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The Ulsterman Report: Obama Administration Hiding Thousands of Gunrunner Scandal Docs From Congress (via Tancredo Radio Show) (via Raysrope’s Blog)

The Ulsterman Report: Obama Administration Hiding Thousands of Gunrunner Scandal Docs From Congress (via Tancredo Radio Show) Transparency or Not?  Published by Ulsterman on June 17, 2011 in World Politics “You’ve got people who are dead. You have weapons that are missing and you have an administration that doesn’t seem to want to take any accountability for it.” – Congressman Jason Chaffetz. Insiders reportedly tipped off Congressman Darrell Issa and Senator Charles Grassley weeks ag … Read More

via Raysrope's Blog


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  1. This story get ugkier by the day. Keep it going!!!

    July 7, 2011 at 8:22 pm

    • At least it is getting media attention! Perhaps they have gone too far and the media can not sweep it under the rug!

      July 7, 2011 at 9:10 pm

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  4. outlaw the new nazis

    The left is terrified at the Ulsterman stories. They’re doing everything possible to discredit him — in the ugliest, most transparent way. They have gone to the Washington Insider, where he used to print, and have sent in articles claiming to be him, claiming to expose him, or “analyzing” why there cannot be such a person. They use the fallacy of “nobody believes it ” — therefore, it cannot be true, saying that only a “small group of racists” read his stories.

    They discredit him by saying his stories are not news, but agenda….that everything he writes is hatred and blame of obama. They even display that disease we thought had been eradicated after so long — BFS, by claiming he never writes about Bush’s “warmongering.” (Um…no matter that this is the obama administration, and that the stories are about current events.)

    I could go on, but you get the picture. Hope everyone who sees this will spread the word that they have been doing their best to destroy him and say with satisfaction, “The Washington Insider looks a lot different these day.s”

    July 13, 2011 at 10:50 pm

    • They should be terrified. This is one of the stupidist things ever done by any administration. I think that there is already too much evidence out there for them to discredit him and more is coming out all the time. I have posted and reposted several times on this and so have all my friends. It is getting out and the word is being spread. Even the main stream media is having to cover it. Some better than others, but they are having to cover it. Mr. Issa is doing a good job and I hope that he doesn’t buckle under. Thank you for taking the time to add to the picture and spread the information. Please do come back and if you have more information, share it with us.

      July 13, 2011 at 11:03 pm

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