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Obama’s America. Malazy.


The Senate’s Terrifying Vision of the Constitution | THE PLAIN TRUTH by Judge Napolitano 11/29//11

Friendship on Fire: Pakistan done with US?

Have US policymakers (POTUS) gone crazy? (via Mb50)

By: Justin Raimondo | Published: November 30, 2011

Is there a single region of the world where the United States government isn’t scheming to grab more control, more influence, and have more of a military presence?


In Pakistan, a memo has been unearthed from “President” Zardari to Admiral Mike Mullen, head of the joint chiefs of staff, proposing a coup d’etat in which the military and intelligence chiefs would be replaced – with US “political and military support” – in favour of individuals more compliant with the American agenda. Also in Pakistan: an outright attack by US and Afghan forces on a Pakistani military base, a “mistake” in which 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed.

Is the United States government actively trying to destabilise Pakistan – in order to be able to pull off a “coup” and move in with US troops in support of “democracy”? Are we, in effect, at war with Pakistan? Sure seems like it. Read the rest at Mb 50’s “Liquid Mud Blog”

What We Are Not Paying Obama For

There are several good stories out today asking the question that Gov. Chris Christie asked of Mr. Obama, including the one that I have linked to below, I would like to point out some of the things that we are not paying him to do, and yet, like the thief in the night, he is doing it with our money.

  1. We are not paying him to campaign 27/7 
  2.  We are not paying him to go around the world apologizing for our actions
  3. We are not paying him to get us involved in even more wars
  4. We are not paying him to tell us what to eat and how that our food needs fixed
  5. We are not paying him to teach our kids to cheat, steal, bully and altogether forget what we are trying to instill in them
  6. We are not paying him to party
  7. We are not paying him to give away our treasure
  8. We are not paying him to tell us how we can farm the land, and what we can grow on it
  9. We are not paying him to mock and attempt to destroy American citizens
  10. We are not paying him to sue every state that is doing something that he doesn’t like
  11. We are not paying him to open our borders and let anyone who wants in come in
  12. We are not paying him to decide that the laws enacted by the Congress don’t really mean anything and therefore he can do what ever he wants.

These are just a portion of the things that we are not paying him to do, and yet he is doing every one. There has to be a limit sometime and somewhere that we can put a stop to him doing things on our dime that we do not want. In less that a year now, we will decide if he is going to be replaced, and someone new installed in the office that he has done nothing but abuse since his election. We must look at how he has gotten away with so much, and restore the Presidency to the position that was intended in our Constitution. This also means that Congress must regain the role that it was given, instead of letting the Presidency become almost a regency.

The Constitution of this Country was established with the ability to correct wrongs. However there has to be the will of the people in order to do so. There must be pressure put on Congress in this next election to ensure that they understand that we are not willing to allow this to happen again. And whomever we elect a President from now on, must realize that they are there at the will of the people and that they will be allowed there only so long as they respect that and are willing to serve!

Please take the time to read the excellent article from Big Government…..

What Are We Paying Obama For? And Can It Get Worse?

by Thomas Del Beccaro

It’s simply hard to imagine this passes for a Presidency.  At what point does he become simply too much for the senses?  Sure we have had some interesting and bad Presidents before – recently in fact.  Nixon changed our view of the Presidency for the worse.  Carter was beyond ineffectual.  Bush 41 broke a huge promise. Clinton wagged his finger while lying – and a bit more than that.  But this President is truly something and it’s not just the facts that are bad – it’s his excuses and manners that make this Presidency so incredibly bad.

Let us count the ways:

A.  The Economics.

This list is well known by now – but that doesn’t mean it is highlighted by the Media as it would be of a Republican was president.

  1. Unemployment at 9% for a historically long time.  According to Obama he inherited this mess and blames President Bush and ATMs.  Yes Obama believes automation, like ATMs, is to blame – as if such automations like automobiles (accounting for nearly 20% of our economy) and computers (creating employers like EBAY and Microsoft)  are the cause of our unemployment.  Beyond that, Obama joked that he was wrong about “shovel ready” projects, created the “Saved” jobs category out of thin air, and claimed that the stimulus bill would prevent unemployment from going above 8%.  What’s missing, of course, is a plan to lower unemployment – let alone actually lower unemployment.
  2. Gas Prices.  They are currently 85% higher than when he took office.  He shut down our Gulf oil production for ideological not actual reasons and delayed a Canadian pipeline for political reasons.  When Bush 43 saw high gas prices, the Media told him to go his friends in the Middle East to ask them to raise production.  Since Obama wanted $5 gasoline all along, he has no plan to lower energy prices and the Media doesn’t harp on the issue.  Meanwhile the economy is hurt badly because of the higher costs of energy that reduce purchasing power and hurt employers everywhere.
  3. Foreclosure/Home Mortgage Crisis.  This is the one part of the economy that actually is in a crisis that is “the worst since the Great Depression” – a phrase Obama is fond of overusing.  Obama has continued the policy of bailing out the Banks for foreclosure related losses, encouraged Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bailouts instead of reforming them and now he has sued the very Banks he bailed out because of their foreclosure practices – and no, there is no plan in sight let alone true relief.
  4. The Deficit.  It has quadrupled under Obama.  Yet he says inherited it – and rather than change it, spending has actually gone up each of this 3 years.  Obama’s solution: have other people come up with a plan – he was traveling or on vacation. When it failed, he said he knew it would fail.  So Chris Christie rightfully asks:  What are we paying Obama for? Read the rest at Big Government

Obama’s Campaign Double Standard (via The Lonely Conservative)

By now you’ve probably heard about the Obama campaign’s self-righteous indignation over an ad put out by the Romney camp taking Obama’s words out of context. What his campaign people failed to mention is that the quote in question was Obama quoting an anonymous supporter of John McCain during the 2008 election. So, it was okay for Obama to take the words of an unnamed person and attribute them to John McCain, but it’s not okay for Romney to use those words against Obama today.

Michael Gerson says to get used to the double standard.

Obama’s short, rocket-fueled political career has involved a tension. He has gained a reputation for hope and change while practicing a brass-knuckle style of politics. The University of Chicago professor is also a Chicago politician — as both Hillary Clinton and McCain discovered. More than half of the ads run by Obama’s general-election campaign were negative. McCain was attacked for being “erratic in a crisis” — a thinly veiled reference to his temperament. As president, Obama has asserted that Republicans want the elderly, autistic children and children with Down syndrome to “fend for themselves,” and that the GOP plan is “dirtier air, dirtier water, less people with health insurance.” In what context would these claims be true? Read the rest at the Lonely Conservative

Butterball admits turkeys sacrificed to Allah but try to cover their tracks