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Building for Christ:Churches, Bore wells, Cycles and Talents

Just a note in case anyone would like to hear Pastor Mauldin and is in the Coal Hill, Ar. area on this coming Sunday, Feb. 10th, he will be giving us an update  in person. God bless you!

Kerry Mauldin

February 19-March 19, Melody, and I will be in the villages in AP India.  Jeff Oakes from Stigler will join us the first 2 weeks.  We have so much anticipation as we have seen God‘s blessing poured out these 17 years in increasing measure!  The people truly have open hearts and so so many are coming to Christ and following in baptism!!
This will be a packed month!  We have 45 churches and 7 wells to dedicate and the following list is the first of 2 lists of churches and bore wells and talents applied for by pastors in the villages!  Most of these are the first and only church in a village.  Pastors have graduated Bible training schools, go to a village and get a land and start building a group of believers….our joy is to come and see the hearts of these new believers, teach them and stand beside them and strengthen their hands with tools to bless and serve the Lord like a well or church.  We also want to bless the widows with a “Talent” like in Matthew 25–to make a living…
Please help us pray for wisdom as we go and “Inspect and not just expect”.
1) Pray that we miss nothing we are supposed to accomplish or give.
2) Pray many souls come to know Christ and have the Eternal Hope!
3) Pray we walk in health, strength and safety and have God’s favor…
4) Pray incredible doors will open to accomplish more than we imagine.
5) Pray we will have everything we need to accomplish what God puts before us.
6) Pray signs and wonders will follow us as we believe and people will be healed, delivered and eternally changed!
Thank you all so so much for giving and holding us in prayer!
With so much thanks and love,
Kerry and Melody
Mauldin Ministries
PO Box 140402
Broken Arrow, Ok 74014

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