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Prayer Request for Debbie

The Christian Gazette

Please add Debbie to your prayers, she is very ill and is going to have to enter the hospital. As you know if you have read her profile and her blog, she is in a continual battle with her health, and this year has been hospitalized several times already. She is one brave lady, and God has her in His hands. This is what she said:

Patricia  I’ve been very ill, I’ll be hospitalized tomorrow so,
please help me by giving notice to the other contributors for
me. Hopefully it’s a 5 day stay but, it’s important I go in for
As you can see, she is more worried about her friends that she is anything else. Prayer is the most important job we have in our walk with God, Please add Debbie to your prayers, both for healing and for the strength she needs to deal with this…

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