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Parental Rights in Danger – Pass It On! ( via Parental

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Things are getting ready to break wide open in the next few weeks. You may already be aware of Overruled, the new 30-minute docudrama about parental rights scheduled for release on November 1. But there are also developments in Congress that should lead to some big news very soon.

In the meantime, here are some quotes and stories to consider and pass along. Every American should care about parental rights. Those who don’t simply aren’t paying attention to some of the things going on in our country. Consider:

In 2005, the U.S. Ninth Circuit “affirm[ed] that theMeyer-Pierce [fundamental parental] right does not extend beyond the threshold of the school door.” They also held that “[p]arents…have no constitutional right…to prevent a public school from providing its students with whatever information it wishes to provide, sexual or otherwise, when and as the school determines that it is appropriate to do so.”1

In 2007, the federal District Court for the district of Massachusetts held that “Parents do have a fundamental right to raise their children. They are not required toabandon that responsibility to the state. [They] may send their children to a private school…. They may also educate their children at home.”2 So, sending a child to public school is in this paragraph equated to “abandoning your parental rights to the state.”

In 2008, the Maryland Board of Education announced, “While we recognize the right of parents to direct the education of their children, we must bend their willto the state’s obligation to educate its citizens.”

Nor do such problems exist only for parents with kids in public schools.

In Roper v. Simmons (2005), and in Graham v. Floridaand Sullivan v. Florida (2010), the Supreme Court overthrew the laws of Texas and of Florida, writing, “the Court has referred to the laws of other countries and to the international authorities as instructive for its interpretation of the [U.S. Constitution].”3 In both instances, they applied the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child to United States law, though we have not yet ratified this dangerous treaty.

Last year, a judge in Philadelphia cited the concept of “Customary International Law” in applying an optional protocol to the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child to a federal court case. And the number of judges applying international standards in our courts seems to be increasing.

Daytime curfews around the country threaten the right of home-schooled and private-schooled children to move freely in public without harassment from law officers during public school hours. California just passed a law allowing children as young as 12 to consent to the Gardasil vaccine without parental knowledge or consent. Minnesota already allows the same thing. In Virginia, the vaccine is even mandated by law, the state having made the decision in parents’ stead.

It seems every week brings more violations of parents’ liberty to make decisions for the good of their children. It almost makes President Reagan’s words sound prophetic: “We will spend our twilight years telling our grandchildren what it was like to live in America when men were free.”

But we are not doomed to that yet. In fact, I expect to bring very good news next week, news of our efforts to turn back the tide by adopting the Parental Rights Amendment.

Until then, pass the word, sound the alarm, and urge your friends to sign up


Michael Ramey
Dir. of Communications & Research


1. Fields v. Palmdale, 427 F.3d 1197 (2005).

2. Parker v. Hurley, 474 F.Supp. 2d 261 (D Mass 2007).

3. Roper v. Simmons, 543 U.S. 551 (2005). Also Graham v. Florida, 560 U.S. ___ (2010).


The Power of Herman Cain (via American Thinker)

By Robin of Berkeley

One of my first church experiences was also the most memorable.  It was a spontaneous occurrence, when the power went out.

I was in a huge, mostly black church in a rough part of town.  This was at a time when church shootings in that city had reached epidemic proportions.

The pastor had started delivering his sermonwhen suddenly most of the lights went out.  The stage and the auditorium were very dimly lit.

Over a thousand people sat there in awkward silence.  From what I could see of the stage, the minister and the staff who rushed to help looked worried and uncomfortable.

All of a sudden, an older black woman rose from the audience and strode confidently up to the stage.  We all stared at her; no one had any idea what she was going to do.

When she reached center stage, she started singing, passionately, a cappella.  She sang some sort of “Negro spiritual” (as they were once called), one that I had never heard before.  Most of the black people in the audience applauded thunderously and stood up to sing along.  Though the church was nondenominational, the majority of them were likely raised Baptist and were familiar with the songs.

I could see the excitement and feelings of pride on the faces of those standing and singing.  They were not just sharing their history and songs.  Their soaring spirit was shining a bright light in the darkness.  One song led to another and another, and soon most of us, of every race, were standing up, clapping, and trying our best to sing along.

Once the lights went on, the minister again took to the stage.  He appeared moved, astonished, really…swept away by the power of God to bring us all together peacefully in the darkness.

I thought of this amazing happening when I read about what Herman Cain decided to do when thepower went out at his recent speech in Tennessee.  He had just started delivering his talk when thegenerator fueling his mike failed.

After a few awkward moments, Cain did the most amazing thing, something perhaps unique in the annals of politics: he started singing — and an apt song, “The Impossible Dream.”  Perhaps inspired by the power of music, Cain even ended his appearance with a hymn about God’s infinite grace and forgiveness called “He Looked Beyond My Faults.”

One could hardly imagine Obama handling the situation so seamlessly and graciously.  When his teleprompter fails, Obama is usually rendered speechless or tongue-tied.  My guess is that Obama also becomes irritated at the people running the show.

Yet Cain didn’t flinch or get frustrated or angry.  He did what my church friends did…he invoked music and joy and, even more importantly, God, the only true force that unites.  Not surprisingly, the mostly white audience was dazzled.

What Cain did that day reminds me of the legacy of “Negro spirituals,” of how blacks composed and sang them during slavery.  Astonishingly, the slaves did not lose their faith, even amidst the horrors of slavery.  Instead, they summoned God Himself through their sonorous songs.  Rather than descend into misery and despair, the slaves sang words that invoked God’s mercy and deep and abiding love. Read the rest at American Thinker


Obama Consults Soros on 2012 Election

Welcome to the Obama Years (via Herman Cain For President 2012)

Level-headed American,
Rhetoric and propaganda. Games and mockery. Welcome to the Obama years.
According to an email sent out tonight, our President and his supporters are mocking those trying to come up with solutions for this country, by asking people to tune in to tonight’s conservative debate for a good laugh – turn it into a game even. Instead of encouraging people to be mindful with the money they have in this volatile economy, President Obama’speople ask you to donate $5 to his campaign every time a political buzzword is used.Not only is this arrogant, but to be honest, it’s reminiscent of the same old hard-headed bullying of beltway politicians. It is a move pulled to degrade the ideas of candidates before hearing them, and to trick money and future votes out of a society that should be concerned about saving their money, not putting it toward false HOPE.This inconsiderate move is nothing more than what we should come to expect from the President – a man who, until July of this year, THREE YEARS into his Presidency, failed to draft a single page of debt-solving legislation for our Congress; a man who daily gives speeches around this country blaming conservatives for stalling his job-creation bill, one which his own party members in the Senate have openly stated is unfit and irresponsible; a man who was behind a federal bailout that gave $500 billion dollars to 800 corporate firms, who now has the audacity to pledge allegiance with those spending their lives in the streets in protest against such government intervention.

Think back to 2008. It was hope and regulation President Obama ran on. It was bipartisanship and an end to war. Yet somehow we are three years removed from such speeches and our economy is worse off, are troops still aren’t home and the leadership in the White House can only make fun of those trying to come up with solutions to improve our country’s morale.

A reminder to President Obama and his administration – you ran for this position. You wanted to become President of the United States of America. After three years in office, how and why are there still excuses? This was the job you wanted! If you care about the country, do your job better or let someone fill the position who will.

It is now the Obama Administration, not conservatives, who are the beltway game players and rough-neck politicians. Those who dare to oppose them are targeted with mudslinging and rhetoric. Herman Cain leads a group of conservatives who are renewed, modern, and ready to lead now!

Conservatives are straight-forward, tough – we will state facts and pitch our plans, and if the plans need work, we will continue to craft them until they are suitable for the American people. Conservatives are problem solvers – we acknowledge the hardships currently plaguing our country and spend every moment on this campaign working towards solutions based strategies to solve problems. Conservatives are careful and detailed – we are putting together specific, efficient, effective plans that can immediately apply to our limping economy. Conservatives are determined – we will not be deterred by the administrations attempts to mock our ideas, we will continue to strive to develop policies that will help our country out of some of its toughest days; we will not stay quiet when the bully asks us to.

It is our life’s work to gather information and form an opinion based on that information. And you have taken the initiative, by signing up to receive emails, to hear our goals of Common Sense Solutions.

If you support Herman Cain’s ideas and policies, if you respect his ability to speak to the American people in a straight-forward manner–one which encourages you to stay informed and learn about the problems facing our country– please consider donating tonight.

The ideas that Herman Cain has for this country just make sense. Together, we can make his ideas a reality.


Friends of Herman Cain

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