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Endangering Children

Migrant Children Moved to Okla. Military Base

More than 600 unaccompanied migrant children are being relocated to a military base in Oklahoma this week.

The majority of the children being sent to Fort Sill for temporary housing are from Central American countries and Mexico.

The children will be housed in a building used as training facilities so they’ll have beds, bathrooms and recreational areas.

Educational supervisors will remain with the children until they’re either reunited with their families or placed with a host family temporarily.

Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla., calls the plan to relocate the children “a breakdown that ‘incentivizes’ illegal immigration.”

Arizona is also expecting hundreds of children by the end of the week, but the state is already overwhelmed by approximately 700 kids who spent last Friday night in a warehouse sleeping on plastic cots.

The number of unaccompanied minors who enter the U.S. illegally is expected to rise to 66,000 this year ”

This story from CBN is disturbing on so many levels!  Our government seems to be encouraging the migration and immigration of children into this country, without taking into consideration of the welfare and future that they are facing. I understand the desire of their families, but so many of them are to young to even know what they are coming here for much less what kind of future they may have. These children are basically being trafficked by our government and put at risk for all kinds of abuse. Anytime you have that many children in  containment you run the risk of sexual abuse, assault, disease and any number of other problems.
Why are they encouraging even more? And what kind of impact will this have on our already fragile economy, schools,and healthcare? What about the millions of young people who are looking for jobs and are going to lose out even more because the resources are going to be shifted to care for the children coming across the border?
It is easy to say, “If you are truly Christian, you should welcome all these people!”,but is that true? Is it love to encourage children to place themselves in danger? Is it an act of love to turn a blind eye to the probabilities of sexual abuse and enslavery of the weak and uneducated? What is going to happen to all of these children?
Please pray for enlightenment for our government who are encouraging this and for God to watch over these children and protect them.


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    Endangering Children

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