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Odd Prayer Request…

Please pray for Teach!!!

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I’m a country girl, and as such, know certain things regarding living the ‘country life’. I knew this extreme cold was coming ahead of time, and last Sunday said to my husband, “babe, don’t let me forget to turn on the kitchen faucet so our pipes don’t freeze”. I forgot, and I have been without running water since Monday morning. Now, being a country girl, I am a ‘preparer’ of sorts… so, I had some jug water on hand as well as waterless disinfectant hand cleaner, cleaning supplies, etc… but today, I’m down to a couple of jugs of water, and my husband will not be home until 11:30pm with more. One might not realize how much water we use on a daily basis, and I have even been majorly conserving!! Animals need to drink, washing hands, cleaning, etc… and the big one, flushing a toilet. Did you know…

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