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We Won’t Back Down!

My thanks to Professor X at Partnering With Eagles, and I am so happy to be included with such a wonderful group of Patriots. God bless you all!

The End Time: Syrian tanks in Golan Heights?

The End Time: Syrian tanks in Golan Heights?.

William— One Christians Vote Against Obama


Pastor Kerry Mauldin via India Media Missions

Missionary to India: Interview with Brother Kerry Mauldin

Kerry Mauldin was employed by Kmart for 20 years.  He worked as a Manager there until 1996, when the disease of Muscular dystrophy caused him to have to leave.  When most people would be devastated by this, Kerry found that sometimes life’s greatest challenges can bring the greatest opportunities.  This would bring him the door of opportunity to a whole new chapter in his life.  The door was opened for Missions and for the past 15 years he has been a missionary to remote villages in Andrah Pradesh, India.  Kerry is licensed with the Assemblies of God. He is the Founder of Mauldin Ministries. By the grace of God, his ministry has planted and built  254 churches, drilled many wells, and continues to help widows and  handicapped people with talents.  He bases the work of the talents on Matthew 25:15-29.  The talents that he helps them with are goats and water buffalo.  He teaches them to use what they have to double their talents.  After they double their talents they bring the First Fruit back and then give it to another widow or handicapped person. At times, Kerry is accompanied by a Doctor who travels with him to do some medical missions as well.  However, his main focus and call is to share the “HOPE” that we have in Christ. His greatest joy is touching the lives of people who have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and he said, “this is the motivation to keep going.” Kerry resides in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. He has four children: Anderea, 31; Rachel, 28; Holly, 23; and Andrew, 20.  His website is  He has a personal facebook and his email address is  .

Please read the rest of this post at India Media Missions and if you are able to contribute to these missions, please do so! God bless you!

Mauldin Ministries also accepts donations and it would be greatly appreciated!

Does NASA’s Definition of Life Conflcit With Pro-Life Position? |

Does NASA’s Definition of Life Conflcit With Pro-Life Position? |

This is a wonderful example of how a liberal is simply overcome with the logic of life!


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