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What Lies Are You Believing?

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What Lies Are You Believing?

By Dr. Caroline Leaf

“What lies are you believing?’ The enemy has no power except to lie…and a lie has no substance because it hasn’t happened yet!

In science, something that hasn’t happened yet is called a probability. Every day as we make multiple decisions about the events and circumstances of life, we have to choose from amongst multiple probabilities. And these probabilities are either following God’s way or the enemy’s way…there is no in between.

When we choose to believe the lie, which is the probability, then the lie becomes a reality, an actual physical thought. According to science and Scripture: “as a man thinks in his heart. so is he(Proverbs 23:7).So we act and talk from our thoughts – the thoughts are the roots, and if they are lies we are acting upon lies!

When we choose God’s probabilities…

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