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Noorjahan–Light of the World– Update from Pastor Kerry Mauldin

 Update from Pastor Kerry Mauldin
 We start to walk into the village…”It is a long walk” they said.  Next thing,  4 men pounding drums in unison make a line in front of us and we begin to follow these 4 bare footed leaders who announce our coming.  People begin to crowd around us from the simple houses.  They are touching us and shaking hands and welcoming…
We walk all thru town to where chairs are set under a tarp.  About 140 people gather and we share the HOPE that we have.
This reminds me of the donkey that came into the barn at the end of the day and shares with all the animals.  “You wont believe the day I had…  I picked up a hitch hiker on the road, he related.  As I walked along, people began to come and put palm branches down and even their clothes so I would not soil my hooves.
They began to welcome me and Greet me in the name of the Lord.
Amazing, you won’t believe, but they even said, “Lets make him our king!!!”
Best day I have ever had!!!
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