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Honoring Our Warriors

Sometimes war is something that can and should not be avoided. God has told us to stand for what we believe and in order to do that sometimes it is necessary to fight. To the men and women who are willing to lay down their lives for their God, their country, their family, their friends, and even for those whom they do not know, we give our thanks.

In 2 Samuel 23 Davids last words were for the men that fought and men that he considered the real hero’s. Men like Eleazer, Adino, and Shammah, who stood and fought for God and country. David said “The God of Israel said, the Rock of Israel spake to me, He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.” 2 Samuel 23:3

Many times the wars of today are not just, but that does not negate the honor of those who obey and give their lives in order for the people of this country to remain free. In times past we have treated them with dishonor, and I see a return of that in the way that our current government is beginning to treat them as well. While our government is limiting their freedoms and disrespecting them, it falls upon us as citizens of this country to step up and show them that irregardless of what the government that has placed them in danger, believes, we honor them and wish to show our respect in every way possible. So remember that these are our own and that we do honor them!

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  4. Thanks for that post, much needed truth. These are vessels of honor as a whole. When we honor them, we honor Him.

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