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Update from Pastor Kerry Mauldin

Thank you for holding  those in the villages in prayer!!
When I see our coworker of 17 years, GovindaReddy, on a walker and sticks, I am so blessed!!  At age 54, 2 years ago, he had scooter accident and crushed his hip and leg, but is back up on sticks and going to the villages!  He has urgency in his heart!
Like Veeralapuram Village on 10th–many had come to Christ, no church or pastor there, but Govinda had led many to Christ and they pulled the gods…  After a year of Govinda not able to travel and no church, these drifted back to demon gods…  By God’s grace, churches must be planted and people taught and strengthened!!  Your prayers are so needed!!!
As you read thru this report made by a man , walking on sticks with a strong commitment in his heart, PLEASE stand beside him and the many others who are reaching out to touch lives for Christ!!
At the same time, find someone toreach out to yourself and show the love of Christ!
Kerry Mauldin

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

Stained glass at St John the Baptist’s Anglican Church, Ashfield, New South Wales. Illustrates Jesus’ description of himself “I am the Good Shepherd” (from the Gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 11). This version of the image shows the detail of his face. The memorial window is also captioned: “To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of William Wright. Died 6th November, 1932. Aged 70 Yrs.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We go back to India in Oct. Lord willing, and start speaking the Special Touch camps for those with disabilities, next week is Illinois camp!!
With so much thanks, love and prayers,
Kerry and Melody
Mauldin Ministries (501c3)
PO Box 140402
Broken Arrow, Ok 74014

PRAISE THE LORD Please Note ::- Sir, Kindly Pray for my health as my legs are still paining due to effect of the accident , I visit many village while Preaching and spreading the Word of God , I don’t stop myself even if I feel uneasy due to the paining legs , nut my God’s is strengthening me and helping me to move forward , please Pray for me – also please Pray for the Church requirements , Thanking you …!!1. Apr. ‘ 13 ( Monday ) :- Allampuram village – visited Ramullamma’s house, she is living a disturbed life , she was upset to see her children’s lives effected by her husband’s bad influence , she’s depressed and shared her fear of her children following the wrong path seeing their bad lifestyle – I comforted her with Prayers and Preached Gospel to her family , she hopes her husband and children change their way of living for better after listening to the Word , she request Rev. Kerry Sir to Pray for her family…
2. Apr. ‘ 13 ( Tuesday ) :- Peddatekurru – visited few members houses to Preach Gospel , later in the evening called for a Prayer meeting , not many could manage to join us in Prayers due to lack of proper place for Worship – Prayed for the ongoing Church construction work – from here lately Ratnamma , Obbulessu and Subbaraidu were given Holy Baptism , please Pray for more members to be added to this congregation …
3. Apr. ‘ 13 ( Wednesday ) :- Karrimadela – Preached Gospel at Napullayya & Balachenchu house – after listening to the Word Preached they removed idol images from their house and swore not to turn back to them ever , please Pray for them as they still need to grow strong in Faith …
4. Apr. ‘ 13 ( Thursday ) :- Lingapuram – Along with members of the congregation we worked at the construction site , for a while we spent in Prayers and meditated over ” how Nehemiah rebuild the walls of Jerusalem ? ” referring from the Book of Nehemiah from the Holy Scriptures …
5. Apr. ‘ 13 ( Friday ) :- JC Palem village – conducted cottage Prayer meeting at Lakshmi Swaramma’s house , few non believers gathered there to listen to the Preaching , Preached to them about Salvation and Faith – among them Nagalaxmi has requested to Pray for her to know and understand more about the Word , please Pray…
6. Apr. ‘ 13 ( Saturday ) :- Karrimadela – conducted Thanks Giving Prayer Service at Pullamma’s house as her son Nagapullayya has gave up drinking and had a change of heart – we gathered and thanked God for releasing him from his bad addiction , please Pray that he might turn towards the Lord completely…
7. Apr. ‘ 13 ( Sunday ) :- Visited few non believers’ houses who have stopped coming to attend Prayer Service because of some activists who tried to tempt them to turn away from God and believing in the Real Savior, visited every member’s house and reprimanded them for being so weak in Faith , encouraged them with Prayers and brought them all together and conducted Sunday Prayer Service for them – please Pray for these people…
8. Apr. ‘ 13 ( Monday ) :- Durrdhala village – majority of people here are washer men by occupation , they shared of meeting Rev. Kerry Sr on his previous visit to them , they were delighted how Rev. Kerry Sir spemd time with them by Preaching and Praying for them – there’s no Church in this place , they convey their request to Rev.Kerry Sir about it and ask to Pray for them , please Pray…
9. Apr. ‘ 13 ( Tuesday ) :- Allammurru village – People here were disappointed when Rev. Kerry Sir couldn’t make it to visit them on his previous visit , they request Rev. Kerry Sir to meet them on his next visit , they are eagerly waiting to hear Gospel from Rev. Kerry Sir – I spent some time with them Preaching and Praying for them , please Pray …
10. Apr. ‘ 13 ( Wednesday ) :- Veeralapuram village – I couldn’t come to this village after my accident , this had an adverse effect over the people here who were once obedient followed my teachings and left serving idols , I was upset to see them turn towards their past ways – I met them all , and once again Preached Gospel to them and asked them not to leave their Faith in Christ , taught them never to leave Hope in the Living God in this way – I even assured to send any Evangelists or Pastors to them , who will keep encouraging them in my absence anytime in future – please Pray for them as they are still weak in Faith…
11. Apr. ‘ 13 ( Thursday ) :- Karrimadela – Visited Issac’s house and Preached Gospel to his family and to the non believers who gathered at his place to listen to the Word , Prayed for everyone present – Issac’s daughter is studying B.A , please Pray for the girl…
12. Apr. ‘ 13 ( Friday ) :- Karrimadela – Conducted Prayer meeting for the Women – Preached to them about ” how bravely did Esther save her people ” referring to the Book of Esther from the Holy Scriptures – whole night we Prayed for the Church and for the unity of its members and for the political leaders of our State …
13. Apr. ‘ 13 ( Saturday ) :- Karrimadela – Conducted cottage Prayer meeting at Chinna Vankat Reddy’s house, many among the gathered congregation were idol worshipers , Preached to them the difference between serving lifeless idols and trusting the Living God , they listened to the Preaching attentively – Prayed for their Salvation please Pray…
14. Apr. ‘ 13 ( Sunday ) :- Lingapuram – Conducted Sunday General Service – later in the evening visited tribal people whose occupation is to weave baskets , Preached to them about Faith and Prayed for their Salvation ….
15. Apr. ‘ 13 ( Monday ) :- Pedda devullapuram – few people gathered at Ramana Reddy’s house – Preached Gospel to them from the Book of Isaiah from the Holy Scriptures and Prayed for everyone present….
Yours in Christ,
Evangelist K.C.Govind Reddy.

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For Such a Time as This: Life Lessons from the Book of Esther – Online Bible Study Tools

For Such a Time as This: Life Lessons from the Book of Esther – Online Bible Study Tools.

For Such a Time as This: Life Lessons from the Book of Esther


The Book of Esther in Review

What a tremendous book we have just completed! Not only is it a great story with all the drama and elements that a novel would contain, but it contains great lessons about how we should be living, conducting ourselves on the job, facing opposition, facing success, and looking ahead confidently to the future. Most importantly, it is the best “textbook” of the Scriptures about the providence of God, and how He works in the perfect way and the perfect timing to accomplish His purposes.

We began in the winter capitol of the Persian EmpireSusa, where we also concluded the story.Pride, lust, alcoholism, and the pursuit of power and dominance marked the Empire’s ruler, Ahasuerus (Xerxes). Ahasuerus sought to gain support for his campaign against Greece and then onward into Europe. However, his foolish partying cost him his marriage, and although Queen Vashti lost her crown, she kept her dignity as she refused the king’s immoral drunken orders. God used this providentially however to begin arranging His chess pieces for what He planned to do.

When Ahasuerus attacked Greece, despite all odds being on his side, he was badly beaten and returned to Susa in shame and depression, missing the wife he had divorced. His advisors hooked onto this, and began a search for all the beautiful virgins of the land to be brought to the king so he could find a substitute for Vashti. These women were sadly taken from their homes to never return again, but to be the concubines of the king. Again God was working providentially in this, for this also allowed Esther to get into the place He had for her to make a dramatic impact for Him.She was selected by the king as Vashti’s replacement, and this would be vital in the long run.

 Read the rest: For Such a Time as This: Life Lessons from the Book of Esther – Online Bible Study Tools

Esther before Ahasuerus

Esther before Ahasuerus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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