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EPA _ Protecting the Environment or Killing the Economy? (via Conservatives on Fire)

Stephen Stromberg writing for the Washington Post asked:  "The GOP can attack what it doesn't like, but can it govern?" He then goes on to attack Republicans for wanting to do away with many EPA regulations with no concern for the environment. here is some of what he had to say: Now, Republicans have outlined a jobs agenda that mainly consists of eviscerating federal regulations they don’t like, with a particular focus on rules designed to protec … Read More

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True Repentance (via YOU DECIDE)

True Repentance True Repentance TGIF Today God Is First Volume 1 by Os Hillman Wednesday, August 31 2011 "Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death."2 Corinthians 7:10 What does it mean to repent? When you or I wrong another person, or we sin against God, do we simply say we are sorry and move on? A few years ago I was involved in a business situation that taught me a great lesson. A client sever … Read More


Obama confirms his contempt for the US Constitution; Has the NLRB tell a church school it’s not religious enough (via YourDaddy’s Politics)

Obama confirms his contempt for the US Constitution; Has the NLRB tell a church school it's not religious enough Huh? What 1st amendment rights? Washington Examiner: It’s not enough for President Obama’s National Labor Relations Board to target the Boeing plant in South Carolina. Now the NLRB thinks it can tell a church school when it’s not religious enough. Most people have heard by now of NLRB’s unprecedented decree that Boeing Co. cannot build a new airline production facility in South Carolina. But Obama’s NLRB is also claiming the authority to dictate … Read More

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‘Now What’s All This Crud About No Joint Session Tonight?’ (via The Camp Of The Saints)

Early this morning we learned that: President Obama is preparing to fight a political war this fall on two fronts — the first against Republicans who want his job and the second against Republicans who want to make his job more difficult. Obama is taking dead-aim at the latter group, targeting Congress in a fall offensive that the president’s reelection campaign hopes will bruise the overall GOP image beyond repair.Right now, few people in Washin … Read More

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Political World On Fire.What Will Palin Say In Iowa/N.Hampshire Sat-Monday? (via Sarah Palin Information Blog)

For someone who has been written of by the media countless times Sarah Palin is sure creating a fire storm of speculation. It is amazing how someone considered "irrelevant" and "yesterday's person" can have media descending on a Tea Party meeting in Iowa which Palin will attend this Saturday, with CSPAN televising her address this Saturday. Now, with the confirmed announcement that Palin will  attend a Tea part … Read More

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Why American Decline is Different (via Rogue Operator)

Why American Decline is Different American decline is in the air.  Fueled by massive, unsustainable debt, the United States is a jumbo jet overloaded with obligations, and short on the economic engines needed to propel it much further. In such spirit, we can look forward to the country’s bleaker future and ask ourselves a number of questions as if just following a plane crash: Was the fault one of design? Did the engineers err in drafting the plane’s blueprints? Was the plane pro … Read More

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White House bluster hides truth (via Mb50’s “Liquid Mud” Blog)

White House bluster hides truth by STEVE HUNTLEY That’s a mighty wind blowing from the east. No, I’m not talking about Hurricane Irene. It’s the blustery gusts stirred up long before Irene by the constant whining from the Obama White House: Everything but the administration’s own policies are responsible for the faltering economy. Irene is only the latest of the “head winds” White House officials blame for feeble economic growth and persistent high unemployment. There was the e … Read More

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An EPA Moratorium (via Mb50’s “Liquid Mud” Blog)

An EPA Moratorium Obama has the power to delay new rules that will shut down 8% of all U.S. power generation. Since everyone has a suggestion or three about what President Obama can do to get the economy cooking again, here's one of ours: Immediately suspend the Environmental Protection Agency's bid to reorganize the U.S. electricity industry, and impose a moratorium on EPA rules at least until hiring and investment rebound for an extended period. The EPA is curre … Read More

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New Ozone Regs: Someone Needs to Explain to the EPA the Idea is to CREATE JOBS! (via Mayrant&rave)

New Ozone Regs: Someone Needs to Explain to the EPA the Idea is to CREATE JOBS! Administration's Ozone Rule Sucks the Air Out of Jobs and the Economy Thomas Pyle  at Townhall – 08/29/2011 As the economy fails to gain traction, the Obama administration is proposing an additional burden—new, tougher ozone (air quality) regulations. This is not only curious; it’s simply bad public policy. The air we breathe today is as clean as it has been since the Environmental Protection Agency starting collecting information, but new strict … Read More

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Oklahomans Getting Soaked! Tag Teamed by FEMA and OWRB (via AxXiom for Liberty)

Alert! Alert! Another piece of the Agenda 21 puzzle falls into place. Please read carefully and see if this is being done in you community.

Oklahomans Getting Soaked!   Tag Teamed by FEMA and OWRB Kaye Beach August 30, 2011 “The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God; and there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence.” —John Adams, in a letter to Thomas Jefferson. July 16, 1814 Last week I wrote about the stories of two Oklahoma residents, David Mclain and Margaret Snow, and their  respective experiences with FEMA and the map modernization prog … Read More

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