that it is his job to come up with a budget for the country. He does not seem to think that it is his job to do much of anything, except to throw parties, and order people around. He doesn’t think that the law applies to him. He doesn’t think that friends of the country matter. He doesn’t even think that the people of the country matter.

He said that he knew how to help the American people save their homes, instead he has put into place policies that are locking homes up in litigation, with no one knowing who will come out ahead. Instead of allowing new loans, banks are afraid to loan money, because they don’t know what the administration is going to come up with next, in the term of rules and regulations, as well as fines that are retroactive.

We are finding that inflation does exist, and that we are facing rising costs, in food, energy, and everything else that we buy. The funny thing though, is that, it doesn’t count to this government. It does to us though.To be honest these problems didn’t start with Mr. Obama, and his administration is not the only one that used this process, to deceive the people of the country into thinking that things were not as bad as they really were. But I remember Mr. Obama saying that he was “Change we could believe in”. Well, he has brought about change we can believe in, alright. The trouble is the change is for the worse and not the better.

Even in foreign policy, the change that he has brought about is change that we really don’t want. We were told that since Mr. Obama had lived in the Middle East as a child, that he would be able to communicate, and tamp down the anger against the country, instead we have a area of the world that is much more agitated than it was before he took office. We wanted to make our country more secure. Instead we have a country that is turning it’s back on it’s allies and embracing enemies. Our borders are more open that they were before he took office, and we have found evidence that terrorists are able to enter the country through them. He has abandoned Israel and even says that he will vote against her in the UN.

What kind of leader throws friends under the bus, and opens the door for those that want to do us harm? What kind of leader enables our enemies? What kind of leader abuses the people he is charged with leading? If Mr. Obama was the head of a corporation, he would be fired. If he was a father and did these things to his children, he could be prosecuted and jailed.

Questions are finally beginning to be asked about what the real goal of the Obama administrations is. And questions are finally beginning to be asked if the President is capable of running this country. Questions are finally be asked that should have been asked before he was elected.

A leader needs passion, but the only passion Mr. Obama seems to have is anger, and frustration when he is being questioned, and glee when he can put others down. This is not the passion of a leader, this is the passion you see in a child that enjoys bullying other children. The signs were there for us to see before he was elected, but perhaps we were so hungry for something different, that we didn’t realize that the something different we were getting was actually  poison.

A leader inspires others to follow him or her, they do not need to force others to do their will. In fact, they realize that their will is not the most important thing, that the good of the people that they are entrusted to lead is what is the most important. Mr. Obama is under the mistaken idea that since he was elected, that his wants and desires are what matters.We have a system in this country that the leader is supposed to serve the people. Mr. Obama is under the impression that we are here to serve him.

Who does Mr. Obama really serve?

President Obama punts on budget–John Podhoretz –

EPA responds to congressional attempts to reel in greenhouse gas regulation (via Watts Up With That?)

This EPA director is the worst in the history of the agency. She is arrogant and lawless. She asumes that she has more power that the Congress and the Courts. She has ignored the will of Congress and the Courts and flaunts the power that she thinks she has as if the law has no meaning to her.
She has accused the Congress of trying to kill children by regulating what she can do, at the same time the policies that she is putting in place are going to lead to millions of people doing without heat, food, and jobs.
The restrictions she and the Obama administration are putting on Energy plants alone, will drive the cost up so much, that we will be lucky if we have enough money to run the dangerous lightbulbs that they are requiring that we use.
The cost of food will rise due to the cost of energy and transportation. The increased cost that will be needed to abide by the new regulations on milk will make it out of reach for many. They are asking for a decrease in the amount of money that is available for the poor in heating their homes. They have reduced the proposed amount allocated from 5.6 billion to 2.6 billion.
How many people will die because of these policies? If these people really cared about the poor and children, they would not be putting in place policies that are hindering the ability of those same people to live. The one’s that are actually killing children are the very same ones that are accusing Congress of doing so!!!!!

EPA responds to congressional attempts to reel in greenhouse gas regulation The question is, are we a country of laws made by our representatives, or a country of laws made by bureaucrats? The constitution provides only one answer, and Ms. Jackson would do well to read it. Latest News release from the EPA: CONTACT: EPA Press Office February 9, 2011 Administrator Lisa P. Jackson, Opening Statement Before the House Energy a … Read More

via Watts Up With That?

America The Lost

According to an article in the Washington Times, the FCC has approved the implementation of a system that will possibly endanger the country.  The article states that “The FCC bent the rules so the Reston-based firm LightSquared could offer a new wireless Internet service that fulfills President Obama’s high-profile push for public investment in broadband”. Why? Does this company do something that is so important to America that it is vital to the security of the country?

According to the article that is not the case at all, in fact, this will actually decrease the safety of the country,” “Department of Defense is concerned with the [order and authorization] being conducted without the proper analysis required to make a well informed decision,” the department’s spectrum policy director wrote in Dec. 28 letter.”

Our DoD is concerned that the proper analysis wasn’t done and yet they approved the deal anyway. According to the article, even the Pentagon wanted the action delayed. Why? If these agency’s are concerned with the safety, and didn’t feel that it should be approved, common sense would tell most people, that it would be prudent to at least consider the problems that they were worried about.

Another part of the article is what really scares me the most though. It says that “a commonly used aircraft navigation unit completely lost its fix within 5.6 miles” of a LightSquared transmitter. You would think that this would be something that would concern the FCC. If this is something that puts fliers and other GPS users in danger, why would you approve it without trying to resolve the problem. Where will these transmitters be located?

What is the responsibility of the FCC? According to the site “The FCC was established by the Communications Act of 1934 and is charged with regulating interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable.”

Does regulation involve protecting the interests and safety of the American people, or does it mean something else. Does the Chairman of the FCC, Julius Genachowski, have the obligation to decide which business will profit and which will lose, even at the cost to the safety of the American people and the defense of the country itself?

Think of all the things that the GPS system is integrated into, cell phones, aircraft navigation, satellite systems, and many other things that are used everyday. If they aren’t able to get a fix within a certain distance of this transmitter, what will be the cost to the people who depend on these systems?  Does this mean that when an airplane flies over that they will lose their signals?

I don’t know every use for GPS, but I do know that if I  have Garmin or some other navigation device in my car, I want to be able to depend on it. I also do not want whatever plane is flying over one of the transmitters to lose it navigation. The danger to the millions of people that fly, sounds to me something that would be considered by the FCC.

Is LightSquared so important to the security of our country that it is  more valuable to us than GPS? If so, in what way? If not, what was the reasoning behind the decision to approve it’s implementation? And why would you rush through the approval process and bend the rules for something that both the DoD and the Pentagon have concerns with?

EDITORIAL: Obama to America: Get lost – Washington Times

Obama: Traitor To Our Country?

If you were trying to destroy another country, how would you go about it? Would you try to prevent it from producing it’s own energy, and limit it’s ability to import oil from outside it’s borders?

Would you try to limit it’s ability to import food, and try to render the land useless to production of that food? Would you try to prevent industry from producing, and make money worthless?

Study the ways wars have traditionally been waged, and you will find that these are some of the ways that are used to bring a country to it’s knees, before a shot is ever fired. If you can weaken the country first, then you have less of a risk to yourself, and those who follow you.

Barack Obama has cut our oil production, revoked mining permits, put such onerous restrictions on energy plants, that we are at risk of not being able to provide enough energy to keep our country going. Some states are already suffering because of that.

He has closed off land that has been used by cattle ranchers in the past to raise beef, and other animals that are a major source of food to all Americans, as well as being used for export. He has shut off water to a part of California that has traditionally been the breadbasket of that state. Food from that area supplied the state as well as the nation. The loss of both of these areas is putting pressure on the rest of the country, and causing increased prices, as well as shortages, in the rest of the world.

He and his administration are putting policies into effect that are, limiting the availability, and increasing the cost of healthcare. They are putting restrictions on Doctors and Hospitals that are increasing the cost, decreasing the service, denying drugs, and causing the doctors and nurses to violate their oaths, and their religious beliefs.

They are causing the value of the money that America prints, and uses everyday, to become worth less with every time they do something such as “Quanitative Easing”. This drives the prices of food and fuel up, and yet, they are not counted when inflation is factored in by those very same people.

They are also betraying our allies. Now we learn that Barack Obama has given United Kingdom secrets to Russia, in exchange for Russian going along with the treaty that the Obama administration wanted. A treaty that gains us What? Along with giving away secrets, they have gone back on agreements that were given to the Czech Republic and Poland.

What does the United States gain from this betrayal? What does this say to the rest of our allies? Where will we go with Israel? If the Muslim Brotherhood does gain control in Egypt, and decides to attack and destroy Israel, will we defend them as we have promised. Or will the Barack Obama administration betray them too.

Our enemies must be laughing their heads off. They don’t have to waste a dime trying to destroy this country. Barack Obama is doing is for them.

What is treason? According to W ikepedia treason is “the crime that covers some of the most serious acts of betrayal of one’s sovereign or nation”.

Oran’s Dictionary of Law (1983) defines treason as “a citizen’s actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the [parent nation]”.

Barack Obama and his administration have at the very least “seriously injured” this country. At the worst they have betrayed it to it’s enemies. They are making war against the people of this country while betraying our allies and giving up their secrets.

These are just the things we know about. What do we not know about. How much will it take before this country reaches the limit of no return?

Is there one single thing that Barack Obama has done since he took office in January of 2009, that has benefited either the American people or the country itself? His supporters continually tell us how smart he is, but if these are the actions of a smart man, what does it tell us about his agenda?

It is the easy way out to make excuses, and say that “it is a much harder job to govern, than it is to run”. But when you look at the big picture and put the pieces together, do you really see an inability to do the job? Or is it a willful, an deliberate attempt to destroy the country?

Obama’s Job Killing Land Grab

Once again we see that the Obama administration does not believe that the law applies to them. In a letter to Dept. of Interior Sec., Ken Salzar, several congressmen remind the Secretary that they are the ones who have the ability to designate public lands “Wilderness Areas”.

“As you know, the Wilderness Act gives the U.S. Congress — and only the U.S. Congress — the power to designate public lands as protected “Wilderness Areas.”  Secretarial Order 3310 appears to be an underhanded attempt by DOI to circumvent Congress and the federal rulemaking process…”

For a President who says he “is focused like a laser on jobs”, it seems like the focus is how many he can get rid of, not how many he can “create or save”. Of course, perhaps he doesn’t realize that this will kill jobs, or maybe it’s all George W. Bush’s fault. After all, he has only been President just over two years.

But the uncertainty of what the administration is trying to do is going to lead to instability in the economy of the area.It also puts many proposed energy projects off the books. That leads to a loss for all the country, not just the west. With the increase in the cost of corn, up 56% since June, it will drive the price of gas up, too.

This new “wild lands” policy introduces more uncertainty and will arbitrarily delay the reasonable use and development of our public lands.  In order to prevent a collapse of several rural economies in the West and forestall continued uncertainty and job loss in western public land states, we urge you to withdraw Secretarial Order 3310 and work with Congress to devise balanced policies for our public lands.

Then you add in the instability in the Middle East, where does that leave us. Think about it for a few moments. If Egypt changes leadership, who will control the Suez canal? Will it be someone friendly to us? Factor in the loss of oil production in the Gulf of Mexico and off shore in the rest of the U.S. And don’t forget the closing of some of the coal mines and the increased regulations that will force some of the coal fired energy plants to close.

We probably won’t have gas lines like we had in the late 70’s, but the price may be so high that fewer people will be able to drive. Perhaps that is their desire, but what about the people who live outside the cities and have  to drive. If they can’t pay for gas to get to work in the factories, chicken processing plants and on the farms, will those industries and farms be able to stay afloat?

It is like a cascade. Increased costs in one area, sooner or later, lead to increased cost in another. Is that their desire. Do they care so little about the actual people in this country that they would destroy the infrastructure and industry to restore what they think is the superior environment? Is that what we elected them for?

I know that wasn’t what I had in mind when I voted. I wanted a President who would provide security for the country and the people. Not a President that wanted to get rid of the people so the environment could be secure. In my book, people come first. I want a country for my kids, but if the administrations current policies continue, it will wind up being a country without kids.

Western legislators call for withdrawal of Secretarial Order on Wild Lands | Regulations content from Western Farm Press