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The Devilish Puppet Master of the Word-Faith Movement (Justin Peters)

This is a must watch video as I fear too many brothers and sisters in Christ are believing in the Word-Faith Movement due to taking “ministers” and TV preachers at face value and not exercising discernment as they ought. I used to be involved in this cult. I have a John Hagee Prophecy Study Bible filled with notes from Kenneth Hagin’s, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland’s and Joyce Meyer’s teachings, to name a few. I have been “slain in the Spirit” (this is Kundalini and its evil!). I’ve spoken in tongues, too, but not in the scripturally correct way. But one day I asked our Lord and Savior, Jesus, to please reveal to me all of the lies I was believing to be the truth and He did just that. It took time but I saw all of the errors I had been believing to be biblically right be revealed as man’s false teachings and not God’s. I thank God that He was merciful to me during the time I was believing errors as truth and that He showed me scripture verses which said, “…I never knew you.”and “This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Your Son whom You have sent.” See, I was believing a different Jesus. And I fear many Christians are believing a different Jesus. I did a purging of all of my heretical books and tapes which took a few weeks to do-though I was constantly running across more findings of false teachings on my bookshelves. I stopped watching TBN and TLN and any preacher/teacher on TV.  And I finally quit giving to the 700 Club, Joyce Meyer Ministries, TLN, and others. This was hard because I was experiencing the Law of Reciprocity (sp)! Ofcourse, none of the purging was easy and I had to experience the loss of friends who believe to this day that I am in error. But they love their experiences of slayings and tongues talking too much because they truly believe it is of God, Himself. May God open their spiritual eyes! Anyway, I hope this video edifies everyone who watches it. God bless you~


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  1. This is the teaching that Justin Peters mentioned in the posted video

    November 16, 2013 at 2:30 am

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  3. I was not able to watch and listen to the above video.

    Here is my two cents worth on the Word of Faith Movement.

    I haven’t seen Joyce Meyers for quite a few years, but I think she is a great teacher; she is anointed and submits to her husband–she always honors her husband. She is not into the Word of Faith Movement; I have heard her criticize the Word of Faith people

    Back in 1988-1990, I read a few books by Kenneth Hagin that were very good. I also listened to a number of his teaching tapes. I later listened to a few of Kenneth Copeland’s tapes, but the Lord told me to get rid of the Copeland tapes and to get back into reading Scripture. I don’t like the name-it-and-claim-it teaching and that God wants you to be materially wealthy (there are some Christians who are materially wealthy, but our true wealth is the Lord working in our lives). I think I have only listened to Gloria Copeland once. I believe the Word of Faith Movement is a bit cultish.

    I like the 700 Club a lot. Pat Robertson as some good insights.

    Most of the people that I have met who really hate the Word of Faith Movement don’t have the power of the Holy Ghost in their lives. I am not a Word of Faith man, but I am sure that the people who attack the Word of Faith people would not like me at all. Why? I obey the Lord daily; I don’t go to church on Sunday; I was healed of manic-depression in 1986 and I have been delivered of hundreds of demons–I am still being delivered of demons to this day–and no church organization has ever invited me to give my testimony of my healing and deliverance. I am not going to trample on the Precious Blood of Jesus just be a friend of a shallow, lukewarm, evangellyfish Christian.

    Too many people attack the power of the Holy Ghost because Christ is not formed within them–they are still into the letter and not into the Spirit. They attack the power of the Holy Ghost because they don’t have the power of the Holy Ghost in their lives. Carnal, baby Christians ALWAYS attack spiritual, mature Christians. People usually hate and attack that which they don’t have or understand.

    November 16, 2013 at 9:54 pm

    • From your comment: Most of the people that I have met who really hate the Word of Faith Movement don’t have the power of the Holy Ghost in their lives.

      WRONG! It was the Holy Spirit who led me out of the WOF movement and revealed the truth to me. He led me to the true Christ Jesus who does not need me to do a thing to be blessed by Him in this life except obey His Word. HIS WORD, not man’s twisted teachings of His Word.

      You lack discernment AND you answer a matter before hearing it out-BOTH are done by those who refuse to be Bereans. Which means you DO NOT obey the Lord daily. If even Paul was held up to scrutiny for his teachings shouldn’t these teachers you named be held up to the same? Let me tell you about Hagin’s teachings-they are witchcraft (just as is most of the WOF teachings). A few years ago I was given a pamphlet written by him and it told me how to get healed of any infirmity. At the time the doctors were testing me for MS. What I had to do was repeat Scriptures (of which he twisted to make them mean what he wanted them to) and take daily communion believing God and thanking Him for my healing. My lack of faith would be the reason I wasn’t healed (how convenient for Hagin-at least he pre-empted any blame shot his way for giving false hope!)! Name it and claim it. Blab it and grab it. In other words, Witchcraft…Joyce Meyer believes in the WOF Prosperity Gospel. I’ve heard all of her teachings and read all of her books and i have never run across her denouncing the WOF Movement once. I was a very big fan of hers until I ran across commentaries on her false teachings using true scripture interpretation against her false interpretation of the same. She is psychology 101, not a biblical literate. Oh, and my dark cloud of depression lifted off of me the moment I got her books and tapes to the curbside for trash pick-up.

      If you truly are a child of the living God (that you don’t go to church on Sunday is commendable but hardly the mark of a true believer) then you are His Temple and those demons have no business with you. I had an attack of five impish demons who wanted to choke the life out of me. They held my throat so tight that I could hardly get the words out, “I am a child of the living God through Jesus Christ of Nazereth, get off of me!” They fled in an instant upon hearing Jesus’ Name.

      One last note on something you said: “Carnal, baby Christians ALWAYS attack spiritual, mature Christians. People usually hate and attack that which they don’t have or understand.” I know you mean that to be me and those who exercise discernment especially through Apologetics Ministries. Its an age-old meme. {yawn} Do you feel the bigger for saying it? That makes you an accuser of the brethren. Oops! You dsobeyed God again! Yes, I chide because of your boasting. Please, get a true understanding of the Holy Scriptures and let the Holy Spirit lead you into all truth. He tried to do that with this video but you refused to listen to Him. I was with the WOF Movement for many more years than I have been out of it so I do know full well of what I speak. I’ve done, and continue to do, my due diligence of Bible Study and in being a Burean even to the discerning of my favorite preacher, Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

      November 17, 2013 at 2:25 am

  4. “Strange fire” – it’s an important subject in the Bible , in Leviticus chapter 10. Thank you !

    November 17, 2013 at 3:07 pm

    • You’re welcome! God bless you~

      November 17, 2013 at 3:20 pm

  5. Thank you, Rob, for this exhortation:

    I studied the Bible the whole time I was in the WOF Movement but the foundation of scriptural “truth” was based on their interpretations. I did sense, at times, that something wasn’t right but chalked it up to my not being as learned as these false teachers. Now I always pray for the Holy Spirit’s help in understanding His Word and He helps me in discernment through reminding me of scriptures that either agree or refutes the teachings.

    November 17, 2013 at 10:53 pm