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A Different Perspective

Secret Angel has a wonderful post up this morning called “Dark Sunglasses and Depression”, which you can find here: It reminded me of the first time I ever wore a pair of sunglasses. I was about ten years old and we were going home from one of my aunt’s in the mountains of New Mexico to Artesia. My Mother and Aunt Pearl were both wearing sunglasses and like most children, I wanted to wear them too. I don’t remember who let me wear theirs, but I remember looking all around and seeing something strange to the left side of us which was pretty much just empty desert. It was  a dark mass on the horizon that was only visible with the sunglasses on. My Mother and Aunt looked and r ealized that what I  saw was a duststorm heading toward us. Because of that simple act of putting on a pair of sunglasses and looking in a different direction, we were able to get home and prepare for the coming storm.

It reminds me that sometimes looking at things with a different perspective or different lens allows us to see things we would not ordinarily see. And that sometimes God works in the small ways to warn us of oncoming danger.


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    • Thank you, l will see if I can fix it, God bless you!

      January 19, 2014 at 9:47 pm

    • I found my mistake and fixed the link! God bless!

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