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Wild Goose Chase ends on “Sea of Gallilee” by Pastor Kerry Mauldin

We had a long drive this AM in a packed car with anticipation of great things…8 in a 7 passenger jeep…
Went to Devarakonda (god of the hills) town and surrounding…
Our vision is to go to villages that have no church and need a boost after a few years of a pastor working hard and needs a roof or walls on a church.
Ananiya is a young man that has been helped with a bore well and a church in 2 villages he works.  He was going to guide us as our faithful Emmanuel, had a wedding to perform in his village.
Ananiya began by taking us to the town, and despite clear instruction and 4 places listed where we were supposed to visit…he guided!!  Lord help us!!
He guided us to 3 places that were all established and good churches, wells, compound walls but had a need…
For instance, one place has 80 families, a big nice church built in 2004, bore well and a nice wall around the place with many cocionut and trees and looks so good!
The pastor and his son were there.  We began to get to know them and find their need.  The pastors house roof was metal, but a big house and it was needing replaced.  They had no money saved to do it.
Out of 80 families, only 2 pay tithe.  I’m not sure where they got money for the nice place, but these requestss trouble me deeply.  He wants money from me and for 12 years he has not taught his people to give, or saved and wants someone else to provide!
God blesses us when we are faithful learning to begin with small things.
We went to hindu home nearby and shared Christ and several accept and 2 want baptism.  We gave!!
I offered pastor money for 120 chickens and shred teaching on Malachi 3 and for him to teach the tithing…
He turned his back on me.  “Why should I put chickens in their hands?  If they don’t take care of them, I will be to blame.”  He would not take the 2000rs from my hand.  We went away  If he pass the test and send a good report, we may help him….
That was the  way the morning went!!  So challenging being taken to places that don’t meet our purpose or vision…
We went late afternoon to area near Nagar Juna Sager.  This is large lake and looks like a sea.  we drove on roads along lake and it is so so beautiful with huge fields along shore and big hills with rocky outcrops surrounding the whole area.
After a long long drive, we could see in the distance on the hillside a large nice beige church–looked great!!  Green Forrest AG gave for this and it is so impressive at the head of that Sea village on the sid e of the big hill!
These people have round fishing boats by most every house and are people totally dependant on fishing. We had to climb up the big hill, like all the goats that were feeding the hill around the church.  Fresh dirst and stones from construction and that steep climb was a challenge on my 4 legs…Ha!!
At first no one came but 3 women and a few kids  But they put the big loud speaker at the door of the church which is over the village.  As the drums pounded and tamborines rang and people wailed–sang,,  Here they came!!  About half the village is now Christian and excited with about 100 families!!
We celebrated with them and gave for a well as there is none in whole village and used lake water!
When we come again, we will try to go early, spend the day in the homes of villagers and maybe learn fishing with a net!  It so makes me think of exactly what it would be like for the disciples and kind of like Capernaum–reminds me…
They promise us a fish dinner and then they waved as long as we could see them as we drove away….
We gave 2 prayer sheds, one big church roof in Kimballapalli–“Felt Cloth” village–which is so remote but 1200 families and first church in village will be awesome!!!
So many frustrations led to a blessing.  We had long drive, flat tire and our guide was very questionable.  We were to be at a meeting in MiryalaGudem at 7pm for service where Debbie Dewan was going to speak.  With all the challenge, flat etc.  we got there at 1030pm.  The church was still packed WAITING with 200-300 people sitting since before 7pm.  INCREDIBLE hunger for the Word and Gods presence!!
Lord help us stir that hunger!!
Love and so appreciate each!  We are so thankful that so many read these and pray…
Kerry, Melody and Debbie


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