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America is fast approaching the “tipping point” (via Liberty Counsel)

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Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel


“Political correctness” and overt anti-Christian bigotry
have been relentlessly pounding our culture for several
decades and these attacks have taken a terrible toll.
Today, there is an increasing need for the kind of
assistance Liberty Counsel was founded to provide just
to keep our culture from being pushed over the edge!

Our litigation team is working hard to keep on top of
attempts to turn America into a European-style, godless,
socialist state and our caseload is growing as never
before. When you add our lawsuit against ObamaCare to
the mix, at times the challenges can seem overwhelming!
Please take a moment to read my important message below – Mat.


After getting the news yesterday that our lawsuit against
ObamaCare is being reviewed by the Supreme Court, I
instinctively took a moment to reassess Liberty Counsel’s
current and pending caseload.

I concluded that although Liberty Counsel has been
blessed with amazing opportunities to change our
culture (our fight against ObamaCare alone is one of
the greatest battles for liberty in our nation’s history),
these opportunities come with significant challenges.

And beyond the demands of our major cases, every day we are
approached with requests for legal help from citizens across
the country who are facing serious infringements of their
constitutional rights, encountering overt religious bigotry,
or suffering assaults on their personal liberty by radical
liberal groups.

We represent upstanding American citizens like Jerry
Buell, our client in Central Florida, who we helped
get reinstated in his teaching duties after his rights
were infringed upon by an overzealous and misinformed
school administration. His “offense”?  Jerry expressed
pro-family sentiments on his own Facebook page, on his
own computer, on his own time!

Another of our clients, Dakota Ary, a high school freshman
in Fort Worth, Texas, was suspended from school for merely
stating his Christian view on homosexuality to a classmate.
Liberty Counsel defended Dakota against a misguided teacher’s
accusations and an uninformed administration’s abuse of his
rights. Dakota was fully exonerated and the teacher was
placed on administrative leave!

These cases are representative of today’s intensifying assaults
on First Amendment rights by leftist bullies who use intimidation
to silence those who speak from a different viewpoint than
their own.

++Anti-Christian violence is a sign of our nation’s moral crisis.

Pro-homosexual vandals recently attacked an Illinois Christian
academy at which the pro-family group Americans for Truth About
Homosexuality (AFTAH) was preparing to hold a banquet to honor
an evangelical Christian leader.

Following the news of the Illinois attack, Matt Barber, Vice
President of our affiliate group, Liberty Counsel Action,
strongly denounced this criminal act. I reiterate a comment
Matt made in a subsequent statement to the media:

“Your terrorist tactics have failed, and you will not
succeed in silencing God’s truth.”

++We will not be silenced!

In Liberty Counsel’s more than twenty years’ of ministry,
we have never seen the ACLU and other special interest groups
so active and so maniacally intent on forcing their will on
our society!

This assault on freedom is taking place at the same time that
our economy is suffering from ill-considered, leftist fiscal
policies that have left most Americans in worse financial
shape than at any time since the Great Depression. Of course,
a sinking economy has an adverse effect on charitable giving
and most American non-profit organizations have seen declining
support in recent months.

Because of the nation’s financial downturn, Liberty
Counsel has experienced a challenging period – but our
strain is mostly caused from being engaged in more
crucially important battles than ever before!

Nonetheless, we need consistent financial help to
confront the numerous challenges we are facing right
now and those on the near horizon.

Patricia, I know that you do not want radical
leftists reshaping the moral, religious, and political
landscape of our nation. I also know that these economic
times present a multitude of challenges to most Americans.

But could you prayerfully consider a generous gift right now
to help Liberty Counsel continue to defend and restore our
precious liberties?  No gift is too large or too small. I
simply ask that you support Liberty Counsel’s vital work in
the way the Lord leads:

++Liberty Counsel aggressively confronts radical activists!

Leftist and anti-religious, anti-family, anti-life organizations
like the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight
Education Network), and many other such groups have been greatly
encouraged by a sympathetic president, his ultraliberal
administration, and a devious Senate Majority Leader.

Consider these events on the national scene…

*President Obama is touring the nation telling his
audiences that he will bypass Congress to enact as
many of his agenda items as possible through executive
orders, through his “czars,” and through mandates issued
by federal agencies – all strategies designed to get
around the checks and balances established by the

* The FCC is seizing control of the Internet in the
name of “net neutrality,” thus taking over one of
the few remaining portals of free speech.

* While President Barack Obama and Attorney General
Eric Holder act as “supreme judges” in deciding not
to defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) they deem
to be “unconstitutional,” they have committed unlimited
amounts of taxpayer money to defend the blatantly
unconstitutional ObamaCare healthcare “reform’ law.

* Our military is now being forced to accept a
homosexual-driven “cultural overhaul.” Same sex
“marriages” are now permitted on military installations,
thus breaking the well-established DOMA federal law.

* This week approximately six thousand babies will lose
their lives at Planned Parenthood (PPH) facilities
because the United States Senate, under Majority
Leader Harry Reid, refused to defund them, even while
facing a desperate need to reduce government spending.

++We don’t have to accept moral and economic collapse!

Patricia, this is my challenge to you: If you are
also outraged over attempts to make America a socialist
nation…if you are alarmed by our deepening economic crisis…
and if you are concerned about this nation’s ever-increasing
immorality and rapidly declining respect for human life…

…then please remember that Liberty Counsel is standing
at the epicenter of the battle for the soul of America!
We are actively engaged on many fronts in our aggressive
defense of liberty, life, and family.

The reality is that we are facing powerful and dangerous
adversaries on the battlefield for liberty. And because our
opponents are so well funded – and in a growing number of cases
supported by federal tax dollars – it is necessary that I ask
for your help to continue fielding the best possible defense
(and offense!) to counter these attacks.

We depend on friends who give $20, $30, $50, $100 – whatever the
Lord leads – so we can stay involved in these crucial battles.

Would you consider making a special gift to Liberty Counsel
to meet these pressing needs?  Please go here:

With God’s blessing and favor, Liberty Counsel long ago emerged
as one of the leading voices for faith and freedom in America.

Every day we are turning back attacks from the ACLU, fighting
ultraliberal initiatives from the Obama Administration in court,
and rallying hundreds of thousands of citizens to take action
in defense of our shared values.

But we simply cannot fight these battles without the
faithful and generous support of friends like you. That’s
why your continuing support is so crucial.

Please go here to send a special gift, even if you have done so
before – perhaps even many times before:

May God bless you!  Thank you for being an integral part of
our Liberty Counsel team and co-laborer in Liberty Counsel’s
God-given mission.

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. Your prayers and sacrificial giving literally make it
possible for us to continue fighting moral decay, the rise
of Big Government, constant attacks from the ACLU and other
radical groups, and the moral destruction wrought by pro-
homosexual activists. Please, consider making a special
gift to Liberty Counsel today:

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+ + Comments? Questions?

Liberty Counsel, with offices in Florida, Virginia and
Washington, D.C., is a nonprofit litigation, education and
policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom,
the sanctity of human life and family.

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To Die For?

Have you ever truly considered that my friends? What you would be willing to die for? Your family? Your friends? Your country? I am sure that most of us think that we would make the choice to do die for these and many people have. People who are real heros, men and women who have gone to war, or run into burning buildings, or even people like Stacie Crimm of whom I had a video up of last week. A young woman who chose to die in order that her baby could live.

It is sacrifice like this that reminds us how precious life is in this world. It is  people like this that stand as shining stars that should not be forgotten. Like a man that served in 14 combat deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan since Sept. 11, 2001, United States Army Ranger Sgt. First Class Kristoffer B. Domeij, 29! These people are real hero’s, and while we should never worship them, these are the kind of examples that we should strive to emulate and teach our children to respect.

But this is not what our children are being taught in this country. Rush Limbaugh pointed out the other day that people like Micheal Vick who viciously tortured and killed dogs, is treated with more respect that people like Tim Tebow, who prouldly shows the world the respect and love he has for his mother, who could have chosen abortion, but instead decided that her child was worth the price. In this case she survived and has gone on to tell the story along with Tim.

Instead of this love, respect and honor, so many of our young people are being told to do anything that they want. That every kind of perversion is okay. They are being taught that all they have to do is kill the results of their actions and all will be forgiven. They are taught that the elderly and the disabled are simply holding a place that should rightfully belong to them, and that the world would be a better place if they would just die. And they are being told by the governments all over the world that they should just give them that power, take what is rightfully theirs, and let the government take control of their lives.

No consequences for their actions, just a momentary reward until the next time. They are being told that there is no heaven, there is no God, and the only one that they have to worry about is themselves. God is systematically being removed from every public place and many private ones in this country as well as the world.

And the government that we elected to bring us back from the brink, is instead gleefully pushing us even further over. The man that promised us that he could heal the world, has proven himself to be a great deceiver instead. He who promised to better our lives, seems much more interested in death and destruction across the whole of the world. The man who signed an executive order promising that no federal money would be used to pay for abortions, has reversed that decision and his HHS Secretary is insisting that not only does the federal government insist that abortions be covered, if they are not, the money will go somewhere else.

Each time the current administration has had to make a choice for life or death, they have made the choice for death. It is saddening and sickening to see the harm that is being done all over the world in our name. We have given money to terrorist organizations that are using the money and guns to kill Christians in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and even shooting rockets into Israel.  They have given our money and given guns to drug cartels in Mexico and then opened the door and said come on in!

There are many hero’s in this country that have given much in order that we remain free and remain the country that the rest of the world strove to be. But Barack Obama has come along and shaken the barrel, and the dregs that were at the bottom are now floating to the top. Unless we do something to remove the dregs and clarify the content, this fine wonderful mixture that defines this country will be spoiled forever.

We have to face the fact that this is not going to be easy and that it is going to take time. But it has to be done if this is what we want. But that begs the question that I started with, “To Die For!” Is this something that you believe is worthy?

God gave us his son, he died for all of us, not just some of us. So how do we decide that something is worth dying for? When  someone pointed out the sacrifices that some were making, Jesus was quick to point out that even the evil man would sacrifice for those that he loved. If someone was drowning, I would hope that even if I knew he was a bad person, I would be willing to jump in to save him. But that is just a hope, I do not know if I could make that choice, do you?

That brings us back to this country and the world as a whole, would you die to save the world? And should we make the choice that this country is worth our lives to the point that we would be willing to sacrifice the life of others to save it? This is something that has been on my mind a lot lately. The signs that the times that Jesus spoke of as a signal that His return was imminent are obvious to those of us who are believers. But it is not just to us that these signs are obvious my friends. The great liar knows those signs as well as we do, and is looking forward with great glee to the coming destruction. And those that follow him with or without the knowledge that these days are foretold, they are not going to be afraid to die for what they believe either. They are for the most part ignorant tools being used to spread death and destruction. Instead of anger at their actions, I feel pity at the loss of those that the Lord loves, dying the eternal death without taking the opportunity that He has given them.

So it seems that we are headed for a tipping point in more ways than one. Not just in the future of this country and the world as a whole, but a tipping point in our own future. How will we decide? Is this country worth dying for? Is it worth dying to save even our enemies? And what will be the price if we make the wrong choice? To Die For? It is such a simple question and yet the choice may be the very one that decides  the future for the whole world.

For me personally, I have to say that yes, this country is worth dying for! To me is seems as if it would be evil itself to stand back and say that we know the time is short, let God destroy it all! What are we worth if we don’t stand for what is worthy. God gave us armor in order to fight the battles between good and evil. If we do not consider it worth our time to use those gifts, how little respect are we showing to God? I would rather be someone who was willing to give something rather that someone who stood on the sidelines an gave nothing!

I know that many disagree with the belief that God gave us this country and had a hand in the establishment of it’s government, but it truly matters very little whether they believe it or not. The founders prayed often for Him to guide them and I believe that he answered those prayers. So to answer the question To Die For? To me there can be no other answer than a resounding Yes!!!

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Catholic News Roundup 10-27

Barack Obama: The Hidden Man

Barack Obama and his supporters have gone to tremendous extremes to hide information that they do not wish made public, including spending millions of dollars in lawyers fees in order to prevent documents from his college transcripts, to evidence of his mother’s travels, from becoming public knowledge. As pointed out in an interesting article in American Thinker this morning, what little we know comes mostly from Barack Obama himself and what he has written in his books, with little or no solid evidence to back up any of it. From most people this would be a waving red flag, telling them to stop and wait, because there must be more to see. But with Barack Obama we have been told over and over again that it doesn’t matter.

The reasons that this doesn’t matter vary depending on who you talk to. We have heard that “it doesn’t matter because the Democrat Party checked him out before he was even nominated!” But we find that not only was this not true, but that different explanations were given to different states in order to get him on the ballot. Other reasons give for not needing to see important facts were that he had already written two biographies and that all the information was in there. Never mind that we know that some people have falsified the data in their biographies, we are to accept Barack Obama’s as fact, even though our lives depend on the answers.  Then there is the extremely silly excuse that he is the “Smartest Man in the Room.” Not only is it flat out stupid to put that excuse out there, it is ridiculous on it’s face.

We have since 2008, learned that the information given to the different states in order to get Obama on the ticket was never verified and no one can even establish that it is true. As far as one of his biographies is concerned, it seems that there are even questions as to whether Mr. Obama is even the author. And then as for him being the “Smartest Man in the Room”, if this is true, we are in big trouble because all his “so-called” smartness has gotten us is “older and deeper in debt!”

Perhaps the media should review some real example of genius and ask themselves if this is truly the example that they would have us believe that Barack Obama is? I mean Hannibal Lecter was a genius as well, and can you imagine him as President of the United States. It isn’t genius that we need as a leader, it is leadership and the ability to learn from mistakes. Obama has proven in the last few years that he lacks the ability to lead as well as the ability to learn from his mistakes. In point of fact, he is unable to even acknowledge that he has made any mistakes. And as far as leadership? Does anyone truly believe that a leader “leads from behind” as Mr. Obama’s own spokesman proclaimed?

Leadership requires an ability to gather people to your point of view, not just bully them until they agree with you. Leadership requires an ability to change problems into solutions and not just create more problems as we have seen with the policies that Mr. Obama has applied with regards to Africa and the Middle East. Leadership inspires people to want to follow your ideas, it doesn’t divide people depending on their race and economic status. But two of the most telling aspects of leadership that Barack Obama has shown that he is lacking of are Empathy and Responsibility. Mr. Obama has quite often shown us just the opposite of both of those qualities. His mockery of his opposition is well established and his acceptance of responsibility is nil. These are the things that we now know about Barack Obama, these are some of the very things that were probably apparent to those that knew him prior to his running for office but that were hidden by a compliant media that seemed in love, Chris Matthews for instance, with the idea and who assumed that  Barack Obama was the ideal that they were searching for.

The damage done to this country lies at the feet of a lot of so-called journalists that wanted that ideal so badly that they were willing to compromise what principles that they had in order to give him a chance. And now that parts of that hidden man are being revealed, they, for the most part, are just as unwilling to accept the responsibility for the mistakes that they made, as he is for his.

But there is still an enormous amount of information that is out there and that we need to know. It is vital to our future as well as our history. But to this day it is being hidden and measures are being put in place to prevent us from ever learning the truth. All we have to do is look at the idea that is being put forth on FOIA. The desire to deny that documents even exist should be beyond the pale for anyone, but we have media that is not even mentioning it, or when they do, they gloss over it, as if it were really no big deal.

But the Hidden Man that is Barack Obama is much deeper that what we have already learned. The article in American Thinker brings to our attention many more questions that need answers. One of the biggest questions is Barack Obama’s ability obtain everything that he wanted.  A snippet that really peaked my interest and that made me think this morning was this:

Another story no one has seen fit to ask about: Obama’s Most Excellent Pakistani Adventure.

In the summer of 1981, 20-year-old Barack Obama embarked on a two-week trip to Pakistan.  At least what little reporting that has been done claimed the length of the trip was two weeks.  The only proof that the trip didn’t turn into a longer stay is that we (supposedly) have records which show that Barack Obama enrolled at Columbia University later that same summer.  Of course, the public hasn’t seen those records, but that’s what we’ve been told.  Anyone in doubt will be directed to Obama’s autobiography, Dreams from My Father.

Obama clearly gave the impression in DFMF that he was this penniless, somewhat confused young man, in search of an identity.  Obama makes sure readers don’t miss the point by writing that he was forced to wear “thrift store clothing” during this time.  Yet he somehow managed to find the cash to finance a two-week trip to Pakistan.

Which he never wrote about.  Which in itself is odd: here’s a guy who wrote two autobiographies that explored events real, imagined, and totally fictional that supposedly forged the modern-day Barack Obama from humble beginnings.  That’s according to the Obama NarrativeTM — which gets most of its facts from Dreams from My Father.

Not only did a poor, nearly destitute Obama manage to afford the trip to Pakistan, but once there he somehow financed two weeks in the Lahore Hilton International.  In addition, Obama was introduced to the future prime minister and president of Pakistan — and went bird-hunting with him.  Which the prime minister mentioned in the Pakistani press in 2008.  There’s so much more, including one question the CMM never asked Obama: who arranged all of this?  For a 20-year-old nobody.

Read the rest of the wonderful article at American Thinker