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Grinding America Down(via Today I’m Grumpy About)

This is a snippet of a post from Grumpelder and it is simply a must read. Please go to the site and read all the material he has there. It will simply shock you! Please go read the rest, this is just a small portion!

I’m sure that many of the folks on the left, will quickly denounce this as a modern version of McCarthyism which is fine.  Most Americans don’t know, and neither the media or the Democratic Party is in any hurry to tell them, Joe McCarthy was much closer to the truth than anyone guessed..  Much closer.

In 1995 an entire series of  National Security Agency  intercepts were declassified.  Known as the Verona  Papers roughly 2,900 documents,  (a deliberately meaningless code phrase) The documents were were radio messages from the top KGB agents in Washington and New York to their superiors in Moscow from sometime in 1943 into 1948.

From the Claremont Instute

But by far the greatest villain among Red-hunting politicians was, of course, Wisconsin’s Republican senator Joseph McCarthy, who raised the issue of Communists in government in February 1950 and rode it triumphantly for four-and-a-half-years, acquiring an immense popular following, until the Senate itself voted to “censure” him in December 1954. He died, of liver failure induced by alcoholism, in May 1957, at the age of 48. By the 1960s the CPUSA, reduced to a few thousand members, had been almost wholly superseded by the New Left, and barely survived to see the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. via Grumpelder:


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