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Nature Reveals God’s Presence

Nature Reveals God’s Presence.

God’s presence can be detected even in the most commonplace substances, like water.  All of us have physical bodies that are mostly water!  God provides the water for life.  Our planet is close enough to the sun to provide the liquid water that is necessary for life.  But if it were just a little farther away, all that water would become ice!

While water itself is a very small molecule (just a three-atom unit of hydrogen and oxygen) it is a primary ingredient of our planet.  God’s design of how water’s specific molecules behave (and the impact water has on our entire planet) is an example of God’s creative design and custodial presence, even on the smallest and largest scales. Read the rest at Institute for Creation Research

The Dead Sea Scrolls – Home

The Dead Sea Scrolls – Home.

What a wonderful opportunity! Please do check the site out!!!

The End Time: Jonah as a type of Christ

The End Time: Jonah as a type of Christ.


Jonah as a type of Christ

I am fascinated with Jonah. Four short chapters, concise and not a word wasted, but packs a powerful punch.Isaiah was beloved. He saw God and was cleansed in the holy heavenly temple. Elijah is revered- and is to come again. So fervently do they look for Elijah that Jews set a place for him at the Passover table. Daniel was noted by God to be a righteous one among men. (Ezekiel 14:14). But Jonah? The disobedient one? Not so much.

Yet … through Jonah’s preaching God converted the largest city on earth. Jonah’s story carries with it fantastical but true elements of runaway prophet, giant fish, death or near-death experiences, raging storms, begrudging task completion, a small worm and a withering shade tree. So many miracles pack Jonah it boggles the mind- ten of them in four short chapters. Read the rest at The End Time

Originally posted on Ancient Paths:

          Ok, this is not in line with my usual posts, but it’s Christmas time and I’m overtired, exhausted and a little annoyed with everybody. I’m not perfect and it’s quite healing for me to vent in my writing. Maybe Ill delete it? So enjoy while you got it.
             I may lose some followers, I hope not, I don’t mean disrespect, but I won’t be silent when my Savior and His word are disrespected. I am usually silent when it comes to politics…it’s a touchy subject and everyone thinks they are right. Sure, we all are…right? I listen, I read, I consider and I pray.

             I have some Obama fans around me, one in particular voted for him as a thank you because she said Obama paid for her and her son to have completely new remodeled Kitchens- free. Hmmm and on the other side were the Romney fans who basically, as…

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The Tricks of the Magician


SATAN SAYS (Photo credit: rafaelm)

“1 Corinthians 14:20

King James Version (KJV)

 20 Brethren, be not children in understanding: howbeit in malice be ye children, but in understanding be men.

Ephesians 4:27

King James Version (KJV)

 27 Neither give place to the devil.”\

Have you ever watched a magician? It is amazing at how fast their hands are and at how good they are at the art of distraction! While we watch one hand they are doing something totally different with their other hand. As children we think that they are really performing magic, as adults most of us realize what they are doing and yet still admire their skill and ability, even if we are not sure how they do it. That is the thing, we recognize that it is not real, that it is simply illusion. And yet it seems that more and more people are not recognizing the illusions of this world and are simply accepting them as fact.

What do I mean by this? When someone in this country commits an evil act such as murder, whether it is the murder of innocents as in the shootings at Sandy Hook, or the case of Jovan Belcher, killing
himself and his girlfriend. Those who have an agenda use distraction and a willingness of their audience to promote the prohibition of what they think is bad for the rest of us. Or look to Mayor Bloomberg of New York City, who decides that he knows what is best for the residents of his city and therefore he has the right and responsibility to prevent the people from obtaining those things, such large sweet drinks. Or the case of the small town in my state of Arkansas, Paragould, where the local mayor and sheriff have decided that the increase of crime in the area gives them the right to patrol the streets with guns over their shoulders and stop every citizen. And if these citizens can not give them a reason to be out of their homes for a walk, they are subject to arrest. This is a process that is unconstitutional and yet the mayor and the sheriff are using the illusion of security in order to force the citizens of this town to obey their will.
Satan does the same thing!!!!! He puts on the face of goodness and rightness in order to delude us. He pretends to offer us security and safety in order to lull us into accepting him instead of our God and His loving Son Jesus! He does this in ways that seem so reasonable, gay lifestyle for instance. He tells us that we must accept people living this way because this is what the world says is acceptable now. We have to be current. The Bible is old, written by men who know nothing of how the world is today. Never mind that we have evidence in the Book itself that they were perfectly aware of homosexual lifestyle, see Sodom and Gomorrah. Or abortion, or any number of things that he uses to soften people up to his ways and not the Lord’s ways. 
Satan uses things of this world to insert his evil into the world. He uses violence and desentisizes us and our children to it by way of movies, videos, games, and even war. We are constantly surrounded by it. Whether it is here in the US or in other parts of the world. Here with video games that get people so used to pulling trigger to kill the opponents on the screen, knowing that if they are killed in the game, they will be reborn at the start of a new game. Did you ever stop to wonder how that infulences the mind of the vulnerable? They start so early and this idea of being reborn to start the game over is imprinted in their minds from the very beginning. This is a wonderful tool for Satan to use don’t you think? How many of these people that kill in cold blood think that they are going to face judgment from a righteous God for their actions? Jesus tell us that if we even think about murder that we have sinned, and yet we allow our children to do this! Does not this make our sin even greater? That by our action or inaction we allow our children to be corrupted and Satan to have foot in the door.
That my friends, is one of the great illusions that Satan is putting over this world! And he is doing so because we are letting him. We let false prophets teach that we should adjust to the world, and rewrite to Bible to fit the times. We ignore the things of this world as if they are not important.  There is a reason that we have been told not to be part of this world.  We are falling for the illusions of Satan. We are allowing our children to be used in ways that we don’t even recognize and then wonder at their actions when they are older.
We are falling for the ploy of those promoting the evil of the Father of lies by concentrating on what others are doing, objects that they object to, language that they don’t like, faith that they abhor, and on whether or not we insult or hurt someones feelings by what we preach and what we teach. We are falling for Satan’s lies by allowing others to decide what is best for our children to learn, to do, to eat, to play and so many other things.
Satan is the great magician, the father of lies, the first illusionist! We had better wake up and recognize the illusions and teach our children what God wants them to learn instead of what the world thinks is right for them. If we do not, we are giving them over to Satan and damning them for eternity. Objects will always be available to be used. It is evil that pushes people to commit horrific acts. We need to change the focus to the reason and not let the illusion  continue. 

The only end to evil will be the coming return of our Lord Jesus Christ!

They Said NO: When 12 Nurses Refused to Do Abortions |

They Said NO: When 12 Nurses Refused to Do Abortions |


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