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Always the decisive conflict in religion will be where important concepts are joined in opposition, concepts so vital that they are capable of saving or wrecking the Christian faith in any given generation. At this critical juncture in church history, the real conflict is between those who hold to an objective Christianity capable of being grasped in its entirety by the human intellect and those who believe that there are far-in areas of religious experience so highly spiritual, so removed from and exalted above mere reason, that it takes a special anointing of the Holy Spirit to make them understood by the human heart. The difference is not academic merely. Should the advocates of religious intellectualism succeed in setting the direction for the church in this generation, the next generation of Christians will become helpless victims of dead orthodoxy.
In conversation with one of the better-known devotees of neo-intellectualism in evangelical circles, I asked the question bluntly, “Do you actually believe that everything essential in the Christian faith may be grasped by the human intellect?” The answer was immediate–“If I did not, I would be on my way toward agnosticism.” I did not say, but might properly have said, “And if you do, you are on your way toward rationalism.” For such indeed is the truth.


Having as the High Priest of our profession the incarnation of all divine wisdom and having as our source book of religious knowledge the holy Scriptures, the soundest and saltiest work ever written, why do we tend so easily to become confused about things spiritual? I believe the causes are four, and I propose to state them in this and the next chapters.
The first cause of religious confusion is our failure to understand that the truth as it is in Christ Jesus is a moral and spiritual thing and not something intellectual merely. Let a man approach the burning bush of divine truth with the desire to grasp it in his hand and the intensity of the fire will blind his eyes and cauterize his hands and face to the point of insensibility. Before the awesome vision of revealed truth, the human intellect should kneel and hide its face in trembling adoration. Because Moses was afraid to look upon God, the Lord could speak to him face to face as a man speaks to his friend; but God hides His face from the man who does not instinctively hide his own.

Intellectual pride, then, with its corollary, irreverence, is one cause of religious confusion. Satan’s original doctrine, “You will be like God, knowing . . .” (Genesis 3:5) has been accepted by millions of religious persons through the centuries and commands a big following today even among professedly orthodox Christians. In spite of all Christ said while among men and all His inspired apostles wrote after His ascension, we seem never to learn that the inner essence of truth cannot be apprehended by the mental faculties. We still come at the awesome supernatural reality headfirst.

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  2. “…The first cause of religious confusion is our failure to understand that the truth as it is in Christ Jesus …” NO! The first cause of confusion IS that of “RELIGION” in itself as it is ALL “man-made!”

    “Scripture” IS bent in favor of A “group” of people. Just as ALL Religions…ARE! A friend of mine told be that the “original” Hebrew Texts were NOT. AND then, the very first words out of his mouth, he realized…even those “texts” ARE!

    As I have said before, AND more and more people are realizing, SCRIPTURE IS…”convoluted!” It is contrary to the “Good News” that Jesus brought to the World…that we are ALL God’s children! AND, Jesus said NOT to follow the “Religions” of “man!”

    AM I saying that “Scripture” is incorrect? NO! BUT, when you look at Scripture and “…follow the Teachings of Jesus Christ…” and allow “Divine Revelation” through Proverbs 3:5 “…Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding…” only then, Will a person find the Truth.

    The “Truth” is NOT found in Scripture, BUT, Scripture Will lead you to the…”TRUTH!”

    NO! loopyloo, MY faith is NOT based on “belief”, but rather on “knowledge” which IS based on “FACT” through “Divine Revelation.”

    I was asked by a complete stranger the other day while riding the bus, “Are you a Christian?” I had to clarify my response and said, “NOT in the Religious sense as I follow the Teachings of Jesus Christ.” Someone, two seats ahead of us overheard my remark and turned and said, “Good point!” Which means that they have moved “beyond” Scripture and ARE practicing what Jesus has taught us to do…Spread the Good News!

    I “could” present ALL kinds of “logic” BUT, then I would simply be “slammed” with ALL kinds of Scriptural passages to offset the “logic”…right? RIGHT!

    Well, THAT is not what this is all about, and therefore, I will leave it at that!

    Take Care and God Bless!

    November 25, 2013 at 3:42 pm

  3. Dear Bobby, I find your comment very convoluted and confusing. God bless you!

    November 25, 2013 at 4:16 pm