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The Day One of My Students Fell Out a Window

Amazing how God works to get your attention! Great post and great blog! If you are not familiar with it, be sure to check out some of the other great posts! God bless you!


Last night we returned from an overnight camping trip to Wa-Floy out in the greenery of the Gatlinburg region.  What a great place!  The camp is under a massive renovation but I like what we experienced as it is.  Our lodge was builtimage in the 1940s and has that deep-timber take-on-any-weather type of feel complete with a generous fireplace and a massive kitchen.  I’ll be taking groups up on a regular basis, that’s for sure.

The study for this weekend was an intensive look at Mark 10, with an especial investigation of Jesus’ very words “and whoever wants to be first among you must be the servant of all.”  The reflective private time that each student had was very significant  – they considered personally how they could start serving the minute they got back on school campus on Monday.

Ah, how I love the camp setting, and my reasoning…

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