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Thankful For Bread


Martha L Shaw - Poet, Writer, Artist

I love bread!  Oh, not the squishy stuff in an isle in the grocery, sold in colorful plastic bags with a long list of chemicals contained inside.  No, I love bread!  The stuff made from flour, water, leavening, and other chosen ingredients.  The stuff many hands had a role in planting the wheat, mixing the ingredients with bare hands, pressing, and pounding the dough.  Waiting, rising, pressing on.  Messy, time-consuming, requires patience and focus.  Ah, and when it’s baking the whole house smells of love! 

Love?  Yes love.  You see, it’s pretty basic stuff.  It’s been around for thousands of years.  It isn’t glamorous.  There isn’t any big award show with celebrities in gowns for best bread maker.  I can’t think of any cooking show for how to make it.  I can’t recall a single infomercial promising you’ll swoon over their bread and for only 6 easy payments of 29.99. …

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