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Broken but Made Beautiful via Becoming Like Christ

Broken but Made Beautiful.

By Elfrieda Nikkel

Anne was a special person in my life. I first met her when I asked her to teach clay modeling to our group of campers at a summer Bible camp.  She told me about how she loved her work with clay and how she had just recently purchased a kiln to bake her clay creations.  When I asked her  how she got started in her work of clay modeling she told me her story.

potter and clayHer son, who was born mentally challenged due to brain damage at birth, had passed away at the age of 15, several months before I met her.  She told me how working with the clay had helped her to get through those difficult days of caring for him during those years.  Her life had been broken through this difficulty but God had made something beautiful out of her brokenness.  While working with the clay God had been at work molding her life and now I was seeing the beauty created by God the master potter. Read the rest at: Broken but Made Beautiful.

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  1. That was beautiful Loopy. Thank you for posting the link. I wanted to let you know that I have added your blog to my political blog’s blogroll.

    God Bless my friend.

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