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Tale of 2 Pastors

The Christian Gazette

Kerry Mauldin

Always, we pray to learn lessons daily and grow and be able to teach in the villagers!

We went to several villages today.

Hussenapuram, we met pastor Devaraj and the church was beautiful, painted and brand new.   We had never been here before and I was with a question in my mind…

I remembered P. Devaraj, but not here.

We gave for a church in Takur village which was Devaraj home village.  No church there and we gave.  But many villagers rose up and would not allow church to be built, so he brought the money here 45 km away and a beautiful church has come up full of people and most saved in last 3 years.  They were hungry and wanted to learn…

Only we knew nothing of the switch in funds.  It is good to build and have great fruit, but where money is designated…

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