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Update from Pastor Kerry Mauldin

Thank you letter no:1 ; from Pastor. V.Mark – translated by Jovita Elizabeth….

Kerry Mauldin

We leave 2 weeks from today, Oct 7-Nov 13 for India and the villages, UAE for ministry and Jordan and Israel.
All is coming together very well!!
By God’s grace I today got my passport and visa back after 6 weeks challenge…
Please hold us in prayer as we go.  This world is in such turmoil–read today of 85 Christians killed in Pakistan the same day 68 Christians killed in shopping mall in Kenya.
I have total peace about going, but have such an urgency in my heart to touch as many lives for God’s glory-thru the blood of Christ-as quickly as possible!
We must stir the zeal and be diligent!!
Thank you for holding us in prayer!  If you do not want to receive these updates and walk thru the villages with us and commit to pray, Please let me know now and I will take you off the reception list.  Once overseas, it is challenging to make adjustments.
When I read the brief translated note below, it brings me such joy!!  Lives touched and God gets the glory…but it is your investments and prayers that make it all possible.
We have many villages to inspect 45-60, for possible churches that are applied for.
9 Villages at least have asked for wells… Widows and handicapped and pastors to help…
Many of you have invested in these things and God knows what is needed.
If anyone has used glasses, reading glasses, hard candy, a few beanie baby size toys, matchbox cars, tooth brushes or have made salvation bracelets–it will be a great blessing in the villages!!
Thank you so much for walking beside us and encouraging and praying!!
Kerry and Melody
Mauldin Ministries (501c3)
PO Box 140402
Broken Arrow, Ok 74014
To Rev. Kerry Sir & Team ,
                    Sir I am Pastor. V.Mark extend our warm greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
Sir , firstly on behalf of our Church , Punarudhana ( means Resurrection ) Prayer House members , I thank you for helping our Church by granting financial support to purchase Iron sheets required for Shed construction of the Prayer House…
Secondly thank you for sanctioning Talent request in terms of Rs.3,000/- (Three thousand Rupees) towards purchasing a goat , given to an orphan , whose one of the members of our Church – his name is Shekhar – Shekhar conveys his thanks to you for remembering and helping him in his need…
We also Thank Pastor.J.Emmanuel for bringing our Church condition and requirements to your notice and helping us in time of need  …
Sir, we are Praying for you and your Ministry , may God utilize your Ministry for His many purposes – please remember us in your Prayers…
Yours in Christ,
Pastor. V.Mark,
Punarudhana Prayer House
 Passunuru village..
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