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BREAKING NEWS on Fast and Furious: Slide Show Indicates Holder May Have Known in March 2010 (via Big Government)

Official photo as Deputy Attorney General, ca....

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by AWR Hawkins

Folks, I just checked my email inbox and found an ATF slide presentation on the Fast and Furious operation that journalist Paul Thacker somehow got his hands on.

The most important thing about it – It appears to have been compiled by the ATF for use in briefing the DOJ on Fast and Furious in March 2010.

Here’s the opening slide:

Notice that the fourth item on the agenda of the first slide is listed as: “Phoenix Case – Update on a significant firearms trafficking case”

It’s important to note that Acting Deputy Attorney General at the time the briefing occurred was Gary G. Grindler, who is now Eric Holder’s Chief of Staff. Read the rest and view the slide show at