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The two “can’t miss” Arkansas events of the week

Dear patricia,He’s back. Join Andrew Breitbart at AFP Foundation Arkansas Conservative Speakers Series on Wednesday, November 2nd in Siloam Springsat 6:00 p.m.Get your free ticket here! Tickets are free but space is limited. Register today!

Breitbart busted the A.C.O.R.N. story, called out radical university professors, and courageously broke the Congressman Anthony Weiner story.

“How do you save the world, you want to know? Wade into the fire. Don’t be afraid to engage in the culture war that we’re now waging. And show no fear. I repeat, show no fear. That’s how you save the world,” stated Breitbart.

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Attention! 2012 Government Programs to Save the Economy! Must See!

Obama’s Secrets

Today God Is First

Retirement or a New Assignment?

For a man may do his work with wisdom, knowledge and skill…(Eccl 2:21).

He didn’t begin this job until he was sixty-nine years old. He had already had a successful Hollywood movie career and decided to try his hand at politics. He would be known by one job more than any other. He would also be known as one of the United State’s greatest statesmen. He had a faith that was genuine but not intruding or very public, but you knew where he stood. He always treated people, even his detractors with grace. He was known for his extraordinary love he had for his wife.

His name was Ronald Reagan, and he did not begin his greatest work until he was sixty-nine years old. By this season of life, most are thinking of retirement in Florida. Ronald Reagan decided to run for President of the United States and successfully served two terms as our 40th President.

It was Reagan’s faith that led him to see the Soviet Union as an “evil empire.” He’ll be remembered as the President who brought down communism in the Soviet Union. And it was his Christian faith that gave him the quiet confidence and self-certainty that made him a great leader and earned him the title “the great communicator.”

Where did he get his spiritual values? There were a number of influences. First and foremost was his mother, Nelle Reagan. I’m confident that had Nelle Reagan died in the winter of 1918-19 – a near-victim of the devastating influenza epidemic that killed millions of healthy, middle-aged mothers around the world – Ronald Reagan very likely would not have become President. It was Nelle who insisted her boy go to church-a request he happily obliged-and it was in church that Reagan picked up not only those core beliefs and values, but also the intangibles so vital to his success: his confidence, his eternal optimism (which he called a “God-given optimism”), and even his ability to speak. Indeed, history has also overlooked the fact that the Great Communicator found his first audiences in a church. He learned to speak in a church.*

Consider this: Your greatest work may yet be ahead of you. Don’t let age keep you from being used by God.


“Reprinted by permission from the author. Os Hillman is an international speaker and author of more than 10 books on workplace calling. To learn more, visit

Ray Stevens – Mr. President – Mr. President

h/t The Last Refuge

Who Is Barack Obama?

The following article at The American Thinker was written by Mondo Frazier:
There are so many things the public does not know about the man who sits in the White House. Who is Barack Obama? In my search to find out the answers I embarked on a journey that has lasted three years and counting — and nearly made my head explode.

As usual, when Obama is the subject, Americans can’t count on the progressives in the Corporate Mainstream Media (CMM) for much help. So, what’s one to do? The foreign press proved helpful. Therefore, gleaned from the foreign press: a few stories which didn’t rate any coverage from the U.S. CMM.

In 2005, then-Senator Barack Obama went on a mission to Russia with Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN). The newly-minted U.S. senator was invited to be part of a Russian fact-finding tour that inspected a nuclear weapons site in Perm, Siberia. The base Lugar and Obama visited was where mobile launch missiles were being destroyed under the Cooperative Threat Reduction program (CTR), which also went by the name of the Nunn-Lugar program.

What happened next — after the inspections were over — was at the time reported by several foreign news sources but was never reported in the USA by the CMM. The Russians detained Obama and Lugar for three hours at the airport, demanding to examine both Obama’s and Lugar’s passports and search their plane. Some sources reported that the Russians accused Barack Obama of being a spy.

But wait — there’s more!


After reading the entire article we should ask ourselves why a guy like Mondo Frazier can relatively easily find out these things regarding Barack Obama, yet no other investigative main stream media reporter can?
Aren’t these the kind of things that should have been shouted from the roof tops in 2008?
No folks, the main stream media, the Congress, the Supreme Court, elite military leaders and intelligence agencies know who and what Barack Obama is. We’ve been duped. We’ve been had. America has been sold out by the globalists.
From now on when listening to Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham or any other “conservative” talk show hosts, keep in mind they all know what Mondo Frazier knows … none of them are willing risk their career to expose Obama for the fraud he is. As patriotic as they sound, they are no better than the fraud squatting in the White House.

Beth Anne Rankin For Congress- Arkansas 4th District

I am running for the United States Congress to get America on the right track of fiscal responsibility and job creation.