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U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais has told a newspaper that his views about abortion have evolved after previously supporting his ex-wife’s decisions to abort pregnancies during their marriage. As horrible as that is, Rep. DesJarlais is NOW painfully aware that he took part in killing his unborn children through the abortion procedure.

Did he just suddenly become prolife? No…none of us that are post-abortive become prolife instantly after the procedure. Sometimes it takes YEARS to realize what actually transpired. I don’t know Rep. DesJarlais personally; he may be a great person or a lousy person….but he is post-abortive and now the public is very reluctant to envelope this new facet of remorse. People are very Darwinian in their opinions of everything except if a person has really changed.

No, we have not crawled out from a syrupy goo, except in perhaps Darwin’s pivotal THEORY. Since the beginning of time, people and…

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