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New Missionary Page– Breaking Free Ministries

Breaking Free Ministries is a wonderful organization that is bringing the word of God to those unfortunate who for whatever reason, find themselves in prison. In this day and age almost all of us either know someone or even have a family member that needs the word and these are the the people that can reach their hearts and souls where it is almost impossible for us to do so.  This organization does not make excuses for those who have committed crimes, instead they offer them hope. The promise that Jesus came to redeem all! Please do take time to check them out and if you can offer support of any kind it will be greatly appreciated. You can contact them at Assemblies of God U.S. Missions, 1445 N. Boonville Ave., Springfield, MO 65802-1894; Tel: 417.862.9734 or email: AGUSFINANCE@AG.ORG ;From Pastor Scott Long:

At Global; we have had an increase to our student body over the past several months. I have seen it go from about 1500 students to over 1900 students since June. God is definitely moving thorough this ministry. We had 67salvation messages came in for the month of January; these are 67 new souls born into the kingdom of God. We give God all the glory and honor for what He is doing through His word and this ministry. We sent out almost 200 Great Questions of Life to new students and saw others complete the Christian Life program and move on to the Christian Service program. This ministry has grown by word of mouth of inmates who recommend their friends in prison take the courses or by being asked by a cell or barracks mate where they can get the courses. We are just in awe of what God is doing through the Prison Ministry at Global University. If you would like to see the courses that the inmates are doing; please go to this web site: or click on “free courses for inmates” on this web page.

From their website:


 To reach and save inmates with the word of God minsitered through the power of the Holy Spirit.


To partner with churches to minister to the families of the inmates to create a better home life for the inmate when they are released.


To disciple inmates so that they can reach people that are unreachable in a normal church setting.


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