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Warning Signs: Would States Secede to Protect Their Citizens?

Warning Signs: Would States Secede to Protect Their Citizens?.

Many, if not most, Americans are unaware that the nation is composed of separate republics with their own constitutions. They are, of course, the individual states.
“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved respectively, or to the people.” – Tenth Amendment
By tying compliance with federal laws and regulation to receiving funds, the states have been coerced to accept programs that limit freedoms enumerated in the Constitution and the passage of Obamacare is but one example. Some twenty states have refused to set up the mandated insurance exchanges. Obamacare grants the government complete control over the provision of medical care that every American has formerly received from the free market health system that it destroyed. It gives the federal government control over our lives in terms of who lives or dies.
As noted on the website of the Tenth Amendment Center: “The Founding Fathers has good reason to pen the Tenth Amendment.”
“The issue of power – and especially the great potential for a power struggle between the federal and the state governments – was extremely important to the America’s founders. They deeply distrusted government power, and their goal was to prevent the growth of the type of government that the British has exercised over the colonies.” Read the rest at Warning Signs: Would States Secede to Protect Their Citizens?.


At one time I thought that most people would automatically stop to help someone who was hurt or dying. There have been many stories lately of people that instead of stopping and helping, just walk on by. Or even sometimes steal from them or abuse them in some way.

I truly believe that this is one of the worst facets of our current culture of death. How can we expect people to respect life and consider the importance of that life, when it is treated with such disregard by a large portion of our society? How can people who are convinced that it is quite okay to kill an unborn baby, believe that life is sacred. How can they believe that life matters when it doesn’t seem to to all the people that they know?

We are facing a generation who have no concept of the importance of life, and worse, we have leaders who actively embrace this culture of death. These leaders are at the highest level of our government, from the President on down. And besides their own beliefs, they are determined that those of us who believe in life, must give in to their desires and encourage and promote death. They believe that we should even pay for it and will go to any lengths to force us to do so.

This is the ultimate battle between life and death. Unfortunately, death seems to be in the ascent at this time. It is important that we work together to change this trend. It will be something that God will consider when judgment day comes, because if you are not opposed to this, you are saying that it is okay. There is no fence that you can sit on here. There is no middle of the road. Either you choose life, or you are supporting death. There is an election coming up, and we know that those who are in charge now, support death, I would encourage you to investigate their positions yourself and choose life.

Biltrix has a post up this morning that was inspiring and a wonderful question for all those who would rather pretend that life does not begin at conception. Please take time to visit their site and read this and other important posts.

If Scientist Found Life on another Planet

Obamacare “Secrecy Clause” Demands Payment for Abortions

by Alan Sears

When Congress passed ObamaCare in March 2010, then Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal.) admitted she didn’t know what was in the bill, but promised constituents and fellow politicians, “We’ll find out what’s in it once we pass it.” Talk about a harbinger of things to come.

And in the two years since the bill’s passage the American people have not only found out what’s in it, they’ve discovered that part of the legislation purposely hides the fact that ObamaCare covers abortions. (This although politicians supporting ObamaCare repeatedly told the American people that abortion would not be covered.)

When looking through the pages the healthcare overhaul, specifically Sec. 1310(b)(3), on page 781, one finds the “Secrecy Clause.” This clause outlines how ObamaCare both demands that insurance companies pay for abortion and that they co-operate with the White House by keeping this coverage secret. Read the rest at

Choose God

English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Prot...

He who keeps the commandment keeps his soul, But he who is careless of his ways will die. Proverbs 19:16

Life is filled with choices, we make them everyday. Sometimes our choices lead us along the wrong path, but sometimes we are forced to make choices where we know one way is the wrong path, and would lead to willful and knowing disobedience to God‘s will. Such a choice is the HHS mandate on paying for and/or providing the abortifacient.

Obama and many others who have no problem with this, tell up that it is okay, we are deciding this. It isn’t your responsibility and we will even put a hedge between you and it, so that the insurance companies do the actual providing.  This is supposed to be salve for our conscience so that we can stand before God and say, “it wasn’t me Lord, it was them.” My friends, you know and I know that God is going to look at us and say take responsibility for your actions as well as your inactions. We are condemning ourselves if we let ourselves be deceived in this way.

There is no middle ground here! You are making the choice for life or for death. And for all those who proclaim their right to make that choice, I would like to remind them that God does not care whether you think that you have a right or not, either way, to Him it is murder. If you are so egotistic to think that for some reason just because it is growing in your body that it is not life, you need to go take some science classes. And if you recognize that it is life and still think that you have the right to end it because it is not human until it reaches a certain point, at which point does it become magically human? It is at the start or it never is.

Or possibly you are one of those who think that you have the right to decide who lives or dies anyway, what makes you different from any other murderer out there? Aren’t they making the same decision? Your selfishness leads to destruction but that truly is your choice to make.

I am not going to try to change anyone’s mind about abortion, if you do not know that it is wrong, you will find out in God’s time. What I am trying to do is remind those who follow Christ, those who accept that he died for our sins that if we make a deliberate choice to condone and promote an evil such as this, we are saying that we accept the evil and we are denying Him. You cannot serve two master’s, and this time is either God’s or it is against Him.

This is not a time to be silent on this issue. This is a turning point! Allowing harm and condoning the death of the least of God’s people is one of the worst violations of His law there is. You know this! It is time for all of Christ’s followers to make it clear that when it comes to choosing, we choose Christ!

The story I have an excerpt from below is an excellent example of other times that God’s people were forced to make a choice. Please read it. God bless

From Life

Obama HHS Mandate Wasn’t Just About Contraception

by Michael Stokes Paulsen

An ancient example of resistance to a tyrant’s attempt to coerce violations of religious conscience provides an interesting perspective on resistance to the Obama administration’s recent healthcare coverage mandate.

“Contraception” is not exactly the right term. The HHS mandate implementing Obamacare requires insurance plans of religious employers to provide not just contraception but also sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs–”morning-after” (and even “week-after”) pills designed to cause the death of a conceived human embryo rather than prevent conception. The technical term for such drugs is abortifacient, though they often are called, euphemistically, “emergency contraception.”

Cram-down”is a perfect term for HHS’s policy, however. The whole point, it seems, is to override religious objections to such a policy to the maximum extent politically possible, out of an intense ideological commitment to contraception and abortion as “preventive health care.” It is vital, the ideologues say, to prevail over religious objections precisely in order to advance, and permanently entrench, this particular ideology and, further, to vindicate the power of government to impose such policies on everyone. Religious objections must be overcome, in part for the sake of overcoming religious objections.

The Obama administration’s HHS policy–and even more so the sham “modification” of it announced on February 10–recalls a memorable story recounted in certain Greek manuscripts traced to the ancient Jewish communities of the Mediterranean, in what is known as the book of Fourth Maccabees. (Some Protestants, like me, treat such inter-testamental religious literature not as scripture, but with respect as part of the “Apocrypha.”)

Read the rest at Life News. com

Obama, Sebelius declare war on religious liberty (via Liberty Counsel Action)

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 03:  Health and Human S...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Mathew Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

Dear Patricia,

President Obama and his Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), Kathleen Sebelius, have put people of faith and religious organizations squarely in their crosshairs! The ObamaCare contraceptive and abortifacient mandate that has erupted into front-page news is an overreaching government intrusion into the lives of all Americans – and is patently unconstitutional.

Obama’s dictate has stirred up a firestorm of protest from religious organizations and is being likened to a slap across the face to people of faith.

Liberty Counsel Action has been in this war for many, many years, and we feel this latest eruption is unique.  Make no mistake – we are wholeheartedly standing with other groups that are strongly opposing this outrage, but we have known for a long time where ObamaCare’s implementation was heading!

By coordinating with tens of thousands of deeply concerned patriots like you, we believe we can win not only this particular battle, but make substantial headway in turning back the entire ObamaCare law and further dismantling the Obama/Reid power base!  Read my very important message below – Mat.


In a blatant assault on religious liberty, Barack Obama has ventured far out on a limb by openly challenging Christians and their institutions.

This escalating confrontation erupted over the unveiling of yet another unconstitutional “mandate” during the implementation phase of ObamaCare.

And, President Obama has yet again reneged on a promise made to get his healthcare “reform” bill through Congress two years ago:  He is retracting an ObamaCare “conscientious exemption” for people of faith and religiously oriented institutions.

++ObamaCare’s contraceptive and abortifacient mandate assails the moral integrity of every American who holds religious convictions.

With this brazen (some would say “reckless”) policy announcement, the President has used ObamaCare to inflict even more damage on our Constitution.

He and Secretary Sibelius are now declaring that all employers, including nonprofit organizations, must adhere to an ObamaCare contraceptive and abortifacient mandate requiring employers to pay for birth control, contraceptives, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs as supplied through their insurance providers.

The January 20th announcement, made by Sebelius but clearly speaking for the President, immediately provoked a firefight between the Obama Administration and religious organizations, especially the Roman Catholic Church.

But the over-reaching and inappropriate severity of the policy impacted EVERY believer in the nation and delivered a stark and chilling message:

“Your religious freedom and conscience protections are not  as important as our statist initiatives and bureaucracies.   Comply or suffer severe consequences.”

Obama and his Administration have so far refused to compromise.

After meeting resistance, President Obama circled his wagons.

Kathleen Sebelius has been on the media circuit with campaign-style rhetoric to make it sound as though the mandate is not as bad as it seems – and actually “respects religion.”

Nancy Pelosi called Obama’s decision “courageous.”

Liberal media outlets are characterizing people of faith opposed to this overarching mandate as “zealots” and are using the new leftist term for citizens who defend their constitutional rights, “sovereignty activists.”

But we are returning fire! Catholics, Baptists, and outraged Americans of all denominations are up in arms over the Obama Administration blatantly trampling on our religious liberties!

++Senator Marco Rubio jumps into the fray.

Senator Rubio (R-FL), a pro-life Catholic, scolded the Obama Administration and then offered a congressional counter attack…

“The Obama Administration’s obsession with forcing mandates on the American people has now reached a new low by violating the conscience rights and religious liberties of our people….

“Under this President, we have a government that has grown too big, too costly, and now even more overbearing by forcing religious entities to abandon their beliefs.”

Rubio’s countermeasure: The “Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 2012,” about which he says…

”This is a common sense bill that simply says the government can’t force religious organizations to abandon the fundamental tenets of their faith because the government says so.”

Liberty Counsel Action stands in strong support of Senator Rubio’s bill. We began lobbying for such a bill the moment we realized the President had the audacity to try to force this new policy down America’s throat by using an administrative vehicle to circumvent the will of the people.

Now, we are calling on 100,000 pro-life, pro-faith, pro-family, and pro-liberty citizens to demand that Congress PASS THIS BILL NOW!

Please, click here to sign the LCA petition to stop Barack Obama’s intrusion on our religious civil liberties and to support the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 2012”:

++This is a call to action!

Liberty Counsel and Liberty Counsel Action would be among the employers forced into adhering to this most recent ObamaCare mandate.

Religious-based hospitals and healthcare providers would no longer have an “out” under Obama’s promised “conscience clause.” They would be required to comply – or pay stiff fines that would in all likelihood lead to their closing down.

The implementation of ObamaCare has turned out to be one socialist infringement of our personal liberties after another – and it must be stopped NOW!

Patricia,  if our President honored his oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States, our petition would be unnecessary.  But ObamaCare and its mandates are blatantly unconstitutional and this “contraceptive mandate” is not only unconstitutional – it is a total violation of the conscience of the entire nation!

The two most likely methods to turn back this latest outrageous mandate:  First, through the Supreme Court’s decision that ObamaCare itself is unconstitutional (and Liberty Counsel is filing two briefs at the High Court on this issue). Second, through the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 2012,” we can stop this most recent infringement on religious liberty.

That’s why I am urging all of my Liberty Counsel Action team to take one minute and add your name to this petition.  PLEASE, click here to sign:

Mandi Campbell, Director of Public Policy for Liberty Counsel Action, wrote to Senator Rubio about his legislation. He published our letter in a press release:

“Liberty Counsel Action, on behalf of more than 750,000 members nationwide, would like to express support for the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 2012. … [W]e appreciate the exemption that your bill provides to secure the consciences of those with deep and sincere religious convictions opposed to the coverage of contraceptives (especially those that act as abortifacients) and sterilization, the provision of which is currently mandated by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Thank you, Senator Rubio, for introducing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 2012.”

I cannot emphasize strongly enough how important and timely Senator Rubio’s bill is – and how urgent it is that we immediately endorse it with the signatures of at least 100,000 grassroots citizens. Right now, Senator Rubio has 21 Senate co-sponsors for the bill.

Please click here to sign our petition of support:

Thank you for taking immediate action on this critical issue!

God bless you,
Mathew Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. The ObamaCare “contraceptive mandate” requires employers to pay for birth control, contraceptives, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs as supplied through their insurance providers. This is unconstitutional and immoral!  As a counter-assault, LCA is strongly endorsing Senator Marco Rubio’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 2012.” We are calling for 100,000 signers as soon as possible!  Click here to add your name to the petition:

America’s Biggest Turkey

 “Warning Signs” is the blog of Mr. Alan Caruba and this article was reprinted with the permission of Mr. Caruba, obtained on 11/26/2011.
Barack Obama-America’s Biggest Turkey  Thursday, November 24, 2011


“The 2012 national elections will be held on November 6 and I naturally want to get out ahead of all the other   pundits and their predictions about its outcome. I cannot tell you who the Republican winner will be, but I can tell you that Barack Hussein Obamawill be known as a former President.

He has most certainly turned out to be the biggest loser—a turkey—to hold the office of president. I can look back over my writings in 2008 and say “I told you so!” to anyone who voted for Obama.

It was surreal to watch how the mainstream media went out of its way to ignore the fact that there were virtually NO FACTS to cite regarding Obama-the-candidate. Any candidate who had gone to the extent of hiding the ordinary “paper trail” that all of us leave when we attend school, college, serve in the military, acquire a Social Security card, travel, or simply acquire friends and acquaintances, surely had something to hide.

To this day, no one seems to recall being in college with Obama, though he attended Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard. Surely you would think someone would pen a word or two of their memories of him. No student in the classes he taught on the Constitution at the University of Chicago has shared those days. If he dated anyone prior to Michelle, they remain incognito.

Like the fictional Shadow, Obama seemed to be able to “cloud men’s minds” when it came to any recall or inquiry about him.

The appalling performance of the mainstream media to get Obama elected was captured by Howard Kurtz, a columnist for The Washington Post who, on November 17, 2008, reported that NBC News was coming out with a DVD titled “Yes We Can: The Barack Obama Story” and that ABC and USA Today were following suit to rush out a book about the election.

“We seem to have crossed a cultural line into mythmaking,” said Kurtz. “Whew! Are journalists fostering the notion that Obama is invincible, the leader of what the New York Times dubbed ‘Generation O’?” Kurtz asked, “aren’t media people supposed to resist this kind of hyperventilating?”

The confidence I have in my prediction that he will be unemployed as of the afternoon of January 20, 2013 lies in the fact that he has spent the last three years being rebuffed on one policy or another, not the least of which was the Affordable Health Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

Rejected by 26 States that brought suit against it, Obamacare’s constitutionality will be addressed by none less than the U.S. Supreme Court; a decision that may come in the spring of 2012. Given the court’s long record of precedents on comparable decision, it’s toast. Recently, in the electoral battleground State of Ohio, voters resoundingly rejected its mandate requiring everyone to buy health insurance under penalty of a fine.

In March 2010 an estimated one million people representing the Tea Party movement marched on Washington, D.C. to protest against passage Obamacare. They were a sharp contrast to the revelers that showed up for Obama’s inauguration and literally left tons of trash in their wake. We have seen this repeated by the Occupy movement participants.

There’s a term in boxing when a boxer has been hit hard enough to make him groggy, “stepping in post holes”, as he staggers around the ring. It seems an apt term for Obama who is finding fewer supporters and defenders beyond the hard core of liberal Democrats.

From promises to close Gitmo to efforts to try Islamic terrorists held there in civil courts, Obama was rebuffed.

Obama’s promises regarding jobs to be created by his “Stimulus” have proved baseless and costly.

On the numbers alone, Obama has been a disaster for America. Obama has presided over the first downgrade in the nation’s credit rating in its history. Federal spending has been the highest (25% of GDP) since World War II. Federal debt (67% if GDP) has been the highest since World War II.

Long-term unemployment (45.9%) is the highest since the 1930s. Those dependent on the government, receiving federal benefits (47%) is the highest in American history.

Obama’s aggressive anti-energy policies are costing jobs from the Gulf of Mexico to the now delayed Keystone XL pipeline and all points in between. Scandals involving the bankrupt Solyndra, a solar panel company and other “green energy” investments and loans are costing him support. This is true as well wherever coal is mined and where they drill for natural gas and oil.

Americans grew tired of his non-stop speeches and gaffs, with or without the Tele-Prompters that became a national joke. Now they must endure a year of his constant campaigning and his non-stop lies about Republicans and everything else.

His penchant for never accepting blame manifested itself in another punchline, “It’s George Bush’s fault.”

In 2010, voters returned power in the House of Representatives to the Republican Party. Does anyone at this point seriously think that these and other factors point to an Obama victory in 2012?

He will be defeated and by a margin that will astound everyone.”

© Alan Caruba, 2011

Reprinted with permission of the author, Alan Caruba/Anne Nowlin

Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...

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America is fast approaching the “tipping point” (via Liberty Counsel)

The Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments t...

Image via Wikipedia

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel


“Political correctness” and overt anti-Christian bigotry
have been relentlessly pounding our culture for several
decades and these attacks have taken a terrible toll.
Today, there is an increasing need for the kind of
assistance Liberty Counsel was founded to provide just
to keep our culture from being pushed over the edge!

Our litigation team is working hard to keep on top of
attempts to turn America into a European-style, godless,
socialist state and our caseload is growing as never
before. When you add our lawsuit against ObamaCare to
the mix, at times the challenges can seem overwhelming!
Please take a moment to read my important message below – Mat.


After getting the news yesterday that our lawsuit against
ObamaCare is being reviewed by the Supreme Court, I
instinctively took a moment to reassess Liberty Counsel’s
current and pending caseload.

I concluded that although Liberty Counsel has been
blessed with amazing opportunities to change our
culture (our fight against ObamaCare alone is one of
the greatest battles for liberty in our nation’s history),
these opportunities come with significant challenges.

And beyond the demands of our major cases, every day we are
approached with requests for legal help from citizens across
the country who are facing serious infringements of their
constitutional rights, encountering overt religious bigotry,
or suffering assaults on their personal liberty by radical
liberal groups.

We represent upstanding American citizens like Jerry
Buell, our client in Central Florida, who we helped
get reinstated in his teaching duties after his rights
were infringed upon by an overzealous and misinformed
school administration. His “offense”?  Jerry expressed
pro-family sentiments on his own Facebook page, on his
own computer, on his own time!

Another of our clients, Dakota Ary, a high school freshman
in Fort Worth, Texas, was suspended from school for merely
stating his Christian view on homosexuality to a classmate.
Liberty Counsel defended Dakota against a misguided teacher’s
accusations and an uninformed administration’s abuse of his
rights. Dakota was fully exonerated and the teacher was
placed on administrative leave!

These cases are representative of today’s intensifying assaults
on First Amendment rights by leftist bullies who use intimidation
to silence those who speak from a different viewpoint than
their own.

++Anti-Christian violence is a sign of our nation’s moral crisis.

Pro-homosexual vandals recently attacked an Illinois Christian
academy at which the pro-family group Americans for Truth About
Homosexuality (AFTAH) was preparing to hold a banquet to honor
an evangelical Christian leader.

Following the news of the Illinois attack, Matt Barber, Vice
President of our affiliate group, Liberty Counsel Action,
strongly denounced this criminal act. I reiterate a comment
Matt made in a subsequent statement to the media:

“Your terrorist tactics have failed, and you will not
succeed in silencing God’s truth.”

++We will not be silenced!

In Liberty Counsel’s more than twenty years’ of ministry,
we have never seen the ACLU and other special interest groups
so active and so maniacally intent on forcing their will on
our society!

This assault on freedom is taking place at the same time that
our economy is suffering from ill-considered, leftist fiscal
policies that have left most Americans in worse financial
shape than at any time since the Great Depression. Of course,
a sinking economy has an adverse effect on charitable giving
and most American non-profit organizations have seen declining
support in recent months.

Because of the nation’s financial downturn, Liberty
Counsel has experienced a challenging period – but our
strain is mostly caused from being engaged in more
crucially important battles than ever before!

Nonetheless, we need consistent financial help to
confront the numerous challenges we are facing right
now and those on the near horizon.

Patricia, I know that you do not want radical
leftists reshaping the moral, religious, and political
landscape of our nation. I also know that these economic
times present a multitude of challenges to most Americans.

But could you prayerfully consider a generous gift right now
to help Liberty Counsel continue to defend and restore our
precious liberties?  No gift is too large or too small. I
simply ask that you support Liberty Counsel’s vital work in
the way the Lord leads:

++Liberty Counsel aggressively confronts radical activists!

Leftist and anti-religious, anti-family, anti-life organizations
like the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight
Education Network), and many other such groups have been greatly
encouraged by a sympathetic president, his ultraliberal
administration, and a devious Senate Majority Leader.

Consider these events on the national scene…

*President Obama is touring the nation telling his
audiences that he will bypass Congress to enact as
many of his agenda items as possible through executive
orders, through his “czars,” and through mandates issued
by federal agencies – all strategies designed to get
around the checks and balances established by the

* The FCC is seizing control of the Internet in the
name of “net neutrality,” thus taking over one of
the few remaining portals of free speech.

* While President Barack Obama and Attorney General
Eric Holder act as “supreme judges” in deciding not
to defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) they deem
to be “unconstitutional,” they have committed unlimited
amounts of taxpayer money to defend the blatantly
unconstitutional ObamaCare healthcare “reform’ law.

* Our military is now being forced to accept a
homosexual-driven “cultural overhaul.” Same sex
“marriages” are now permitted on military installations,
thus breaking the well-established DOMA federal law.

* This week approximately six thousand babies will lose
their lives at Planned Parenthood (PPH) facilities
because the United States Senate, under Majority
Leader Harry Reid, refused to defund them, even while
facing a desperate need to reduce government spending.

++We don’t have to accept moral and economic collapse!

Patricia, this is my challenge to you: If you are
also outraged over attempts to make America a socialist
nation…if you are alarmed by our deepening economic crisis…
and if you are concerned about this nation’s ever-increasing
immorality and rapidly declining respect for human life…

…then please remember that Liberty Counsel is standing
at the epicenter of the battle for the soul of America!
We are actively engaged on many fronts in our aggressive
defense of liberty, life, and family.

The reality is that we are facing powerful and dangerous
adversaries on the battlefield for liberty. And because our
opponents are so well funded – and in a growing number of cases
supported by federal tax dollars – it is necessary that I ask
for your help to continue fielding the best possible defense
(and offense!) to counter these attacks.

We depend on friends who give $20, $30, $50, $100 – whatever the
Lord leads – so we can stay involved in these crucial battles.

Would you consider making a special gift to Liberty Counsel
to meet these pressing needs?  Please go here:

With God’s blessing and favor, Liberty Counsel long ago emerged
as one of the leading voices for faith and freedom in America.

Every day we are turning back attacks from the ACLU, fighting
ultraliberal initiatives from the Obama Administration in court,
and rallying hundreds of thousands of citizens to take action
in defense of our shared values.

But we simply cannot fight these battles without the
faithful and generous support of friends like you. That’s
why your continuing support is so crucial.

Please go here to send a special gift, even if you have done so
before – perhaps even many times before:

May God bless you!  Thank you for being an integral part of
our Liberty Counsel team and co-laborer in Liberty Counsel’s
God-given mission.

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. Your prayers and sacrificial giving literally make it
possible for us to continue fighting moral decay, the rise
of Big Government, constant attacks from the ACLU and other
radical groups, and the moral destruction wrought by pro-
homosexual activists. Please, consider making a special
gift to Liberty Counsel today:

+  +  +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +  +  +   +   +   +   +   +   +
Note: Please do not “reply” directly to this e-mail message.
This e-mail address is not designed to receive your personal
messages. To contact Liberty Counsel with comments, questions
or to  change your status, see the link at the end of this e-mail.)
+  +  +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +  +  +   +   +   +   +   +   +

+ + Comments? Questions?

Liberty Counsel, with offices in Florida, Virginia and
Washington, D.C., is a nonprofit litigation, education and
policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom,
the sanctity of human life and family.

Liberty Counsel . PO Box 540774 . Orlando, FL 32854 .800-671-1776

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