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Catholics burned alive by Muslims in Nigeria — where’s the MSM? – The Brenner Brief (Warning Graphic Images)

Catholics burned alive by Muslims in Nigeria — where’s the MSM? – The Brenner Brief.


Those are (were) people of the Catholic faith and citizens of Nigeria. They were burned alive inNigeria by Muslims.

Why in the world isn’t the mainstream media covering this? Because it doesn’t fit their perfect little meme that the Christians are mean and evil to the innocent Muslims. A few blogs have covered this, but that’s all.

The Catholic Church has responded:

Statement by Father Juan Carlos Martos 

This is a brutal example of how far the struggle between muslims and catholics in Nigeria has reached. Muslims are determined to impose their ‘religion’ all over Africa as well as in other continents and countries of the world. Islam has but one goal: rule the world at any cost!

And where are the International Human Rights Organizations? Christians are burnt alive in Nigeria: a horrific Holocaust right in front of International indifference! As denounced by Father Juan Carlos Martos, on behalf of the Missionari Clarettiani, via del Sacro Cuore di Maria, Rome, Italy.

By publishing this graphic document on Facebook, I have intended to make the world aware of certain terrible events totally ignored or minimized by the mainstream media; an authentic genocide so cruel and inhuman only comparable with the most hateful and vile acts in the Nazi extermination camps.

To my great surprise, Facebook has criticized me for the publication of this graphic document as a proof of the Holocaust that Christians have been suffering in Nigeria in the last ten years. According to Facebook’s Security policy of the ‘social’ Network, this photo has been classified as ‘pornographic’, ‘violent’ or ‘inappropriate’ and hence I was disallowed to publish any picture for a week. And I was threatened drastic measures if I insist publishing any document that prove the terrible violations of Human Rights in Nigeria. This attitude by the (Spanish) Facebook Management is an attack to the freedom of expression as much as a shameful insult to the 500 victims (only in this horrible episode) slaughtered by Islamic terror only for being Christian.

I thought that this social network, originated in the United States, would not bend its knees in front of terror. Especially, when still healing their wounds suffered in the gruesome 9/11 attack, just as our own 3/11 at Madrid railway station, all innocent victims of the wild fury and insanity of Islamic terror.”

This seems even more unacceptable in Spain, a Democratic state, where the rights of opinion, expression and religion are guaranteed by the Constitution (Art. 16 and 20), if there is an attempt to limit such rights, let alone through threats and coercion thus weakening their freedom of expression by condemning as “inappropriate” a graphic document (not a photomontage) which reflects a brutal reality in all its crudeness.

Contrarily, the Administrators of Facebook Spain should welcome this public protest advocating that such a barbarian act will never be replicated and that its perpetrators will be brought to justice. This is a right and duty of every citizen: a service to society, ultimate goal, I feel, of any network that defines itself as ‘social’.

Regrettably, if the murders continue, this is greatly because truth is always hidden to the sovereign people, so that they may not be aware and ‘disdained’ by it: complicit silence by the mainstream media leads to the indifference of the
international political community facing this unspeakable Holocaust! Let alone the cowardice already rooted in the western world facing the islamic terror. A consequence of the stupid “Alliance of civilizations”: another regrettable incident of our former Prime Minister Rodriguez Zapatero.

Can you imagine the reaction of the Islamic terrorist organization in the (impossible) case of a massacre of Muslims in a mosque, by the hands of Christian terrorists? And how widely would our media cover and condemn the crime and the criminals?

Therefore, from this modest blog, I ask a favor from all people who are reading me: please distribute this photo and its comments using all the media you have. If only for commemorating these martyrs since, unfortunately, Facebook seems to be on the side of the executioners by preventing the publication of such tragic events.

~ Juan Carlos Martos cmf Segretariato di PVMissionari ClarettianiVia Sacro Cuore à Maria-500197-Rome (Read the rest at Catholics burned alive by Muslims in Nigeria — where’s the MSM? – The Brenner Brief.)

Parsing Killing With Impunity and Manufacturing Monsters via Public Catholic

This post from Rebecca Hamilton is a must read. You have to ask yourself, where does it stop? Already the courts have decided that women are exempt from the same laws that men are punished for. As if they somehow are endowed with more intelligence and caring so that what ever decision they would make would be for the good of the child that she carries in her womb. Evidence has shown that this is simply not true and the callous killing of their babies that horrifies so many of us, if now being extended in so many places.  Who, in this new world, will be granted the ability to decide who is worthy of life and who  is unworthy?

Parsing Killing With Impunity and Manufacturing Monsters.

In case you were wondering, the devil is at work all over the world, not just here in America.

One case in point is a suggested revision to Dutch statutes that I mentioned in an earlier post to allow medical personnel to euthanize minors and Alzheimer’s sufferers. Ironically, these are two groups of people who are considered incompetent to make most legal decisions for themselves. The proposed law was drafted in part by Senator Philippe Mahoux.

Our world is so spiritually sick that we try to parse and channel legalized murder. We have laws that point to one group of people and say in effect, “you may kill them with impunity” then, we have other laws that point to another group of people and say “if you kill them it is an atrocity.”

Well, which is it? Is it an atrocity to kill the innocent, or is it something we may do with impunity? Read the rest from Rebecca Hamilton at Public Catholic at!

For those who know, no explanation is necessary … (via blogsense-by-barb) (via blogsense-by-barb)

For those who know, no explanation is necessary ... (via blogsense-by-barb) "For those who know,no explanation is necessary.For those who don't,no explanation is possible." Our "mission" in the Middle East conflicts is as vague as President Obama's stand on … ANY issue. There seems to be no goal, no clearly defined objective, and without that, how can those actively involved (or we) know if progress is being made? I'm sure I'm not the only one around here with military contacts, … Read More

via blogsense-by-barb


Christian kiln workers in Pakistan denied their wages this Christmas — article in Christian Today

For anyone who says that the U.S. doesn’t support slavery, need only read this article on Christians in Pakistan. Of course, I must point out that these are Christians. I sure if they were Muslim, our country would jump in with both feet and start protesting. It’s not as if we don’t give them enough money.

For years we have heard how one country or another is mistreating their workers, and we have heard calls from the mainstream media to boycott their products. We have heard from the U.N. about the human rights violations across this country and others where Muslims are involved.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am not advocating treating Muslims differently, I am advocating treating everyone the same.If you truly believe in Human Rights, put your money where your mouth is. With hold money for Pakistan if they do not take action to correct these violations. If you do not, you are condoning slavery, and that makes you as bad as any despot in any third world country

.And for those of us who are consumers, we have a choice is what we buy. If we choose not to buy products made in Pakistan, we are sending a message of our own. And believe me, the government will not like to do without that income.There are a couple of more things we can do as followers of Christ. We can raise this issue in our Churches and we can raise money to help those in need. We are at our best when we walk the walk and show our support for others who not only share our faith, but are suffering because of it.

Of course, the most important thing we can do is raise our voice in prayer! God hears, and answers. He knows what is needed and His will, will be done. But first, we have to ask for his help. We have free will, we have the choice to do what we want. Our first choice should always be prayer.


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