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My personal encounter with Shariah law (via Liberty Counsel)

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Mathew Staver, Liberty Counsel
Founder and Chairman


Two weeks ago, I found myself directly in the crosshairs of the growing conflict between Shariah law and our Constitution.

The Oxford Dictionary of Islam defines “Shariah law” as “God’s eternal and immutable will for humanity, as expressed in the Quran and Muhammad’s example (Sunnah), considered binding for all believers.”

In practical terms, “Shariah” also describes a movement under way in European and American legal systems to overturn Western civilization through the imposition of Islamic law and culture. As a constitutional attorney, I can tell you firsthand that this phenomenon is accelerating at an alarming rate.

++Hotel cancels conference on Shariah law.

In fact, on Friday I will be speaking at an important national conference on the impact of Shariah law on the U.S. Constitution. This conference was originally scheduled to be held at the Hutton Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. But just days ago, Hutton Hotel banned the conference and cancelled a perfectly valid contract, claiming “safety concerns.”

The fact is, private companies and municipalities are facing more and more pressure to cater to or adopt special rules for Muslims. In one recent case, Muslim workers claimed “unfair labor practices” because they were told to clock out before taking prayer breaks. In another instance, claims of discrimination were leveled when Muslim women were told not to wear their head scarves for safety reasons before going on a roller coaster.

And now in courts of law across this nation, Shariah law is already being applied in case after case.

++There are actually dozens of “Shariah law” cases in our courts!

A study by the Center for Security Policy found 50 state court cases that considered Shariah law. To make matters worse, these cases referenced differing variations of Shariah law from 16 countries. The study concluded, “[J]udges are making decisions deferring to Shariah law even when those decisions conflict with constitutional protections.”

The Center’s study was by no means exhaustive, but instead was taken from a “small sample of appellate published cases.” That means, in reality, Shariah law could be being applied in hundreds of other courtrooms across this nation!

++The greatest threat we face from radical Islam.

Patricia, the truth is, the greatest threat our nation now faces from radical Islam is not in the form of another 9/11 attack, but rather in the slow, steady, and systematic implementation of Shariah law.

It’s already happening in Europe where schools are adopting special rules for Muslim students during Rhamadan. Europe is so far gone that the Archbishop of Canterbury (the head of the Church of England) said that the adoption of Shariah law is “unavoidable” and the idea that “there is one law for everybody” is “a bit of a danger.”

++Liberty Counsel’s petition opposing Shariah law in our courts.

As I noted above, in just the last few days I have experienced firsthand the growing battle over Shariah law. When the Hutton Hotel in Nashville banned our conference on Shariah law, I immediately sent them a strongly worded Demand Letter objecting to their suppression of free speech rights.

It was then that I knew we had to do more immediately. That’s why, today, Liberty Counsel is launching a new Citizen Petition opposing the use of Shariah law in our courts and culture. I am asking you to be among the very first signers of this petition as, together, we build a grassroots coalition to stop Shariah law. Go here to sign:

The petition also supports Liberty Counsel’s “Demand Letter” sent to Hutton Hotel, and their owners at Amerimar Enterprises in Philadelphia, protesting their anti-free speech move to ban our conference. Go here to see our Demand Letter:

Liberty Counsel’s legal team will stand at the forefront of those confronting this growing challenge to our Constitution and way of life.  But right now, I need your signature on this petition opposing Shariah law so I can demonstrate to companies, municipalities, political leaders, and even courts that citizens across America are taking a stand on this vital issue!

++Please sign in the next 36 hours!

One final note…

This Friday, I will be speaking at the conference on Shariah law that was unjustifiably and improperly treated by Hutton Hotel when they cancelled the contract to provide the conference venue. I want to tell those gathered that tens of thousands of citizens have taken a stand!  So please sign the petition right now so I can report the total number of signers in the first 36 hours of our petition to those in attendance:

Thank you so much for your prayers, your support, and your action on behalf of our God-given liberties!
Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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