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Salute to Our Veterans — God bless you All

Veterans sacrifice so that those of us who remain behind, may retain our freedom. Too often they are ignored or demeaned when they should be saluted and honored. Veterans Day is set aside by a one time grateful nation to do just that, honor and salute those who have served and sacrificed. While I am no longer sure that this nation is grateful for the sacrifice given, I know that I am. This post is a reminder to honor those who have served and are serving. If you love our Vets please take a moment to pray for them and pray for peace. Perhaps one day soon, it will no longer be needed for some to sacrifice for others.

Veteran’s Day Prayer

Dear Lord,
Today we honor our veterans,
worthy men and women
who gave their best
when they were called upon
to serve and protect their country.
We pray that you will bless them, Lord,
for their unselfish service
in the continual struggle
to preserve our freedoms, our safety,
and our country’s heritage, for all of us.
Bless them abundantly
for the hardships they faced,
for the sacrifices they made
for their many different contributions
to America’s victories
over tyranny and oppression.
We respect them, we thank them,
we honor them, we are proud of them,
and we pray that you will watch over
these special people
and bless them with peace and happiness.
In Jesus’ name we pray; Amen.

By Joanna Fuchs

Veteran’s Day Prayer

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Agenda 21 alert for Arkansas (via Secure Arkansas)

The lower part of the Arkansas River near Litt...

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Dear friends,

The Army Corps of Engineers is hosting five public workshops in February on its proposal for cost-cutting changes at its parks, according to a news release. Please see the announcement below for information on the Army Corps of Engineers public workshops being held in February.

If anyone in Secure Arkansas can attend any of these meetings near you, please do so and let us know what occurs at the meetings. If you are a Secure Arkansas director, please make it a point to attend one of these meetings because we simply cannot afford not to. We must be there. This will pertain to Agenda 21.

The Corps’ Little Rock District is considering changing operations at 29 parks, including closing 13 campgrounds, four partial campgrounds, four day-use areas, one partial day-use area and nine boat ramps.

The district’s operation and maintenance budget has been cut by about $17 million this year, the news release said. The already-proposed recreation changes will reduce costs by an estimated $1.9 million annually.

Also under consideration are ideas to shorten the season at many parks and reducing the frequency of trash pickup, cleaning and mowing and other maintenance work. The district expects to hire fewer temporary park rangers and contract park attendants as well.

There will be no group presentations during the workshops, but members of the public are invited to talk individually with Corps representatives. Workers will also accept written comments at the workshops.

Workshops will be held at:

Clearwater Lake, 1 to 4 p.m., Feb. 9, Clearwater Project Office adjacent to Clearwater Dam in Piedmont, Missouri

Greers Ferry Lake, from 2 to 4 p.m. and 5 to 7 p.m., Feb. 9, William Carl Garner Visitor Center on Arkansas 25 North, just west of Greers Ferry Dam near Heber Springs

Lake Nimrod, Lake Dardanelle and Toad Suck Ferry and Murray pools of the Arkansas River, from 2 to 4 p.m. and 5 to 7 p.m., Feb. 14, Russellville Project Office at 1598 Lock and Dam Road in Russellville

Ozark Lake, from 2 to 4 p.m. and 5 to 7 p.m., Feb. 16, Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative at 1811 W. Commercial St. in Ozark

Bull Shoals and Norfork lakes, from 2 to 4 p.m. and 5 to 7 p.m., Feb. 21, Mountain Home Project Office at 324 W. Seventh St. in Mountain Home

More information about proposed changes to specific recreation areas is available on the website of the Corps’ Little Rock District.

Securing the blessings of liberty,

Patriot Update

Dear Patriot

Dear USO Supporter –Right now, you can help answer an urgent call for help from our troops.

The USO has received an extraordinary number of requests for USO2GO shipments — bundles designed to help our troops relax and recharge in the midst of tough duty far away from home. This month alone, we need more than 20,000 USO2GO shipments to keep pace with what commanding officers and USO centers in the field are telling us the troops need most.

With an immediate response from USO supporters like you, we can quickly answer these calls for help.

Let our troops know they can count on you. Send your donation of $20 or more to rush these necessary USO2GO shipments to the front lines.

Just think what your willingness to step forward and help will mean to troops serving at isolated outposts in the remote mountains of Afghanistan. Imagine the joy you can bring to American heroes completing their third or fourth deployment away from loved ones.

USO2GO shipments are about more than just delivering snacks, furniture, games, musical instruments, and sports equipment to our troops.

A powerful message of thanks accompanies each and every shipment. It lets our service men and women know that there are folks back home who honor their sacrifices and admire their service.

Help deliver a touch of home to our troops. Send a donation of $20 or more to ship a record number of USO2GO kits to our troops as quickly as possible.

Thank you for answering this special call for support. Your donation will really mean a lot and help us deliver for our troops.


Kelli Seely
USO Chief Development Officer

Support the

(USRSF) (via Boudica BPI Weblog)

(USRSF) The Pentagon announced today the formation of a new 500-man elite fighting unit called the US Redneck Special Forces (USRSF). These southern boys will be dropped in Afghanistan knowing only these facts about terrorists.1. The season opened today. 2. There is no limit. 3. They taste just like chicken. 4. They don't like beer, pickups, country music or Jesus. 5. They are directly responsible for the death of Dale Earnhardt. The Pentagon expects the … Read More

via Boudica BPI Weblog

More Life With Big Brother (via partneringwitheagles)

More Life With Big Brother   You are a terrorist. Did you know that? Recently, the FBI started sending copies of a letter to military surplus stores in Colorado under the premise of a new program called “Communities Against Terrorism.” Their intent is to have Americans report on fellow law-abiding citizens if they suspect them of any terrorist activities. But here’s the catch: Guess who they want to be viewed as “suspicious”?   People who “insist on paying in cash”; People … Read More

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Marine poem

ARLINGTON, VA - SEPTEMBER 10:  Judith Watters ...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Marines Want This Circulated!
Please don’t delete this until you send it on,Let’s send it around the world.
This is a poem being sent from a Marine to his Dad. For those who take the time to read it,you’ll see a letter from him to his dad at the bottom. It makes you truly thankful for not only the Marines, but ALL of our troops.
We all came together,
Both young and old
To fight for our freedom,
To stand and be bold.
In the midst of all evil,
We stand our ground,
And we protect our country
From all terror around..
Peace and not war,
Is what some people say.
But I’ll give my life,
So you can live the American way.
I give you the right
To talk of your peace.
To stand in your groups,
And protest in our streets.
But still I fight on,
I don’t bitch, I don’t whine.
I’m just one of the people
Who is doing your time.image001121.jpg
I’m harder than nails,
Stronger than any machine.
I’m the immortal soldier,
I’m a U..S. MARINE!
So stand in my shoes,
And leave from your home.
Fight for the people who hate you,
With the protests they’ve shown.
Fight for the stranger,
Fight for the young.
So they all may have,
The greatest freedom you’ve won.
Fight for the sick,
Fight for the poor.
Fight for the cripple,
Who lives next door.
But when your time comes,
Do what I’ve done.
For if you stand up for freedom,
You’ll stand when the fight’s done
By: Corporal Aaron M. Gilbert , US Marine Corps
July 23
Hey Dad,
Do me a favor and label this ‘The Marine’ and send it to everybody on your email list. Even leave this letter in it. I want this rolling all over the US and Canada and The World. I want every home reading it. Every eye seeing it And every heart to feel it. So can you please send this for me? I would but my email time isn’t that long and I don’t have much time anyway.
You know what Dad? I wondered what it would be like to truly understand what JFK said in his inaugural speech.’When the time comes to lay down my life for my country, I do not cower from this responsibility. I welcome it.’ Well, now I know. And I do… Dad, I welcome the opportunity to do what I do. Even though I have left behind a beautiful wife, and I will miss the birth of our first born child, I would do it 70 times over to fight for the place that God has made for my home. I love you all and I miss you very much. I wish I could be there when Sandi has our baby,but tell her that I love her, and Lord willing, I will be coming home soon. Give Mom a great big hug from me and give one to yourself too.
Please let this marine (and all our military) know we care by passing his poem onto your friends even if you don’t usually take time to forward mail…do it this time!
Let’s help Aaron’s dad spread the word ……FREEDOM isn’t FREE
Someone pays for you and me.
Howard A. Elgart image00959.jpg

Fast and Furious: Obama Administration linked to no less than 11 Violent Crimes (via YourDaddy’s Politics)

Fast and Furious: Obama Administration linked to no less than 11 Violent Crimes It's time to indict these 'Top US Officials'! Related articles AG Holder and Obama reward ATF agents in Fast and Furious scandal with promotions. ( ATF's 'Fast and Furious' firearms tracked to at least 11 violent crimes ( Rep. Chaffetz "Fast and Furious" Witness Questioning : … Read More

via YourDaddy's Politics

Sunday: Around the horn…. or “Praise The Lord and pass the ammunition…” (via LeatherneckM31)

Sunday: Around the horn.... or "Praise The Lord and pass the ammunition..." Thus far I have few problems with Texas Gov. Rick Perry's early campaign tactics… coming in stealth mode and announcing after the Ames straw vote charade, avoided unnecessary conflict with GOP party leadership. His initial rhetoric in his first address as a candidate hit many of the simple, right notes with conservatives both here and abroad: "…. I will not sit back and accept the path that America is on, because a great country requires a be … Read More

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Remember (via LeatherneckM31)

Remember Find the cost of freedom Buried in the ground Mother Earth will swallow you Lay your body down Chief Petty Officer Robert Reeves, 32, (left ) and his best friend, Lt. Commander Jonas Kelsall, 33, died together when their special operations chopper was shot down by Afghan insurgents Saturday in eastern Afghanistan. Classmates in Shreveport, La., both became SEALs and were on the ill-fated mission to back up an Army Ranger unit caught in an ambush. … Read More

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Imposting The ISAF (via Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead)

Imposting The ISAF Handicaps… In saddle racing, they're called 'imposts'–the amount of weight a faster horse must carry in order to place him on an even footing with the competition; in chess, it's the pion coiffé–the stronger player, to win, must checkmate the weaker with a particular pawn, marked at the start of play; in golf, it's  the number of strokes an amateur player is allowed to deduct from his total score.  In Barack Obama's America, they're the fisca … Read More

via Be Sure You're RIGHT, Then Go Ahead


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