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Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, UNAVAILABLE at the US Archives main homepage.

The Rio Norte Line

Ladies and Gentlemen,

America’s founding charters, are now no longer available through the “introductory” page of the U.S. Archives.  Neither are all the other services that were linked from the main page of the U.S. Archives.  The “library” of information is now closed.

Before the Democrat caused “shutdown”,  OUR FOUNDING CHARTERS (along with many other services) had a link at the bottom of the page of the U.S. Archives.

Now?  America’s founding documents hosted at the US Archives are no longer linked from the “front page”.  The documents exist for the time being . . . so I’ll be cutting and pasting the language in our founding charters tonight (just in case.)

NOTE:  It took “work” by a government employee to create a new webpage which removed the links to America’s archives.

Currently, there is the “new” page with no links to America’s archives.  Unfortunately, I have not figured out…

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