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I have been praying very hard this past week on guidance on whether to move Loopyloo’s, keep blogging on it, or to concentrate on my other sites and the post that I do for Grumpy’s Opinions. While I have been praying, restraint is the message that I have been getting from the Lord. I have decided to let Loopyloo’s lie fallow for awhile and practice the restraint that the Lord is telling me that I need to do.

In the midst of this the Lord sent a friend with an offer my way as well! Marezilla offered me a chance to write for her. I truly appreciate the offer, she herself is suffering and is not able to do everything that she wants. She has several other writers as well, so there is no pressure to post all the time, which is a pressure that I am very bad about putting upon myself. It gives me the opportunity to practice restraint as well as the opportunity for something new.

I will continue my post on The Christian Gazette, A Needed Word, and Grumpy’s Opinions, and if would would like to read the posts that I put up at Zilla’s , here is the link to her site: