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U.S Attorney To Suppress 1st Amend in Tennessee via John McTernan

by JohnMcTernan

                          Verse of the Day

1Thessalonians 5:1 But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you. (2) For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lordso cometh as a thief in the night.


These scandals are not going to stop Obama and the Hard Left from trying to destroy America. It appears now that the Justice Department is going to turn the FBI and US Attorneys loose to attack our First Amendment right of free speech. They want the truth about Islam silenced. This is frightening in light of what they were trying to do with reports that exposed their lies.

Is the Attorney General a felon?Is the Attorney General a felon?

U.S Attorney To Suppress 1st Amend in Tennessee 05/25/13 If you live in East Tennessee, I suggest that you attend this meeting in Manchester and stand against the federal government’s attempt to muzzle the truth about Islam and how dangerous it is.

“Killian and the FBI want to let us know it is against the federal law to speak out against political islam. But wait, this isn’t about a religion at all. This is clearly another government entity promoting the pro islamist sensibilities of the Obama administration. This is about free speech pure and simple. The IRS has targeted conservative groups and individuals, now the Dept of Justice and law enforcement want to tell you it’s against the law to state facts. Facts offend political Muslims. They may not like the facts, but it isn’t against the law…yet.”

Obama and the 1917 Espionage Act 05/27/13 I found this article very interesting with tying history into what Obama is currently doing to the media.

“It was an ugly period in our history. It’s also a reminder that big-government liberals can be as much inclined to suppress civil liberties as small-government conservatives can — or more so. Fortunately, things changed after Wilson left office. A Republican Congress allowed the Sedition Act to expire in 1921. Debs received 915,000 votes for president in 1920 while in Atlanta federal prison, but President Warren Harding, a former journalist and a Republican, commuted Debs’s sentence to time served, effective Christmas day 1921, and invited him to the White House.”

Events are now racing towards confrontations and crisis. Is WW3 about to breakout over Russian and Iranian missiles in Syria? Will Israel attack Syria and start WW3? All these events and more should drive us closer to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and to look for His coming for His bride! If you are going to work for the Lord, now is the time, as events are closing in that are going to dramatically change the world. No matter what happens, keep your eyes on Jesus and do not flinch.

God warned us in His word what is coming, so He will give us the grace. The way to live in His grace is to keep looking and living for the Blessed Hope, the coming of Jesus Christ for His believers.

May the LORD God of Israel bless and protect you.

1 Thessalonians 1:10 And to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, even Jesus, which delivered us from the wrath to come.

As America/Obama Has Done to Israel

Peres, Kerry, Abbas meeting in Jordan to divide IsraelPeres, Kerry, Abbas meeting in Jordan to divide Israel

I have started to see a pattern that Obama’s scandals have exploded while Secretary of State Kerry was in Israel to divide the land. This is exactly what happened to President Clinton with his sex scandal. He was waiting to meet with Arafat when the scandal broke, and then he was impeached while in Israel meeting with Arafat. I am going to watch very closely to see if these scandals explode while Obama is doing something with Israel.

Normally, I would say that I do not think that the scandal would have a great impact on Obama because he is so insulated by the Hard Left; however, if the Lord wants to bring him down in disgrace and judgment, then these scandals might be very significant. The more he comes against Israel and promotes the homosexual agenda, the greater chance the Lord might bring him down from office in judgment.

Kerry, Abbas, Perez meet in Jordan 05/28/13 I believe that Kerry is going to put enormous pressure on Israel this summer to create a Palestinian state. Abbas will go back to the UN this September to gain more support, so Kerry has only to then. If he puts the pressure on Israel, watch for the disasters hitting America.

“Nonetheless, Kerry called the plan “transformative” and “different than anything we’ve done before.” Kerry acknowledged the plan offers a very optimistic vision for a region that has suffered through decades of conflict, and where peace prospects remain dim, but he insisted: “We know it can be done.” He also said Netanyahu and Abbas support the plan.Regarding peace itself, Kerry added that “No one is talking about temporary borders. We are talking about an end-of-conflict peace.”

Obama embraces role as consoler in chief to remain above the fray05/28/13 There are now so many scandals that it is difficult to follow all of them.

“The trip comes as his administration faces tough questions over a trio of controversies: the IRS political targeting scandal, the Justice Department’s leak probes and the handling of the Benghazi mission attack.”

Washington launches four different investigations into IRS scandal05/28/13 Everyone hates and fears the IRS, so maybe this scandal might tear deep into his administration.

John Kerry: Israel’s ‘Prosperity’ May Be Blocking Peace Process With Palestinians 05/28/13

“I think there is an opportunity [for peace], but for many reasons it’s not on the tips of everyone’s tongue. People in Israel aren’t waking up every day and wondering if tomorrow there will be peace because there is a sense of security and a sense of accomplishment and of prosperity.”

Issa subpoenas State Department for Benghazi documents 05/28/13 There is something very deep here that he allowed the Ambassador to Libya to die.

Kerry wants major Israeli concessions for Palestinians, including sovereign northern Dead Sea coast 05/28/13 Abbas wants to destroy Israel and Kerry continues with this foolishness. He wants Israel to give up lots of things, just for Abbas agreeing to sit for the talks.

“He keeps the package’s contents firmly under his hat. However, according to some of the details revealed here for the first time bydebkafile’s sources, Kerry’s top-secret plan places on Israel the onus of major concessions including strategic and national assets, for the sake of buying the Palestinian leader’s consent to sit down and talk. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) is not required to pay anything real in return – although it was who stalled the peace negotiations in the first place.”

A new road map to Middle East peace? 05/27/13 I have laid out the big plan of what Kerry/Obama want to do with Israel. It is nonsense to think that the Arab states, along with other Muslim nations, will recognize Israel as a sovereign nation. They detest the “Zionist entity” and want it destroyed. The problem is the existence of Israel and not the need for the creation of a Palestinian state. I think Kerry is not living in reality and fails to understand Islam or he is going along with the attempt to destroy Israel.

“The revived initiative, ratified by Arab League foreign ministers in April, included several important amendments. The Arabs called for a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, as before, but endorsed a “comparable and mutually agreed minor swap of the land,” in the words of Sheik Hamad Bin Jasim al-Thani, Qatar’s peripatetic foreign minister. Second, and perhaps more important, the Arabs said that if the deal were ratified by both sides, “they would consider the conflict ended,” as Kerry put it, and they would have peace treaties and normalized relations with Israel.”

Israel and the Middle East War

Israel warns of action over Russian plan to give missiles to Syria’s Assad05/28/13 The tension keeps building over Syria. How much more before it breaks out into the all-out war?

“A senior Israeli defense official warned on Tuesday that Russia’s plan to send sophisticated anti-aircraft weapons systems to Syria’s President Bashar Assad was a “threat” and signaled Israel could take some form of unspecified action in response.Russia on Tuesday reiterated its intention to go ahead with the arms deal. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said it would “restrain some hotheads from escalating the conflict to the international scale,” according to Russia Today.”

Russia’s Brinkmanship with US Clashes with Israel’s Security 05/20/13 Russia is doing this because Obama is so weak. Russian power is filling the void left by Obama. This is setting up a confrontation between Israel and Russia which could then draw America into the war. Wow, is this now hot!

“Russia is aggressively squaring off with an indecisive and rather meek West about Syria, and in the process, is also threatening to undermine Israeli efforts to ensure that Iran and Syria do not ship strategic weapons to Hezbollah.The Syrian civil war has become a dangerous and complex battle of multiple actors and their proxies: Sunni versus Shi’ite, Iran versus the Gulf states, Al-Qaeda versus Hezbollah, and on a global scale, the United States versus Russia.Moscow is trying to deter a potential US or NATO-led initiative to set up a no-fly zone over areas of Syria, and is seeking to stop Western-led air strikes against chemical weapons sites.

S-300 Air Defense Systems Deployed at Snap Alert Drills 05/28/13 Is Russia fine-tuning its military for war?

“The three-day exercise, in which the fighters will fend off aerospace attacks, is part of a series of random checks of the Russian armed forces that began in February …  A total of 8,700 personnel, 185 warplanes and 240 armored vehicles are participating in the checks.”

Obama Asks Pentagon for Syria No-Fly Zone Plan 05/28/13 Would the no-fly zone include shooting down Russian planes? Wow, more tension and bringing a possible confrontation with Russia. Obama is doing this for the Muslim Brotherhood, so he might just risk war with Israel!

“The White House has asked the Pentagon to draw up plans for a no-fly zone inside Syria that would be enforced by the U.S. and other countries such as France and Great Britain, two administration officials told The Daily Beast.”

EU’s move to arm Syrian rebels shows conflict will escalate 05/28/13

The demise of Middle East borders 05/29/13

Islam and IslamoFascism/Jihad

Dutch anxiety over ‘Sharia triangle’ police no-go area in The Hague05/24/13 Notice how Islam is advancing in Europe so that now small pockets of cities are under its control. They are going to build from this to gain control of entire cities and nations. Short of bloodshed, there is no way for the Europeans to stop this.

Expert: Islam taking over, Europe soon to be unrecognizable 05/28/13 There is no hope for Europe. It has passed the point of no return with the Muslims. God has turned the Europeans over to judgment for abortion, homosexuality and touching Israel.

The New, Improved Axis of Jihad 05/24/13 This article is detailed with lots of good information.

Revelation 22:20 He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

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Update from Pastor Kerry Mauldin


prayer.. (Photo credit: aronki)

Re: Tuesday to villages–54 applications for churches

Please hold Melody, Jeff Oaks and myself in prayer as we go 7AM Tuesday for India.
We just got this additional list of 14 villages who have no church and pastors are requesting for first churches in the village!
Prayer makes things happen!!  We have 45 churches to dedicate and now 54 villages requesting churches.  This will be a packed 30 days in 
the villages.  Please pray we have wisdom and strength to accomplish all the Lord puts before us!!
We so appreciate the prayers, encouragement and what has been given to get these built and wells drilled!!
God bless you each so much!!
Kerry and Melody
PO Box 140402
Broken Arrow, 74014
Dear Kerry sir
These are the prayer shed requests from nandyal side
Pastors Name
Particulars / Amount
Naga Raju
Prayer Shed  19,000
Ratna Paul
Prayer Shed  19,000
Prayer Shed  19,000
Prayer Shed  19,000
Cement Nagar
Bala Swamy
Prayer Shed  19,000
Prayer Shed  19,000
Prayer Shed  19,000
Prayer Shed  19,000
Govind Reddy
Prayer Shed  19,000
Naga Raju
Prayer Shed  19,000
Sunder Rao
Prayer Shed  19,000
Ratna Paul
Prayer Shed  19,000
Govind Reddy
Prayer Shed  19,000
Naga Raju
Prayer Shed  19,000

With Much of prayers and Regards
God is great all the time


Prayer Request from Pastor Kerry Mauldin

I just got a call from Julie Norman. She and Ed are good friends in Phoenix. We have ministered together for years, doing Special Touch camps for those with disabilities, and elsewhere… Ed has been a quadraplegic for over 35 years because of an accident when he was 18.
Ed has been thru many tests of life and death especially the past 5 years, but in Sept we ministered together at Arizona Special Touch, his first time to minister in a long time.

Julie shared that Ed got an infection that has gone septic and progressed to where he is now in ICU with blood clots and many challenges….
She called and asked if I could get people to pray! SO PLEASE PRAY!!

Especially that Ed will know so clearly the PRESENCE OF THE LORD. He is not able to communicate, but is very restless….
“In His presence is fullness of joy” and His peace will settle deep inside Ed and he will not be anxious…
Thank you for praying! Many of you know Ed! He so loves the Lord and is such a wonderful Brother and so blessed at sharing God‘s Word!!

Melody and I are home 2 days now from India and Dubai, UAE. We are so thankful and so blessed to look back at God’s grace and the things that were accomplished in the villages, for Gods glory!!

Thank you all for praying and standing with us!! We go back to India, Lord willing, Around Feb. 15.

With so much thanks and prayers,

Kerry and Melody

Mauldin Ministries
PO Box 140402
Broken Arrow, Ok 74014

Pastor Kerry Mauldin via India Media Missions

Missionary to India: Interview with Brother Kerry Mauldin

Kerry Mauldin was employed by Kmart for 20 years.  He worked as a Manager there until 1996, when the disease of Muscular dystrophy caused him to have to leave.  When most people would be devastated by this, Kerry found that sometimes life’s greatest challenges can bring the greatest opportunities.  This would bring him the door of opportunity to a whole new chapter in his life.  The door was opened for Missions and for the past 15 years he has been a missionary to remote villages in Andrah Pradesh, India.  Kerry is licensed with the Assemblies of God. He is the Founder of Mauldin Ministries. By the grace of God, his ministry has planted and built  254 churches, drilled many wells, and continues to help widows and  handicapped people with talents.  He bases the work of the talents on Matthew 25:15-29.  The talents that he helps them with are goats and water buffalo.  He teaches them to use what they have to double their talents.  After they double their talents they bring the First Fruit back and then give it to another widow or handicapped person. At times, Kerry is accompanied by a Doctor who travels with him to do some medical missions as well.  However, his main focus and call is to share the “HOPE” that we have in Christ. His greatest joy is touching the lives of people who have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and he said, “this is the motivation to keep going.” Kerry resides in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. He has four children: Anderea, 31; Rachel, 28; Holly, 23; and Andrew, 20.  His website is  He has a personal facebook and his email address is  .

Please read the rest of this post at India Media Missions and if you are able to contribute to these missions, please do so! God bless you!

Mauldin Ministries also accepts donations and it would be greatly appreciated!

Padlock on Shiva Temple!! by Pastor Kerry Mauldin

Our next to last day in the villages and we had 2 churches we dedicated, gave 1 well and 3 more churches!!  8 baptisms today and 66 baptisms last 3 weeks!!
I’ll start by sharing the last village!
Went to Thatikalli Village–Toddy tree Village–alcohol tree.  Met Pastor Satyam (Truth).  He came to Christ 8 years ago.  “Please, I am the only believer in my family, but tonight they are all gathered for you to share.”  We sat with his Mom, dad, Brother, aunts, uncles…room full.  These worship Shiva and the family has a temple outside the house on the road.
satyam shared that 8 years ago ge went to Ganges River and all big temples at age 32 looking for “Truth”.  He had no peace and only thought of suicide and death.  He had been married 12 years and had no children.
He walked barefoot 20 miles to SriSailam to worship Shive–covered with flowers and all family cheered him on.  Just wanted to die!!
He sold all his property and was left with nothing…
He was introduced to Jesus.  He had nothing in this world, so accepted Christ.  “Within 10 days my life was turned around.  I felt peace, no voice to kill myself, business and we had a baby, Divya “special one”.
Tonight, the whole family was in agreement that Satyam was totally different and they wanted to listen.  As we shared, they asked many probing questions.  At the end, the whole family prayed the prayer of salvation.  We all went outside and took family picture.  Satyam and his brother Siadalu, took oil and put a shield around that Shiva temple and satan can not cross the blood of Jesus.  All family had voiced their fear of turning from Shiva.  But they took huge step of faith.
We gave Prayer Shed and went to family roadside snack stand and prayed…
Amazing thing…the Shiva Temple had been locked with all shiva chains and worship things locked inside.  The god could not open the door or lock!!  But no door or stone could hold our Lord!!!
Subbareddygudem set the tone for the day.  We went to dedicate this small but good church!  About 100 packed inside full…. They listened and 3 times shared the Gospel as so many kept coming and all people would scruntch up closer so more could enter.  It rained all thru the day so no one could work in cotton fields.  So many came today to hear as they were free from the fields…   5 took baptism in barrel.  We could hardly manage as so many people!!
Gave bore well for water to Indupamala womens group. It will save 45 minutes per day walking to get water…  PLEASE!!!
We issued a challenge… “What will you do with all the free time saved? ather the women all together and write a plan how the water well will bless the village and also how it will help you win souls for Christ?  They took the challenge with joy!  This village Calvary AG gave for church in 2010 and today it is beautiful and finished!
These women fixed lunch and this village is 65% Christian and very clean for Indian village.
I shared with them the blessing of the lunch they gave and also that this is one of cleanest villages I’ve ever seen.  They were so so thankful and blessed.  They kept wanting to kiss my hand!    Blessing, but I have incredible wife sitting beside me!  Touched us both at the way that comment blessed those women!!
So thankful for the many souls today that heard the Gospel that had never heard before!
Today is fulfilling the purpose of this ministry..  Planting churches in new villages as first church in a village and sharing love of Christ.  So many good things, page of journal is so full…
One more village day!
With thanks, love and prayers!!
Kerry, Melody and Debbie

Dancing for Joy by Pastor Kerry Mauldin

Jesus in Pray

Jesus in Pray (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    If anyone wants to be removed from getting these notes, please just let me know!!  We appreciate everyones prayers!!
One of my favorite pictures in scripture is Jesus on the shore of the sea of Galillee with the disciples coming back after going 2 by 2 into every village and sharing with the people in preparation for Jesus coming that way.  As the disciples told all that happened in those villages: demons cast out, healings, peoples lives touched for His glory, Jesus REJOICED IN SPIRIT–I can see Him dancing for joy!!
Yesterday we went to 6 villages, gave 5 Prayer Sheds and churches, Dedicated a nice church given by Fern AG in Mountainburg, AR, gave several baptisms  and was a full day!!
A joy is going to Sithya Thanda to house of Kishen, 19, the boy with polio that when he was 14, we met on the dark roadside along with many villagers.  We were going to help him, but all said he could do nothing because he had a polio leg.  We finally gave him a pair of goats.  Now his goats have multiplied, he got his degree to teach school, he is local Sunday School teacher and he starts Bible School in 2 weeks.  We went to his parents home–thatch small house, but right next door they are building nice brick house and when we come up, his Momma comes and grabs my legs as a sign of thanks….  Of course you grab her hands to get her to stand, but you can see their heart of thanks!!!  In the tank in front of the house others take baptism!!
When God works, it is a joy to look back and see how Gods blessing so flows and so many lives changed!!
At Tunga Thurthi we dedicate well from Dubai City Church and dedicate a prayer shed beside it.
Many miracles since 2 years since we first came to thius village:
One couple had come for prayer after 10 years of marriage and no children.  They have a beautiful baby boy in thier arms, 1 year old!!
A 35 year old man had a brain tumor and in 2002 had brain surgery.  10 years later, he is alive and sits on front row playing cymbals to add to beat of the drums in Prayer Shed worship.  He is blind since, and has cotton on his forehead as he still has puss from the surgery wound on his head these 10 years later.  We pray for him…
The most joy for me in villages is to go in the night to the last village…  Often it is tempting to miss this village as we are tired, long drive and worn out…
But we came to Nagaram and sit on a packed front porch with 40 people… they have worked all day in the cotton fields and it is a little after 7, they are tired, but bright eyed and excitement.  You sit and look in those huge brown eyes of incredibly hospitable people who have eached worked to filla 25kg bag with cotton bowls -for a days work.  The cotton cuts the skin so all wear long sleeve shirts and toil for 100 rupee.
Men and women make up 10 member teams that the land owners pick for their fields…
We begin to share and these are such hungry hearts!!   The first believer came to Christ 2 years ago and now about 40 and have church walls up and need a roof.
Do the teaching on salvation and ask how many want to be blessed.  OIf course every hand shoots up as they want to follow Christ in every detail.  I ask if I can ask one really hard question first?  They say yes!!
Are there any thieves here?  I ask.  There is smiles and eyes glancing one to another…”No sir, we are not thieves.”  After reading Malachi 3:8, they began to say, “No sir, We did not know that we were thieves we will all begin to give.”
We sat at length in that heart to heart time with them sharing about work.  I shared about Ruth and Naomi and how Ruth went to the field to work and how land owner would leave Handfuls of grain on purpose to bless the widows…
“No sir, land owners let us leave nothing”.  They share what it is like to work with some land owners, kind, giving water etc… how some land owners areso tough,
how after working all day in the fields, they face the 2 km walk home…
When hearts are open and you see the challenges and life of work and struggle, but share how we can have victory!!  I am so so so thankful for Gods hand of blessing to sit with such people who I know one day will spend eternity with!!
These people gave 10,200 rs and we matched 20,400rs to build a beautiful little church as the first church in this village with incredible hearts!!
Joy !!!
Thank you so so much for praying and notes of encouragement!!  We have few more days in villages…
With so much thanks and appreciation,
Kerry, Melody and Debbie Dewan,

Update from Pastor Kerry Mauldin

Well of Blessing and Fleece of Faith

by Kerry Mauldin

Today was a bit more tedious.  This is the last of 9 days of Bakkamma Festival in hinduism.  They worship the female goddess with dancing, flowers, and all walk in parade with the flowers by candlelight and throw all into village water supply for fertility and blessing!  That was last night, then today so many drink and especially men laying all over in the roads…  We have to be careful which homes to go!
Went to Ilapuram Village to dedicate the only village well, drilled by Homestyle Asst. Living Home in Springdale, AR.
When drilled, villagers related the drilling company came about midnight to drill and dust was a cloud everywhere.  The hindu priest and village leaders came and said not to drill as there was no water here.  The 30 believers were in the small Prayer Shed fervently praying.  It went to 100′ deep and no water.  “We were all crying out to the Lord and village saying to stop drilling.”  When hit 120′, it hit a water that gushed 40 yards and all were in amazement and all villagers shared it was the power of their God!!
The closest neighbor who is hindu and never gone to church, but had accident 10 days ago and got steel rod in his foot, related all thgis to me as his heart was now open to hear the Gospel.  He has buffalo and oxen and wants Eternal Life, now has heard how to recieve—because a well gushed water on his land when he thought it impossible!!!
The first believer in the village is Lalithamma, 22 years.  She has led 50 families to Christ now.  She led us to her nephew, Bicksham-“Beggar”-laying on a cot in front of tiny hut at noon after drinking the night in festival to the demons.  He was alert and sat and listened to the Gospel.  He was finally persuaded and prayed the prayer of salvation!!!
Dedicated athe church in BB Gudem given by New River AG in AZ.
Dedicated Raynegudem given By San Jacinto in Amarillo-also a nice strong church…
Went to Snake Village–Pamalapadu–where pastor Emmanuel and wife and 3 sons do a good work.  They need a well as they only get water every 4 days for 15 minutes as there is a severe shortage at the small tank for the village and no wells.
She shared of the challenges and shared they were praying for faith that God would prompt my heart to help and drill a well.
We were sitting under a covering in the rain and dark as electric was off from the rain.  They shared when Dr. Mast and I last visited their home 6 years ago it also rained.  “Visit more often and water won’t be a problem , they shared”.
I thought to have some lighter fun, and shared that as Gideon wanted something from God, he put a fleece before God to build his faith.  I shared, “Let’s put a fleece before God about drilling this well since you are praying for faith…. If electric comes on in next 10 minutes, by 730 we will know…”
I appeared serious, but already knew we would drill.
At 728 the electric came on and they all jumped up shouting with joy and laughing and praising God!!
I was careful to make clear setting a fleece is not normally Gods way and He prefers we trust him and not try to force him with our way…
But it was a night of joy and fun!!
Berryville Christian Fellowship “Wellie” is now given!!
With so much love thanks and prayers,
Kerry and Melody

Update from Pastor Mauldin

The Yellow Cross by Kerry Mauldin

We visited 5 villages, talked to many pastors and came to a new conclusion…
Many pastors are coming from villages and we must test them before we put something big in their hand.  We decided to put test of 3 chickens in the hand for them to multiply and teach the people to tithe.  If they are not teaching tithing, but just asking someone else for money, it is hard to want to give…  we share with 5 pastors that request prayer sheds.  The pastors caught the focus and will give reports on progress of people learning to pay tithes.  Then we will help along side.  This will bless the pastors so much more in the long run as the people learn to be givers!!
    We began to share in Billianiakgudem to many people who sacrificed goats to their goddess so as to have good luck and hope they got eternal life.
As we began, a man led his daughter up.  She was crying and acting very peculiar and all immediate recognize the demonic.  This girl, Uma, had a huge YELLOW CROSS around her neck.  She knelt down 2 feet in front of me and for 30 minutes knelt there with tears and hands lifted as I shared the salvation bracelets with the many people of neighboring homes sitted on mats on the ground.  The people were perplexed, but listen.  As I shared, the voice out of Uma would say, “No I’ll not pray” etc….  She stayed on the knees…  Finally, the people understood that only one way to eternal life comes thru Christ.  They all prayed and Uma clearly prayed also…
Her whole countenance changed!!
Her father shared that 1130 in the night last night she had awakened him and mother.  She had told them to “pray”.  She felt satan wanted her to follow him, but this Jesus was speaking to her to follow Him.  She and folks stayed up late in the night praying.
Now today we4 come sharing this Story…
Uma, father and all prayed to accept Christ in this village where there is no church!!!  We gave for Prayer shed to be built!
In Utlapalli village, Pastor Steven has gathered 40 believers in village of 2500 people.  Only church id Roman Catholic but only opens doors every 6 months.  Someone tried to open a church 2 years ago, but fanatic hindus came and “forced all to put red stickers on the forehead and worship Mysamma, “My Mother goddess“.
People were frightenened.
Today, on newly purchased land, 25 met and heard and 3 took baptism in 55 gallon barrel.  The people took a huge cloth and help up so all the people on the road would not cause a disturbance.  On one hand, you want all the world to know, and on other hand, not cause a riot.  This is rare place…
We taught the people and shared on the Word!!  These are a determined few people inb this village.
Pastor Stevennwas trained in a church of david Raj that we helped the past 7 years starting with a prayer shed!!!  By7 God’s grace and strong covering of prayer, they will make it here…
In Bakkamanthulagudem Village–they gather 9pm around the well, directly in front of the church.  The church shed, built of jute 5 years ago ghas collapsed.  Now 35 believers and no savings.  We taught the people on giving, saving and serving.  All, standing in the night darkness, after working in the fields all day, listened closely and raised their hands with understanding as we taught–they will begin to tithe…  We will match what they give and raise so that the church can be built.  They have to report first…
Got to the village room we are staying at about 1130, we walked in and 100,000’s od ants covered all the concrete walls.  They came with newspaper, burning and watched the ants fall.  Spraed the deet spray around door and windows…  We can do all things thru Christ….!!!!
With so much thanks and prayers…love and appreciate you all!!!
Kerry and Melody

Update from Pastor Kerry Mauldin

Fruitful day every stop today!
We left early and went to Guttapalli Village for first time in 4 years.  Yaddamma home helps children and young adults with various challenges.
For instance, Leah, as beautiful 5 year old girl was found on the side of the road, abandonede by her parents when she cwas 3 days old.  These years she has grown at yaddamma House.  When we first went, they had 5 acres, no water and 1 building!   Fayetteville Northside Rotary drilled a well and it is great water!!
We gave a buffalo and sheep.  They have 4 buffalo, 7 sheep and 2 rams along with Emu, turkey, all kinds of fowls and oxen etc…  They had a big crop of millet!
we were fed breakfast setting around the open fire.  Two wanted baptism.
It was a joy to see the progress!  They are selling livestock as the “talents” double!!  One Emu egg, huge things, bring over $100 when hatched!!
About 30 come to the church.  One, Paddma weaves silk sarees on simple wooden loom.  It takes 4-5 days to weave a 6 meter saree and she makes 600 rupees ($12)
Great spirit…  India village people do not complain.   It is a blessing to be with such warm hearted people!!
Dedicate 3 churches and give for another!
At Miryalagudem we dedicate church given by Pawhuska AG.  It is built on roof of a home as second floor.  Not finished, but 3 and half walls and roof are done!  They were all so thankful to have a place to worship, but dry!!
At Penchakilladinna, we dedicate church given by Westville AG.  Yesaratnaum pastor, lost toes to diabetes, but did great job on this church.
We shared on using tool of salvation bracelet to share Christ.  They were truly excited and 10 stood promising to share with at least 5 people the Gospel.  One lady Sujatha,Wearing a bright green saree, had the most alive face and eyes as she prayed with tears over the souls that would come!!!  We gave her 10 more bracelets!!
  About 70 attend and were wanting floor…  They meet in church, but need stones!  Challenged the people on learning to tithe and break the curse of poverty.  8 women were widows with no income.  We gave chickens as tool to pay tithes and use to buy stones.  10 work and said the would faithfully pay tithes.  We are all in agreement that these caught the message and are excited!!
Appannapeta Village, a church built by West Memphis, Ar AG, we dedicated a nice small church!!  Pastor Zacharias was hit by a lorry, truck and has broken foot and hurt back.  We gave him a buffalo to provide income…
This small church built with concrete blocks, looks good and has a good roof.  50 people packed inside.  We were to dedicate in Janruary, but had no time…
It is now full and need bigger church!  The people were in unity and when they began to sing, the power of God filled the place.  Tears and annointing flowed!!
We taught the people, challenged their hearts and then gave candy and tooth brushes!!
It was a joy to see all 3 dedication churches with strong believers, excitement and hearts open to the Word!!
Last, in the night we went to SC Colony and pastor Peter has a small church of 40 and a roof that leaks much thru thatch roof.  We committed for roof to this pastor who graduated from YWAM and now pastors this village church!!
We have so so much the next few days with long drive tomorrow–160 km to one church…
Thanks so much for praying,
Kerry and Melody


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