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Prayer Request for My Son

Please add my middle son, Todd, into your prayers. He became really sick yesterday, with a high fever and seizures. He has tested positive for the influenza virus, and has been hospitalized in the MSICU unit on a ventilator. They are doing a spinal tap this morning in order to see if he has meningitis and are going to try to take him off the ventilator today. Please include him in your prayers. He is mentally disabled and an epileptic but otherwise has been very healthy and this is the first time he has had seizures in many years, his temp. was 104.4 at the time of his admission. If you know anyone with the flu, please do not take it lightly. And thank you and God bless you all!

Alaska’s Republican National Committeewoman Addresses Attacks Against Trig Palin (via Sarah Palin Information Blog)

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I have a disabled son of my own, he was born perfectly normal, but began suffering seizures after a severe ear infection. His seizures were so bad that it led to brain damage. He is now almost forty and is very independent, but it is very hard to have your child treated in the way that some of these people think that is perfectly okay to do.
What is ironic is that these are the same people who are so quick to to call others racist without any cause and claim that you are discriminating. They have no idea what discrimination is in many cases, it is just a tool to shut others up. Perhaps the next time that they are so quick to call names and accuse, they should be reminded as to what they are.

Alaska's Republican National Committeewoman Addresses Attacks Against Trig Palin I was approached today by Debbie Joslin, Republican National Committeewoman for the State of Alaska, and friend of mine. She is also a friend of Sarah Palin and has known her for a long time. We started discussing the recent “Wonkette” article (see here)and Debbie mentioned she was writing an article to address it. I offered to share it with our readers and she accepted. Debbie has a lot of personal experience with this subject, as you will read. … Read More

via Sarah Palin Information Blog

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