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Herman Cain: A light in the Wilderness

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I want to start this post out with a little clarification for all of you who would like to call me a hypocrite! I was a Democrat when Bill Clinton was in office and I voted for him as President twice. This is  my friends is a false flag if you try to use it to disqualify me from speaking on this issue.  I am also a white woman and to my shame a former member of NOW.  This attack on Herman Cain is really ridiculous on it’s face.

It is an attack filled with hearsay and innuendo. There are no facts there. The Liberals have been doing their best to find something that will stick against Herman Cain. They have tried to demean him as a “plantation” black. They want people to believe that there could never be a conservative black. Since I am white, I truly am amazed that anyone would accept this kind of demeaning attitude from members of the press without standing up and yelling at the top of their lungs. But what I see instead is a large percentage of the American public remaining silent and seemingly just accepting it as fact.

We have seen this kind of attack on Conservatives before. We have seen the destructive ploy’s that they used on Sarah Palin. We saw the way they would accuse her of the wildest things and then come back and say that she had to prove them wrongs. This my friends is evil!

Herman Cain is know for his honesty and integrity, and it is a great threat to the Obama administration and to their meme that Conservatives are all racist and our morals are such that we won’t even listen to someone who has a hint of immoratily about them. My friends the one thing that they have forgotten is that we don’t judge an person based on the color of their skin, we judge them on what kind of person they are. And we will not listen to innuendo and rumors without a shred of proof.

If the Obama administration and the main stream media think that this is going to get Herman Cain out of the way, they have learned nothing in the past few years. We already knew that they were ignorant and could not learn from their mistakes, but they have proven that they are even stupider that we thought they were.

All this is doing is making us more angry and outraged at the lengths that Herman Cains enemies  will go too. And for all those RINO‘s who think that this will derail Herman Cain, keep on wishing friends. Romney has proven that he is a loser, and there is no reason in the world for us to pick a loser.

Our goal is to remove Barack Obama from the White House and Democrats from the Senate. They are the ones who have led this country down the path of destruction. This attack on Herman Cain is frivolous and shameful. It is an attempt at personal destruction by the very people who refused to even report on the very real actions and intents of Barack Obama. They have spent almost four years covering up and making excuses for everything that Obama has done, and yet breathlessly attack Herman Cain on whispers without even bothering to supply their evidence.

This is not about anything that Herman Cain may or may not have done, this is simply about removing a very real and credible challenger to Barack Obama. If Herman Cain is the Conservative Republican candidate for President, it calls into serious question Democrats charge that if people don’t vote for Obama they must be racist. They also can no longer say to all the world that black people are all the same, ignorant and under the heel of Democrats. Because the very real possibility of Herman Cain shows that the illusion that the Democrats have been putting out there is as false as the Wizard behind the mirror.

I have not decided who I will support but this makes me more and more certain that Herman Cain is well worth paying attention to. And if anyone listens to the drivel that is being put out by the main stream media, you have to question their honesty and willingness to have an open mind as well as their desire for a change in the direction of this country. If you are foolish enough to listen to those that would spread rumors without any evidence, you are proving that you are not interested in restoring this country and that you are a coward my friend. We have seen what they did to Sarah Palin and we are not going the take this rumor mongering and personal destruction against Herman Cain either!


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