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Sovereign Grace Music – Joy In My Morning (Lyrics) – Fisher of Men


Wait for His Return

May God‘s Holy Spirit rain down on this world and His Son return and bring His kingdom to pass. No matter how good or bad it is on this earth, it is not our home. Why should we be disappointed with the expectations of a better world here by those that deny Him? We know what God promises to those who believe. Much as we would like to show others the error of their ways and lead them to Him. The seed will not grow without fertile soil and the contamination that is in the world is to the point where little seed can grow. The great evil in this world is the belief that happiness comes from money and power. All that both of those bring is the desire for even more. And like the addicts that those who have those desires are, eventually they come to the point that they are willing to take any measure to get them. Their callous disregard for either the people or the laws continually leads them to ever greater depredations. Nothing that we say or do will change them. It is not in our hands, it is not in our power. It is only God Himself that can reach and change these evil ones. And their lawlessness can be forgiven but like any addiction, the desire to change must come from them. All who live in this world will face judgment at the time of Christ‘s return. Have faith my friends and turn not to those that offer empty promise but instead to the sure and worthy promise of life eternal at the feet of the Master.

Thought for the Day

God’s Architecture

I think that fractals some of the most interesting structures that exist. And they exist in the distant parts of the heavens, and down to the smallest structures that exists.  I do not see how anyone can look at fractals and deny God. To think that such organization can come from the chaos of accidental creation defies belief. The very fact that such perfect structure is the base for such amazing things as the universe itself and flowers, plants of all kinds, seashells and sea creatures of all kinds, and so many other things shows that it is an established pattern and a pattern by it’s very nature implies a creator. God bless and enjoy!!!!


Source: via Patricia on Pinterest

Source: via Patricia on Pinterest

Source: via Patricia on Pinterest


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