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Microbiologist Skipper | Vol 33 | Creation Magazine

Microbiologist Skipper | Vol 33 | Creation Magazine.

Soil microbiologist: Evolution no help in research

Don Batten interviews Professor ‘Skip’ Skipper


Horace D. Skipper is Professor Emeritus, Soil Microbiology, College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences, Clemson University, South Carolina, USA. He has a B.S. from North Carolina State University, M.S. from Oregon State University and a Ph.D. from Oregon State. His main field of research and teaching concerns microbes that benefit plant growth. He was also honoured to be elected President of Clemson University’s Faculty Senate.

Dr ‘Skip’ Skipper

Dr ‘Skip’ Skipper

I met Dr Skipper when I spoke at the Creation Study Group meeting in Greenville SC last year. Dr Skipper’s research includes the role of beneficial soil organisms in plant growth and also the degradation of pollutants and pesticides.1

Skip got saved at the age of 30 when he turned away from his sins and recognized that Jesus died on his behalf to take the punishment he deserved. He recognizes that he could not earn this salvation; it is undeserved. He says, “There is no way I can work hard enough or be good enough to merit eternal life.” He totally accepts the Bible’s teaching on Jesus’ supernatural conception, resurrection, ascension, as well as creation in six days, the global Flood of Noah’s day, etc. Dr Skipper sees no conflict between believing the Bible and his scientific research and knowledge.

Skip became particularly interested in the creation-evolution debate in the early 1990s after hearing Dr D. James Kennedy (Coral Ridge Ministries) on a DVD, where he showed the link between abortion and other social issues and evolutionary dogma. Dr Skipper is active with the Creation Study Group2 in Greenville SC.

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“Fetus Bones?” Media Won’t Label Body of Unborn Baby a Baby |

“Fetus Bones?” Media Won’t Label Body of Unborn Baby a Baby |

As a writer and teacher, I have always been fascinated by language, but it didn’t take much education to see the disparity of language this week when a story in a Midwestern paper reported on the discovery of “fetus bones.” The article in the Sioux Falls, SD Argus Leader reported that:

[T]he Deuel County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the discovery of two sets of term fetus bones found in a rural Deuel County shelter belt.

A cooler with decomposed tissue and bones was discovered Nov. 2. The remains belong to a term fetus.

A second set of remains recovered outside of the cooler belong to a second term fetus. Expert reports indicate that each skeleton is that of a term fetus, viable outside the uterus, about 40 weeks gestational age.

Incredulous, I read the report again and again, hoping to make sense of what a “term fetus” could be, and how a non-human could have bones and a skeleton. Of course, I couldn’t, because a fetus brought to “term” is a baby – unless one chooses to kill it with abortion, in which case it’s a “choice to terminate the fetus.” If the baby is wanted, then we throw baby showers and bring gifts. In our society, the decision has been removed from science and relegated to voice, which is what our ancestors would have called quackery.

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Amazing how God worked in this to show that the idea that a certain weight could not be saved, was actually not the case at all!!!!

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  • Thu Dec 20, 2012 13:26 EST MaddalenaDouse-634x411
 BRIGHTON, UK, December 20, 2012, ( – A baby girl born prematurely at a UK hospital barely escaped death after doctors discovered that she weighed just enough to be considered “viable” according to their standards of infant care.

What doctors did not realize was that it was a pair of scissors left accidentally on the scale that bumped up the baby’s weight to their acceptable standard.

Maddalena Douse was born at 23 weeks. UK ethical guidelines suggest that “extremely preterm infants” weighing less than 400 grams be left to die while receiving “compassionate care only.”

A media investigation last month revealed that the UK’s Liverpool Care Pathway — what has been called a “death pathway” —  is being used by doctors to end the lives of sickly babies. One doctor admitted to starving and dehydrating…

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