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Chicken Tales! ~ The Story of Nancy Luce – — Via Community Chickens

Chicken Tales! ~ The Story of Nancy Luce – (and a GIVEAWAY!) — Community Chickens.

This is a wonderful story and while it never mentions God, to me this is a portrait of a woman whom God provided for in so many ways. It is a reminder that God works in ways that we do not understand and  a great read. Here is another link to stories about this interesting woman!

The Muse of Island Chicken     Nancy Luce

Do you remember Woolworth’s?

YES THOSE WERE THE GOOD OLD DAYS. THEY ARE LONG GONE. 1957 Sandwich Menu from Woolworth‘s….
If anyone doubts what we paid for a coke and a sandwich at Woolworths
In the 1950s, here’s proof of the era we lived in.
I wondered who to send this to – who would actually remember eating at a Woolworth’s.
Isn’t it fun just to receive an e-mail that doesn’t make you crazy but just brings back good memories?
For those of you who are too young to remember. Too bad. You missed living in a wonderful time.
Can you believe it was in ENGLISH ONLY!

Once There Was A boy (via ChristianBlessings)

Once There Was A boy Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it with anxiety or the handle of faith. Henry Ward Beecher                Once there was a boy who always looked on the bright side and always expected the best. He expected to like Brussels sprouts before he had  ever tasted them, for instance, and to like his teacher on the first day of school. Because he ha … Read More

via ChristianBlessings


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