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“He is at the Gate, Don’t Disturb me”…

 By Kerry Mauldin
Today was more torrential rain, roads washed out and challenges, but awesome..
MarriKunta (Big Tree) village, right on banks of canal.  We went first time last Oct. and shared Christ with the many who lived in thatch sheds on canal bank.  Today, several stood in church under construction and shared specifically how one year ago they heard the “bracelet story” about Jesus and accepted and took baptism and now one year have joy and no regrets.
The church has grown by 20 to 50 adults and many miracles are taking place, getting much attention in village!!
Dedicate well in Adivemla, drilled by Webbers Falls AG.  Good sweet water about 5 feet from church and no other wells around.  All others were dry holes!!
Church is now being built by the well…
Arvallapally–Dedicate church by Red Oak AG–last year was thatch church and though not finished, they meet inside and we helped give to finish…
Pastor Joshua and Pramila (sweet savor) had no children in Feb, so we prayed.  Today, he so excited shared that 25 days ago they had twins.  Born after 8 months, the tiny boy passed after 1 week, but little Huldah Grace is now 25 days.
No prenatal in villages for premies…  This couple gives us joy…so thankful!!
Alfa Nagar–dedicate wellby Mountain Home AG.  On banks of lake and church built by Haskell AG… Good humble Pastor…
The village that so touched me today is PillaMari–“Childs Tree” Village–
We walk into small house where 30 people meet for church.  They want a prayer shed outside that 100 can sit under.  We have never been here and go to inspect…
Upon entering, first I see Peter.  He is 21and sitting in wheelchair and instantly I figured he has Muscular Dystrophy which I so understand.  He has a gentle smile, but can no longer lift his arms to shake hands.  You have to reach out and grab his hands…
After all the questions and details to figure building the church and all of us giving to build and having prayer, I turned to Peter.
They said he was a good singer…
He began to sing in his chair, “You are glorious, greatest light, King of Kings…”
beautiful voice in this challenged body…
But we sensed something…
Others spoke up…”Till 5 days ago, 21 year old Peter sang with his 19 year old brother Andrew, and they sang so beautiful together.
Andrew also had MD until 5 days ago.”  They related,
Andrew was on the cot and it was his time and his last words for this 19 year old boy:
” Jesus is coming for me, He is even now at the gate, don’t disturb me…” (they have gate to the house) and Andrew was with the Lord.
This was so fresh in their hearts and even as they shared, all I could do was choke on tears.
Now Peter was singing without Andrew, but still a gentle smile as he faces the same thing.
I can’t wait to come in Feb to dedicate Prayer Shed and walk these village streets with Peter and share Christ when its not raining…
Such a reminder, “HE IS AT THE GATE”
Love and appreciate you all so much and so thankful for encouragements…
Melody, Jim, Joshua and Kerry
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4 responses

  1. Hi, loopyloo! I don’t know what it is, perhaps it’s just “Him”, but, I had NO intention of reading this article, and truthfully did NOT read the entire story. Instead, I was “drawn” to the last paragraphs. Upon reading them I realized, Jesus Christ IS with us…NOW! He is no longer “…at the gate..”.

    I don’t know this for sure…”Dear God, I just “know”…as His Will Be Done, In The Name Of Jesus Christ…Amen!”

    Does this make any sense to you?

    October 26, 2013 at 2:29 pm

  2. Amen and amen, He is indeed! God bless you Bobby! Really you should read the story though, Pastor Kerry records his daily journey in India when he is there on a missionary trip as he is now! I missed him a few weeks ago when he visited our church before the trip, but just reading his experiences is such a blessing. The fact that he is able to accomplish so much is evidence of the power of God!

    October 26, 2013 at 2:34 pm

    • Yeah, My Mom’s doctor makes three to four trips a year with a group of thirty-forty “volunteers”, deep into the jungles of Mexico, Central America, and South America, treating the people of villages with NO access to medical care. I just seen him w/my Mom (92 in Feb) yesterday, and he explained to me how when he enters a village, there will be 300 children and more, lined-up in front of the tent!

      October 26, 2013 at 2:51 pm