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Originally posted on Citizen Tom:

What will the series investigate? What happens when people have no shame? With the technology we have, we get a proliferation of disgusting videos. Here are several.

This video celebrates 40 years of abortions. H/T:  Why the Tides are Turning Pro-Life from Biltrix.

Next we have a video that describes a political activist. H/T: Meet Dan Savage: Bully In Chief from THE FAMILY FOUNDATION BLOG.

Finally, we have an example of how voter fraud works.  H/T: Senator Dick Black (see SENATOR DICK BLACK SEE SOME PROGRESS).

What do we do about such behavior? Ultimately, we have to persuade people to read the Bible and seek the grace of God. That, however, requires us to convince them first that they are actually doing something wrong. With respect to making the case for life, here, from Focus on the Family, is one man’s idea of how that can be…

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