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Light in the Dark

Though death and destruction,

come and make their claim;

all praise be to our God,

and His mighty Name.

Praise His Name forever,

even when darkness reigns;

for He has the power,

to bring about change.

The seasons in His hands,

He grants wisdom too;

revealing what’s hidden,

showing us the truth.

All that lies in darkness,

cannot hide from light;

for that which dwells in Him,

all that here is right.

Strengthen as we recall,

darkness of this day;

may we still remember,

how You made a way.

For only hope can rise,

when hearts turn to You;

help all to realize,

peace is found in You.

(Responding to Daniel 2:20-23, and remembering 9/11)

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You that despite the devastation and horror that happened on this day more than a decade ago, You brought light into the darkness, and hope into despair. Thank You that You raised up a multitude to work tirelessly to help those left behind, and You led our nation to unite in compassion, in the hour of such great need. Lord Jesus, we are broken people, desperately in need of You. Forgive us for trying to take on tragedies without completely relying on You, and help us to hold the hope that is found in You alone. Help us to love one another as You love us, and may many come to know the hope that is held in Your outstretched hands. Be near us, Abba Father. Amen.

Anne3Anne update: Cancer sucks. It sucks life and breath and strength and fight. However, it cannot steal hope nor peace nor the promise held in the powerful love of Papa God. Last evening, my visit with Anne was heartbreaking. No living being should ever have to suffer so much. Things that were once so simple, have no become seemingly impossible struggles. The need for heaven to hold her hand and show her how to navigate, is here. Please pray for her pain to end and His peace to come. May she hear clearly, the voice of our loving Father. Though I don’t understand why she must suffer so, I know for sure that He has incredible things waiting for this faithful woman. He is always good, even when life hurts.
Clinging to Christ, Shannon

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present

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