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Shouting Battle on the Street

 By Pastor Kerry Mauldin
Went to Devarakonda area today dedicated a church and gave 3 more churches.
At Pasunura “many cows village”, we dedicated the nice brick Prayer Shed as the
first and only church in town.  We gave pastor Prahbu and wife a water buffalo to help them make a living and shared Christ with many.
Here came Shaker, 22, with polio, walking with sticks on the tips of his toes and pressing on to make it one rugged step after another.
We had given him a pair of goats and now he has 3 goats and doing well in spite of living alone since both parents are passed away.  This young mans gentle determined spirit goes straight into my heart and brings tears and joy at the same time!!
Vaddipalta village there is no church, but 28 believers have come to Christ and taken baptism. Pastor was hindu until 7 years ago and served Jesus along with other gods until 2 years ago when he committed and was filled with Holy Spirit and went to 6 month Bible school.  Now he has bought land in main part of village and wants a church….
We look at land, but people around are not in unity with him.  We set under trees on main road and many people gather as we share Christ.  They listen very well, till one man began to shout loudly, “Why can we not worship all gods?” he disrupted everything….
Come to find out, it was pastors own brother shouting…
Pastor has stood as first in the village for Christ and it is very contentious.
I gave this brother the challenge… “When quiet tonight, ask the Living God to speak to your heart and verify if the story of this Jesus is real that you heard today…”
The brother finally quieted down and took the challenge.
We prayed the prayer of salvation with many in this village and joined with them to build the church.
One woman there for 4 years has a giant tumor on her hip.  It is huge and like a football in size.  Poor and no way to get it removed.  We prayed and gave money and pastor will take her to Hyderabad 3 hours on bus for surgery…
Late into the night, sitting on the ground with buffaloes around in the house yards and people gathering to hear the Gospel.  All villages with no church, but people are stepping up and coming to Christ!!
We must have urgency to make the most of all that God has blessed us….
Thank you all so much for praying and notes of encouragement!! Nothing like it when you note people have got your back…
Love thanks and prayers,
Melody, Joshua, Jim and Kerry
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