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About the cost of Obama-care via Cry and Howl

Our friend and fellow blogger Steve (Cry and Howl) has had a interesting experience that I thought it would be helpful to share. Here is his latest post, reposted with his permission!


A couple days ago Sara at The Independent Sentinel posted  Healthcare Dot Gov Is As Secure As Chicken Wire Holding Back T-Rex.

You know how the Food Stamp cards recently went out without a limit in Louisiana due to a computer glitch? Wait until the same people who gave you food stamp cards are in charge of your healthcare needs. Wait until your healthcare is dependent on this healthcare dot gov site.

The Alaska Dispatch found significant cybersecurity problems that no one is talking about! It’s architecture is outrageous as in outrageously bad, according to their cybersecurity experts.

The problems are many and they should have been obvious. For one thing, can be ‘spoofed,’ in other words, criminals can design a matching site that will grab your information as you input. Another problem is the login which allows frequent errors upon login. A bank, for instance will allow no more than three tries. Allowing endless tries gives hackers the opportunity to keep trying until they get the password.

The serious cybersecurity issues noted by the Dispatch:


I made a comment on the post relaying my own personal experience at enrolling into Obama-care. Mainly I was curious what the cost would be … The following is what I found out …

I pay a little over $1,000 a month for health-care insurance. 70% paid after I meet a $5,000 deductable. (my company reimburses $2,500 of that) $15,000 o.o.p. (family)
I went to to see what I could get …
Bronze: about $1,550 a month … $11,700 deductable … $12,700 out-of-pocket. (pays 60% after meeting deductable)
Silver: about $2,015 a month … $7,540 deductable …$12,457 o.o.p.
Gold: $2,278 a month …$4,050 deductable … $9,314 o.o.p.
I make a decent living and I can barely afford health insurance. I hate to see what people of lesser means are facing. And to think they are forced to buy that crap!

I didn’t go any farther. There were other variations of plans … too exhaustive to check out and it took me about 45 minutes just to get to the point of getting any prices. The above gives us just a taste of what we’re in for and how team Obama has broken it off in the American people once again.

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