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Update on Posting

Until I can get I can get another site set up I will be posting at The Christian Gazette and A Needed Word along with posts at Grumpy’s Opinions. I hope all my loyal followers will read these, as I intend to keep my other sites up regardless of what happens with Loopyloo’s. If you haven’t checked out the other sites, please do and God bless you all! The Christian Gazette and A Needed Word are both wordpress blogs so you can just click follow and read them along with your other follows. Updates from Pastor Kerry Mauldin will be at the Christian Gazette, and is currently in India and I have a new post up for him today! Joy Among the Gypsies is his newest letter. A Needed word is simply a short daily (mostly daily) needed word. Grumpy’s Opinions is a daily news magazine and opinion digest that has many wonderful authors and is well worth your time if you have never read it. Please do check it out.

Resetting Subscriptions and Other Problems

To everyone who is getting a notice that I just started following you, an explanation! Sort of! I have never quit following you but some of you I received, daily, some instantly and have discovered that many of the subscriptions that I thought I was getting had been changed to never. I do not know how these were changed, as many of them were sites I visited everyday. So this is simply a notification that I am changing my settings and hoping that this solves the problem.

However, there is another problem that I am having that I understand others are having as well, and that is in losing post when you are trying to save them. I tried to notify wordpress of this but do not know if it went through since I have not heard from them. I am using this form in the hopes that perhaps someone else can get through to them.

If anyone else is experiencing the problem of posts not being saved, or difficulty in actually visiting sites, or in having to constantly log in several times a day, even when you have selected the remember me button, please share your comments here and pass them on.

I am resetting my password and everything else, and I suggest that others consider doing the same. I do not know what the problem is  but I do know that it is very annoying and very frustrating.

May God bless you all and wordpress please listen up and help if you have an answer and a solution. Thank you. Loopyloo


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